Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Word Vomit Episode 2: The Return of the Verbal Shits.

And thus, continues the word vomit that spews from the unstoppable one, formerly known as Karen/Kaz/Kay, and currently answering to no other name but God. How the sudden upgrade in status? Well.. let me take you back to the early morning of Tuesday morning, 25/07/06 where among other things, I came to be.. God (much to Mich's annoyance, I probably should add).

'Twas one early weekday morning when I logged onto MSN and found, besides that fact that my Junk Mail had 22 new additions to it, SCB #3 Christine Chia. Her first words: omg x3. I was first overwhelmed by her previously unknown reverence for moi but I took it all in stride, affirmed my superior position to her and replied: "How's it going, lowly peon?"

1. And that is how I came to be God.

I did not understand her plebian phrases like, "syiok sendiri", and the sudden realization that my gargantuan and superior levels of knowledge would always be my burden to bear sure was the end of all re-affirming moments in my life. I am blessed.. and cursed. Ron Howard says: "It was sad". We shall not dwell on the perils of being God so the story simply must go on.

Michelle was then added to the conversation and although she was only occasionally present in the conversation, I, as the understanding God that I am, recognized the fact that she had other -ahem- sordid affairs to attend to. But that is not the reason why a fresh paragraph was started. The point is how Mich came to be known as Shrimp/Lamb depending whose perspective you're looking at. Christine attempted to spread the Lamb nickname but as I am God, I have decreed that Mich shall be Shrimp. How did this name-calling began? Chrissy attempted to play god and hand out names to people. But her efforts, though charming, were merely an exercise in futility for I of course had the last say.

2. And that is how Michelle came to be Shrimp.

Now while Chrissy's emoticon collection was determined to be much larger than mine, Yoong Mei came into the action. She was sleepy and tired and nursing her ill health (God bless, child) but she shouldered through the night to discuss what nick she would like. While Cow and Ayam Betina was deemed unacceptable on too many levels, she finally agreed to Young Mare.

3. And that is how YM came to be Young Mare.

At this point, Christine had adamantly rejected her C3 nickname, cheesycrazychrissy, for the umpteenth time so we collectively agreed that it was not to be, on the grounds that cheese is merely an animal by-product and God, aka I, forbids that her self-esteem plummets further down from where it already stands (lowly peon-type level). Rather coincidentally, Christine asked this question: "are there adult lambs?" Full credit has to be given to the Young Mare for correctly stating the obvious; adult lambs = sheep. Thanks to the Mensa-like comment from Christine herself, it came to pass that she shall be henceforth known as Adult Lamb, or more correctly, Sheep.

4. And that is how Chrissy came to be known as Sheep. Or Sheep in the Big City (cause she's in KL) if you want to be get into the technical stuff.

Spags, if you're wondering what your animal kingdom nickname is, well, you are and will always be Skinny Monkey to us. No contest.


Ten points if you read the whole glorified MSN conversation.

Twenty points if you did not skim over a single self-glorifying remark.

In other non-hyperbole-ing-MSN-conversations issues, I, for the first time in my nineteen years lodged my first tax returns. Ron Howard goes: "It was scary". Right off the bat, I had to insert my occupation and seeing as to how there was no 'fast food worker/server', 'food server' or anything of the like, I was in a pickle. There was a 'powder monkey', whatever the hell that is, but nothing I could use. Finally I settled on 'occupation unlisted'. Nyeh.. Couldn't be arsed going through a verrrrryy detailed list. Otherwise, the discovery of the 'powder monkey' occupation (someone who powders show monkeys?), the whole experience was pretty dull. Lots of reading, clicking yes/no buttons, warnings about how a penalty will be issued if you're caught lying about any information.. It got boring after the 41st question.

Anyway, that's my encounter with one of two things in life that will forever hold true. 'Til later, death.


Yes, I finally remembered what I originally wanted to type about.

When my housemates say that our broadband has unlimited access, I hope they mean that in every kind of way. I shouldn't knock them cause for people from mainland China they speak pretty decent English (but WTF kinda Mandarin.. xiang jiao!(which hopefully means banana when pronounced right, if not damn my incompetent memory!)) but I really hope their definition of 'unlimited' equates to "download any shit you want, then download some more," or something to a similar degree.

