Tuesday, August 30, 2005

One thing Google is good for

So I'm not really a big Google fan. But you gotta pay respect when respect is due. And Google earth is freaking... mindblowing!! Using satellite technology + (fill in some technical sounding name here), Google has been able to create this free downloadable software that allows you to get a 3D view of the Earth. My tutor in my Intro Media tute showed this to us and 14 jaws dropped to the floor. Seriously. All you gotta do is go to Google, type in 'Google Earth' in the search box and click on the first link that comes up. Download the stuff and voila! This brings a whole new meaning to 'globe trekking'. Criticisms: They discriminate against dial-up people. Yes, we still exist. Can't download it into your comp if you don't got no broadband. Jeez.

Anyways, the past 2 weeks have been more busy than usual. Had 3 essays due- one on the 25th and two on the 29th. You know, I gotta hand it to myself. In a way, I'm actually cutting out the procrastination. Normally, I would be rushing and typing up both essays the night before the essays are due, when there are two essays due on the same day. But this time around, I was only rushing and typing up one essay. Ha! Progress...

Besides that I was also helping out a friend who needed ushers for her play. Yeap. MUDfest is around. It's a bi-annual arts festival that celebrates all kinds of art, be it theatre, experimental, musicals... la-di-da. Melbourne Uni Diversity Festival. Good stuff. Expensive stuff. On average, one ticket costs about $10. So multiply that by 6... You get $60. Eeek. Anyhow, figured that I could cut costs if I volunteer to be an usher. So yay. Paid off. Presented with 'thank you' flowers as well. Who'd have thunk it? <---- Someone mentioned it's been a while since I used that. So there. Lol.

I was thinking, student/amatuer productions are, in a way, more fun to watch than professional ones. I mean, you get to see what people your age is coming up with and some of the concepts are pretty darn cool. Very intimidating too. It's quite sad larh.. The way Malaysia places so much emphasis on academia. I mean, it's not to say that we're all rolling around the hay, pissed drunk all the time. But think about it. The Medicine faculty over here even have their own theatre club. The Med Revue runs every year and this year it was a sell-out in fact. Damn funny larh.. What they do is they come up with a bunch of skits and one main story and the whole thing runs for about 2 and a half hours. So, those Doctor-wannabes aren't all nerds and do have lives afterall. Lol. Here's a quote from a skit in this year's Med Revue that's just ball busting.

"I used to wear pants this size." (This tall, gangly guy says while exhibiting this massive pair of jeans. Look like it's about some kinda diet.)

"Until someone told me you could get them in a smaller size." (DOH!)

Ahahahhahahahhaahahhaha. I'm starting to crack up again.

Anyways, I have started approaching referee's to vouch that I'll be an excellent candidate for an exchange program. UC Berkeley is my number one choice, UCLA second and probably University of Pennsylvania as the third. Wahahah. I just remembered... Seth Green comes from Pennsylvania. Okay, confirm that as my third choice. Oh yeah. I think I should have introduced something at the start of the paragraph. I am hoping to be able to do an exchange in USA from Semester 2 2006. That'll be August 2006 onwards.

And today was my first day volunteering with the After School Program at Carlton Primary School which is very, very near where I stay. It's quite a different environment from Tumble Tots. For starters, most kids there are at least 5. And it's very culturally diverse. And a lot of them don't come from a very financially rich background. Public housing area actually. We've got kids from all kinds of backgrounds. Mostly Muslim. But yeah well... Kids will be kids. They still cry when they don't get something done their way. Or in Mitchell's case (this kid who's probably around 4 and can look like a total angel), curse. Seriously, he called his sister a bitch. Jesus Christ.. But apparently he has the tendency to get rowdy. Apparently he "don't get to see his mum alot." And that's all my supervisor said. Sad. Will be volunteering on Tuesdays and Wednesdays cause that's the only time I can make.

Hmmmm. So that's how my time was spent. Oooo yeah. Sept 28. Switchfoot playing in Melbourne. Guess who's going to be there? :) And if you guys say something stupid like, "Australians?" or "People?", aiyoohhhhhhh....

There's tons of stuff that I wanna watch. Movies, plays and DVDs. But there doesn't seem to be enough time in a day. Or at least I should stop waking up at 10.

Oooo. I think I finally understand that I can't bake cookies for nuts while over here. They go in looking fine. And come out looking like this.

It's like a whole bunch of depressed chocolate chips decided to commit suicide. Sigh.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Heya Jonny Boy

Sorry that I almost forgot your birthday. Pfffftt. I can't believe you weren't sitting at home sobbing your eyes out. Where's the fun in that??

