Thursday, July 21, 2005

So Long And Thanks For All The Fish

Fact #1: Melbourne is cold. Like stupidly annoying kind of cold. Jesus Christ... If it's gonna be this cold why not just freaking snow?

Fact #2: I miss the people who are living it up in Malaysia. It's weird somehow this time around. And I can't believe I didn't get to see Chen Chou.

Fact #3: Malaysia Airlines in-flight entertainment is going down the drain. Gone are the sweet times spent on honing Dr. Mario skills. Hello In-flight Trivia and Freecell.

It just occured to me that owning a blog is really, really weird. What do you write and what do you not write? What if nobody even cares about what you have to freaking say, let alone what you did/thought/ate/watched/heard/realized? What if all the wrong people are visiting your blog? Jeez. Maintaining a blog is hard work. Yes I realize this is only the third post. Oh well. Long live blogging, eh? Props to Mich for doing an excellent job. Gotta hand it to you. You have got amazing time management kid.

Sungai Wang = DVD heaven. I actually held Buffy Season 7 in my hands. Buffy Season 7. Buffy Season 7. I'm starting to really feel like an even bigger dickhead than my brother. Why the hell didn't I get it?? Why don't I ever walk out with more than a hundred bucks at a time?? Jeeeeeeeeeeez. Talking about Sungai Wang... Although I am an avid supporter of pirated movies, I had to wonder. Why doesn't the Malaysian authorities crack down on the sellers there? Is it a case of complete ignorance or are they merely turning a blind eye? I mean freaking hell. Sungai Wang didn't exactly gain their reputation cause of the clothes. No freaking way man. What am I saying?? DVDs for 8 bucks. I am so not complaining.

Sungai Wang with the Siao Cha Bos was excellent, although marred by the absence of Yoong Mei. Hanging out with the psychos made me realize just how precious our time spent together is. Yeah yeah... I am a sentimental old fool. I love you guys man. :) The sleepover during Live8 was pretty damn memorable too. Watching Yoong Mei go ballistic and Chrissy's reaction in times of extreme stress and tension (very well by the way. Lol). Good stuff. Makes you wonder though: When is the next time all of us will be able to sit down and really chat with each other? *Cough...cough...Road trip 20??* C'mon y'all. We have gotta do it.