Wait, no. That was not it.


I think the anniversary for this blog passed a couple of days ago. One year. Never thought I'd last that long in the blogging world, or even still be remotely interested in the whole medium 12 months later. Maybe it's 14 months that might take the cake, huh? Just something I thought I'd point out.

Back to the downloads.. Chairman, glad to say Reefer Madness was done in that amount of minutes -snap-, but sad to say I haven't gotten around to watching it. I'm riding a Trey Parker/Matt Stone high now. Viva la South Park!

Onto cartoons. There is a general belief that there are three basic divisions. You've got your Simpsons fanatics, South Park geeks and the 'Family Guy ROXXX!!!11oneoneone' camp. Occasionally there is the odd King of the Hill supporter but there is large concensus among the adult cartoon community that American Dad is utter purile crap, equivalent to yet another season of Australian Idol or CSI:SameShit,DifferentCity. Having only watched some episodes from some seasons of the three main cartoons, I don't have a wealth of knowledge to go by. But, yeah, like that's ever stopped me (re: video clips, reviews, any list I've ever created).

If I had to choose a favourite, it'd be South Park. I think the 'Cartoon Wars Part 1&2' says it all. Simpsons remain the benchmark of the three, and without Matt Groening, odds are the other cartoons wouldn't have catapulted to such heights of success. Ditto Malcolm in the Middle. Having run for 13 seasons (as of 2006), The Simpsons remains a classic and I frequently use Homer's "Mmmm... donuuuuuuuuut" tone most frequently. They've managed to remain largely relevant throughout it all, but I get the feeling that it's all slowly becoming a novelty. That's not necessarily a bad thing, just that in this current age where people's attention span can be likened to a the life of a gnat (Short. So I suck at analogies. Eat. My. Shorts), the hardcore Simpsonw fan, will most usually be someone who has stuck with the show for a while. The kids these days tend to go for Family Guy, which is generally believed to be more 'out there'.

Family Guy isn't a horrible show by any stretch. It has its funny moments and I don't for a second buy into the argument that the show is a caricature of the Simpsons; Peter=non-yellow Homer with hair, Meg=Lisa etc. The problem lies in the fact that a lot of the humour relies on cutaway scenes and gags on pop culture. Sheesh.. now I'm just repeating the content of 'Cartoon Wars'. While shows like Scrubs, Everybody Hates Chris, and My Name is Earl relies quite a fair bit on cutaway or fantasy scenes as well, the difference, to me at least, is that these shows have the advantage of not being a cartoon. Meaning that the humour can lie in the line delivery, or a facial expression, which in a cartoon is near impossible to achieve. Plus, with the exception of maybe Scrubs, these cutaway scenes are generally relevant to the plot. I guess, Family Guy just seems to try too hard with the random. But I guess when you've got a winning formula that's even managed to make the Fox studio execs revive said show from cancellation, you stick with it, eh?

I guess if you wanted to be nit-picky, you could say South Park has inferior graphics and indescribably crude toilet humour, so why the hell would it be better than any of the two? Mainly because the humour, while undoubtedly crass, goes places where no other contemporary cartoon has. They diss Jews on a regular basis, take the piss out of red-neck towns, cussing, God, Satan, Republicans, Democrats.. you name it they've probably done it. Christ, Cartman kills Scott Tenorman's parents, ground them up into Chilli and feed it to him just cause he got ripped off (Must watch 'Scott Tenorman Must Die' ep)! I think I read on IMDb that it takes five days for one episode of South Park as compared to nine months for Simpsons and Family Guy, hence the remote possibility that they're in their tenth season now. Has the novelty worn off yet? Judging by the Scientology episode scandal, no. And an admirable point to South Park, there exists only two writers throughout the entire run while the others have interchangable boatloads of them.

So, yeah. I'm a South Park kinda girl. Hell, if I ever saw Trey Parker and Matt Stone anywhere I'd ask them out for a round at the pub. I hate beer but I'd drink it if it meant hanging out with them.


Thirty points if you read every single word in the add-on.

If there's anyone out there who scored sixty points, leave me a comment. As God, I shall certify your 'legend' status.

Anyone out there with less than twenty points, -tsk- pissant loser.

Christ.. I must get my word vomit under control, hey?

Monday, July 24, 2006

"You've got to fight, for your right, to PARTAYYYYYYYYY."

"The world to her,
was but a tragic play.
She came saw, dislik'd,
And passed away."

While in Malaysia, I 're-discovered' a bunch of stuff I forgot about my house. Among them is a Post-It note stuck on my wall with the above verse written in blue ink. It's going to sound mighty try-hard but I have Post-Its stuck on the wall above my study table, filled with mostly quotes from books, philosophers and the Internet. The lot of them wouldn't quite fall under the category of 'Inspirational', just lines from here and there that I liked. God. I just remembered that my previous room had Post-Its as well, the bulk from my Politics textbook. Nyehhh.. nerd much?

Anyway, I can't find any information on the 'Net regarding that verse, oh Google.. how you have failed me. Why did I bring that up? No reason.. Mainly cause I just thought about it. I found it off the 'Net while I was searching for Ghost World forums, that was after my third viewing on HBO. If you've ever read the comics or watched the movie, I think nothing else has to be said. If you haven't done either, then let's just admire the simplicity and severity of the verse, no?

And another thing I 'rediscovered': there is not a hanging clock to be found in my house. We've got table alarm clocks, multitude of watches/jam tangans between the 5 of us, one big grandfather's clock and clocks leaning on tables and couches but none actually hung up on the wall, as it should be. Don't ask why. It just is.

Today marks the second semester of my second year into my Arts degree. And you'd think that after a year and a half some basic truths would be ingrained into my system. But then that'd be expecting too much of me.

Things I Should Know By Now

1. By now, I should know that Melbourne's weather is as funny as my "What smells funny?" joke (ie. very hy-larious). From my window, I see clear skies and sunshine, so I dress as I see fit: t-shirt layered over long-sleeved top with jeans. For 'extra precaution', I bring a scarve. I step out after my first lecture and thought, "Oh. Idddddddiooooooottttttttttttttttttttt."

2. By now, I should have realized that thirty minutes is insufficient for my 'snoozing sleep minutes'. I actually key into account the amount of time I will spend pressing the second best invention in the whole damn galaxy, the snooze button, into my sleeping time. Ad Spags knows what I'm talking about. Which leads me to my third "thing I should know by now."

3. It's never a good idea to arrive late at the first lecture of the semester. Most lecturers choose the first seven minutes to distribute reading guides/subject info stuff which although aren't quite crucial in the long run, are helpful in informing you how much time you have to slack off before your assignments are due. Of course this stuff can be found online in PDF format ready for printing, but if you're a cheapskate like me and/or don't own a printer, those first seven minutes are really, one of three lifelines. What happens when you arrive ten minutes late is that the lecturer proceeds to give an overview of the subject making generous refences to the aforementioned papers and you sit quietly, pondering to yourself if it's really worth walking down those steep stairs and risk a more-than-highly-possible-if-you're-Karen stumble that will then highlight to those cute politic guys of your sheer ineptitude, thus making you a social leper for the rest of the semester. Of course you make the obvious choice and by the end of the lecture, you've got a page full of doodle to show for your presence.

4. By now, I should also know that regardless of the weather outside, the lecture halls in Melbourne Uni are always of sub-zero temperatures. The worst ones are at the Maths, Richard Berry, and Science building, which coincidentally enough I have two of my lectures at. And of course, the lecture hall beneath ERC library. Christ, a girl in my tute once admitted to skipping lectures held there cause "it was just too cold".

So, naturally I celebrated my first day back at uni by hitting up ERC library. I don't care that there's currently some sort of mutiny going on within my DVD collection cause the originals are pulling rank and soffing at the new Malaysian pirated ones. Kiasu is as kiasu does, and I refuse to allow others borrow DVDs that I possibly might want to consider watching. Heh. So I return with Elephant, Amelie, American Psycho and South Park Vol. 9. Who cares if I've already watched two of them? Would I possibly want to sit through yet another long shot in Van Sant's Elephant and another viewing of Amelie? I'll find out.

I've kinda been on this hugh downloading binge since I got back. I swear, the first thing I did after I dropped my bags and jacket was fire up LimeWire. Next thing I did was to save some movies to blank CD-Rs to make more space. It's gotten to the point where I was on PCWorld and looking up stuff that'd make my computer fancier, downloading them, installing, then deleting them. I really wish I made time to buy and install a DVD burning device on my laptop when I was in Malaysia. Then I wouldn't think twice about backing up my Veronica Mars Season 2 downloads. -sob- "But they take up so much blank CD-Rs!"

Heh. I think I've got what they call 'word vomit'. I can't seem to get myself to quit typing.

Recently Stylus issued their Top 100 Music Video Clips of All Time list. Coincidentally enough, while waiting to board the plane to Malaysia, I actually wrote up a rough list of my favourite video clips. I like lists, in case you haven't noticed already. Now while my list is nowhere as comprehensive as theirs (I think they span 3 decades) or detailed (they added YouTube links for every single video!), it makes for something to look at while you drink your coffee, take a break from studies, or wake up (I'm looking at ya, Chrissy).

Karen's Favourite Music Videos So Far (with a brief explanation that will hopefully jolt your memory banks cause I bet you couldn't be fussed looking up YouTube).

1. Radiohead - Just (Do It Yourself)
You can watch this a billion and one times and come the end, you'd be as clueless as ever as to what that guy said. The song is awesome, Radiohead playing their less experimental tunes makes me appreciate them more, and the video makes the perfect bookend to the Holy Trinity of Fantastic Band/Artiste, Song and Video. Go YouTube this and then come back and tell me how good the video was. Benchmark for all videos to come.

2. Coldplay - Shiver
The entire duration of the video has the four of them jamming in a plain-looking room, working their chemistry to such intimate levels that you can't help but feel like a voyeur for looking in at this experience. If I remember correctly, this video was released right after 'Yellow' but before they gain international recognition and reached the heights of superstardom that they are at currently. When I think about Coldplay, I think about this clip and hope that regardless of what level of success they are at, they never lose the magic that held so true in the video.

3. No Doubt - Sunday Morning
A 'picnic' lunch with your best mates. Cooking said lunch with your best mates. Having the lunch collapse into a massive food fight. I don't know if it's just the video or my tendencies for the tamer side of life (read: no nekkid models, no boozin' and crusin'), but that's sure what I consider a good time with my mates.

The rest in no particular order cause it's just too hard to choose:

4. Coldplay - Talk
Coldplay gone old school. Let this fact be known: robots in videos are cool.

4. Beastie Boys - Intergalactic
Re: above.

4. RHCP - Can't Stop
It's art. It's RHCP blending their music and art. Commence one of the most random but truly awesome video clips ever. Highlight: the scene with John Frusciante working his own brand of magic on bass in a room with schizoid tablelamps. If you know the video, you'll know what I'm talking about.

4. Steve Burns - Mighty Little Man
Hey, the guy from Blue's Clues (aka the only reason I watched that show) playing at being a rockstar, and not quite sucking. If there is any song you should listen to on Songs For Dustmites, this is it. Who knew he was packing such buff biceps under that innocent green-striped rugby shirt?

4. Blink 182 - Always
Sure, the video gives me a headache everytime I watch it but it's always fun to guess which body part is whose. Which body part is whose... is that right? Bah. The point is Travis looks extraordinarily good in the video. And that in itself is a major plus point.

4. Backstreet Boys - Everybody (Backstreet's Back)
It's super kitschy and campy, but it's got mass dancing so that's a thumb's up from me. Oh, come on. Like you weren't secretly mouthing the chorus when the song was played on a 90's rewind radio/Channel V show. And just to set the record straight, it was always Brian Littrell for me. Nick Carter has always been and even more so now, fugly. Sure, Brian's latest venture into Christian Pop/Rock territory loses him some brownie points but I'll take religiousity (sp?) over scarily-peroxided-blonde-ape-like-man.

4. Bjork - It's Oh So Quiet
The one Bjork song I get and like. The schizoid video is very, very suited to the schizoid qualities of the song. In the name of the Fantastic Band/Artiste, Fantastic Song, Fantastic Video, amen.

4. Fatboy Slim - Weapon of Choice
C'mon! More dancing! Watching this video makes me feel like breaking into dance as well. Except sadly although Christopher Walken has many years and moons on me, I kow-tow to the man who will forever be more nimble than me. Moby ain't got nothing on Walken. Or Fatboy Slim, by extension.

4. The Verve - Bittersweet Symphony
Beware when listening to this song on your Discman or iPod. A sudden impulse to screw manners and all other Ps and Qs and a very strong urge to shove, be brazen and not give way to incoming public will come upon you. For a minute there, you will also believe that The Verve is more than a deadbeat band and Richard Ashcroft is your god. You know what I'm talking about.

There you have it. P. Diddy's 'Bad Boy for Life' nearly made the cut, but the suck-tastic ending pulled it down a whole lotta notches. Huh. I think I'm actually all typed out. I know.. I should just go on MSN, right?

Friday, July 21, 2006

And so Winter Vacation ends...

The plane touched down Melbourne and the pilot/captain announces that the weather is at a "slightly chilly 5 Celsius". Slightly chilly... now that's an understatement if ever. Hmph. And just like that ends two and a half weeks of vacation. Grrrreat.

Some interesting events that happened over the holidays, in point form mostly because I'm too lazy to create paragraphs now.

- SCB's reunion: The One Where We Watched the World Cup Final and Christine Went Ape-shit Crazy Over Mahjong.
Heh. As always the pleasure of meeting up was a definite highlight of the holiday. The reunion was made all the more special cause certain SCBs (heh. I just realized that 3 of us were on holiday!) scrapped together a weekend even though they could barely afford to breathe as it is. Thanks YM and Mich. That really meant a lot to me.

- Jonny Boy: The One Where I Hung Out Heaps With My Lil' Bro, As Promised.
He's so stupid and so lame and so incredibly inane that it's amazing that many chicks are after him. So really, he's a male version of me. Except for the whole chick magnet part. Or the magnet part, period.

- Allergy Test: The One Where I Confronted My Fear of Needles.
I'm not a fan of needles. It's pretty bizarre cause I can 'thread' a needle through my skin without an eye-bat, but I start spazzing and squirming at the sight of needles not even penetrating the skin yet in movies. So when my parents forced me to do the test, I wasn't quite the happy camper. Suffice to say that at 19, I still can rock one hell of a hissy fit. Anyways, when the time came for the nurse to take the test, I looked away and attempted to think happy thoughts. Of course, as my life always go, they couldn't find a vein in my left hand. And they only realized that AFTER penetrating my skin with the needle and forcibly looking for one. So when they moved to the right and had the same problem, I just started giggling. It was beyond bizarre but I couldn't help it. I had to control from breaking into full-fleged guffaws. What can I say... the whole situation was ridiculous. But oh well. They got their 10 CCs in the end.

Also, I found out that I'm allergic to eggs. And bananas. Ha! Finally something to validate my intense dislike of bananas.

- Ipoh mari: The One Where A Visit To My Grandparents' Isn't Quite As Innocuous As It Sounds.
For the first time, my grandpa and ma divulged history about their parents and younger days. Like, I never knew my grandma was adopted. Or that my grandpa's parents arrived in Malaysia after one hell of a boatride from China. Apparently my great paternal grandma was a stickler for discipline, something my dad learned about the hard way many a-times. Hee.

- Family Affairs: The One Where My Dad And Ma Finally Spilled on Things We Were Previously Denied Knowledge Of.
Christ. That was one mega-chat session that lasted for three hours. But it certainly puts things into perspective. I guess before, I only had a brief understanding about the relationship my parents' have. But that river runs deeper and wider than I can ever hope to understand.

There's probably some stuff I'm forgetting to mention right now. But those are the events that come instantly when I think about the past 2 weeks. It was good seeing people I haven't seen in a year. Will be even better when I see them again in five months.

I end this post with three random trivia bits.

1. I have finally brought over my bathrobe and here I sit feeling super-duper comfortable. I also feel ready to traverse the galaxy. 'Resistance is futile'. Hee.

2. We're actually half Indonesian Chinese. Gill, Jon and I, that is.. Weird. Not like there's any difference but I always thought we were only a quarter. Nyehhh. I guess that's why I'm not doing a maths-related degree.

3. My new timetable states that I have a 11-hour week with Thursdays and Fridays off. Fuck yeah, losers!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Idiot says, "What?"

Chapter One: Karen Goes to the Coldplay Concert and Spends $75 on Truly Essential Stuff.

3rd of July 2006, I went to see a band that I love. In short? It was awesome. The long story? it was the best fucking, most awesome-mest concert this goddamn-ed person has ever been to!!!!!!!1111!!!! Youth Group opened, and me not being familiar with their stuff, still went along for the ride waiting patiently for the real stars to hit the stage. And boy, did they not disappoint. Sophie Poo and I were that close to the stage that we could see the sweat drops on Mr Martin's face. Unfortunately, we weren't close enough to grab the cameras that they threw out. Some other bastards got it. (Bastards)

Chris Martin had a very engaging stage personality. Those weird movements that he does on music video and live performances telecast on MTV? Well.. they're for real. And Guy Berryman.. dear Guy. Where I was standing I had a direct view of Chris Martin and Jonny Buckland, which was awesome and all that. But can I just say that the aching calves borne from standing on my tippy toes to see Guy was completely worth it? He's hot stuff. Really is. Will did his thing, every beat on key, being a stellar example to little drummer boys everywhere. But man of the concert undoubtedly goes to Jonny B. His riffs, guitar hooks, Christ... simply fantastic. Of course, the band would be nothing if not for the camaderie between the four, and the crowd was definitely witness to that testament that night.

It's definitely fascinating to see the crowd Coldplay pulls in. In the free standing area, there was a mix of teeny-boppers, college kids (us, hello!), artsy-fartsy types and believe it or not, old dudes of the 'I-need-reading-glasses-to-look-at-the-programme' kind. The old dudes were hilarious. They were even more into Youth Group then I was! Puts my father to shame. Hee.

To conclude, the night was fantastic. Fantastic music, excellent company and a totally awesome band meant that the money was not a waste. Chalk one up for good concert experiences!

Chapter Two: Karen Packs for Home in Thirty Minutes and Forgets Among Other Things, Her Driver's License.

I came home from the concert completely beat, so I figured I'd wake up early the next day to pack for home. The alarm was set at eight, to allow time for me to head down to the city and pass Soph One Tree Hill Season 2 as well as buy other random stuff for my room. Alas, I slept through the alarm only to wake at ten, and me being me adhered to the "five more minutes" rule. Finally when I got up again it was eleven ten am. The bus service was arriving at twelve so I hightailed my ass out of bed and got to washing up and taking a shower. Hence, I only started packing my bag at eleven thirty.

What I forgot:
1. My goddamn driver's license. That's one year of hype and longing.
2. My goddamn camera.
3. Yoong Mei's belated birthday present. Sorry dude.
4. The Chairman's farewell present. Re: above.
5. Nick's birthday card. Re: above as well.
6. My goddamn medicine. My skin is absolute shite now.



Fuck, fuck, fuck. And then some.

Chapter Three: Karen Comments on People Who Comment.

If you comment on this post:
1. I'll respond with something random about you.
2. I'll challenge you to try something.
3. I'll pick a colour that I associate with you.
4. I'll tell you something I like about you.
5. I'll tell you my first/clearest memory about you.
6. I'll tell you what animal you remind me of.
7. I'll ask you something I've always wanted to ask you.
8. If I do this for you, you must post this on yours.

Warning: Replies might take a mite longer than usual seeing as to how I'm on holiday and all that. So don't feel despair upon not getting a reply. Hell, I'll be damned if no one even bothers commenting, which will probably be the case. Nyeh. Less work for me!

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Coldplay is here.

Coldplay is officially here! I'm breathing the same air as them! We walk upon the same island! We pay the same GST to the government! To say that I am extremely psyched is an understatement and a half. And then some.

Anyway, I guess I've officially moved now. We surrendered the key back to College Square. And I'm all set up at my new place. Or at least I've got my bed, my clothes and my Internet set up. By the way, guess who's re-discovering the perks of an ADSL line? Well, let's just say I spent a minute staring in awe at the speed of my downloads. Awe-some! What is my new place like? Well, I'm renting a room in an apartment that has two other tenants, both from China/Hong Kong. The room's pretty alright. Got the basics.. I can't complain. The place isn't completely a dump, but it definitely has a 'lived-in' vibe. This new place of mine is much closer to Melb Uni. It's on Dorrit St which is behind the Royal Women's Hospital. Hmmm.. I can't think of much else to say. Ad, sorry to burst your bubble but I'm going to have to rule out a house-warming. Seeing as to how.. you know, this isn't really my place.

What happened to my sister and I, you ask? Well, we couldn't find a decent priced apartment with two bedrooms and I definitely am so over sharing a room. That's 19 years we've been together. If I was a macho-testesterone-loaded dude, I'd say "that's so gay." But since I'm me, I'm going to say, "Helllllooooo closet space!" instead. She's still staying at College Square, but with some other random people as well. It's weird cause only this year did we start bonding and acting like sisters. Not quite the whole-nine-yards hair-braiding extragavanza I mean, but we talked to each other like adults which was definitely something new. Am I going to miss her? Mate, she's still here living a couple of blocks up! But then sometimes I think I will. If not because of the fact that we've had years of bedroom-sharing between us, then because of the fact that my sis can occasionally be a laugh-riot. When she's on a roll, hell.. it takes a lot of self-control to keep it in.

Anyway, the Chairman has left the building. Hell, the Chairman has left the friggin' country! No more random walks to Safeway at 10 pm at night. No more DVD swapping. No more yummy baked goods from the Baker Woman. No more fashionista. No more feeling guilty about cursing openly (hee). No more making fun of vegetarians (double hee). No more paranoid android (hee hee hee). The Chairman was one of the first people I met in Trinity. First day there too! And now she's gone. -Sob- Forever. Charm I'm gonna miss you. -Sob- Where will I get my fill of home-baked cookies/cakes/apple crumbles for a year?!

Fuck.. I'm freezing. Part of the charm of my new room is that it lacks a windowpane or two. And in a rare moment of benevolence, I gave my sister the heater. This whole kindness shtick is so not all that it is cracked up to be. I should give up on karma and instead demand instant gratuity from the powers that be!

I end this post with this little bit of tidbit: The last time I intentionally hit a guy in his balls was when I was nine. Chalk it up to an intense round of catching. The last time I unintentionally hit a guy in his balls was today. I have never seen anyone else besides me turn that shade of red before. Frankly my dear... it was all pretty damn amusing.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

"Let me get some action from the back section!"

So the plan was to move after every six months. I figured it'd be a fun little experience. Ya know, just to have the whole thirty-one flavours. I'm on my first move and ... heh. Somehow over the course of two and a half years, I have eleven pair of shoes, eleven bags, and three bags worth of clothes. I officially have more shoes than my sister. When did that happen?!

I also have a box that has my TV inside, and a box that's aptly labelled 'Audio/Video', just technical terms to make my DVDs and CDs sound as important as they are, you understand. Also, I have a box filled with random stuff, the vacuum cleaner, the rice cooker and books. Oh god.. the books. Jesus H. Christ, the books. Text books, Stephen King books, other non-uni books. And to top it all of, there is a box filled with crockery that neither my sis nor I wants.


The icing on the cake, surely, must be the fact that my new place has no lift. It's stair-heaven baby!