Anyways, you're 15 now. I don't care if you're almost 2 heads taller than me or if people think I'm the youngest kid, we still know who the baby of the family is. That's right. It's Gill. And don't you forget it.

Here's my advice for you: Don't grow up to become a dick, don't think with your dick and don't start using your dick yet (you're still too young).

Hmmmm. That was quite unnecessary I think... Lol.

Happy belated birthday kid. You're awesome. *slaps dorky handshake* Love ya tons, Jonny Boy. :) Also, go work on those bubblepop skills. I'm tired of whooping your ass all the time.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Those housewives aren't desperate. Just dumb.

Dear Mr Tarantino,

I recently watched your Kill BIll films for the second time and it has come to my attention that a few things need to be said. Firstly, thank you for bringing a new appreciation to Chinese films. I'm sure the world now knows that Chinese kung fu, and I use the term very loosely, films did not die with the passing of Bruce Lee (assuming of course that they had miss all the fuss about Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. I know I did). I'm glad to see that the many hours you spent as a kid in a darkened basement consuming these films have not affected your eyesight- I don't see no specs in pictures taken of you. Also, congratulations on finding such a versatile actress, Uma Thurman, to portray the complex character of The Bride. In fact, congratulations on finding such a great cast. Who knew David Carradine still had it in him? Ms Thurman certainly deserved the Oscar nomination. One question though. As her close friend, why oh why didn't you advise her against starring in Be Cool?

Right. A few other things to say. I'm not sure if you realised it, but there is a fine line between paying tribute to/paying homage to and plain ol' imitation. Reading the IMDb trivia made me realise just how much stuff you've 'referred' to in the movie. No doubt one has to give credit to the Shaw Brothers for pioneering the wu xia genre. But 'copying + pasting' sure isn't the way. I think you did a fantastic job with Reservoir Dogs. Absolutely brilliant casting and plot (But what's this rumour about you copying the plot storyline from some other Chinese film?). Although maybe your little cameo was quite unnecessary. You're a good director. The same really cannot be said about your acting skills.

Considering the success of your films so far, it's safe to say that there obviously is something going for you. Personally, I think you're a good director. I really love the use of long shots in your films. Sadly, you haven't reached the ranks of greatness yet. I think if you used your films to develop a distinctive directing style you could be on to something. And yes, that means no more 'copying + pasting' plus editing by putting some blond hair on. Maybe over time eh?

Now how's about you do something about Infernal Affairs? Please oh please dear god, don't let it be released in 2007/8 with Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise as the leads and Colin Ferrel in the place of Anthony Wong. *vomit out contents of the day... Ooo. I had pasta and an orange* I speak on behalf of myself when I say use your power to buy the rights and then, leave it as it is. You'd rank much, much higher in my good books.


***Hmmm. Talking about Desperate Housewives. Seriously, I agree with what Ad was saying. With the demise of Friends and Frasier, the title of 'Cool New Intriguing Series That Is Not A CSI or ER Hybird' has been up for grabs. Just a case of being there at the right time. Blehh.

Friday, August 12, 2005

The benefits of living in Australia

Simple. No haze.

I've been reading friends blogs, and it doesn't take a lot of deducing to figure out that the hazy conditions in Malaysia are pretty damn bad. I called home just now and my mum was saying that she had to turn on her car lights while driving. At 4pm in the afternoon. Jeez.

It must be like a massive cloudy all-enveloping fog. I see it now. It's like those kinda fogs you see in detective movies. Where the protagonist, the detective, steps out from the thick, thick fog to catch the murderer (while in action, of course). A little bit of 'KERR-POW!' and 'KABOOM!' and the detective has solved the day. Except of course, the fog in mention here irritates people's sinuses. Huh.

Well, sadly, I don't have a remedy to the problem of the hazy skies in Malaysia. What I do offer instead is a couple of random, yet fascinating, and mindless, yet entertaining, facts. I was surfing around the other day and I found this site www.snopes.com. It's a website that is devoted to debunking urban legends. I know, I know. You're thinking, "But why should I give a damn?!?"

Well, keep in mind that seeing as to how you're basically reduced to bumming around your house due to the haze, and if I think I know you guys well enough, you lot will probably avoid going out if possible and spend your time instead online (regular blog updates I am expecting, by the way). So, click on the link. It'll help you kill time while learning new random trivia!

Some of the better ones I liked:

The myth about how if one consumes aspirin and Coca-Cola at the same time they get high.
Besides the fact that I've done it myself and know for a fact that it's complete utter bull, there's finally a website that offers a explanation as to why it's complete utter bull. Can you believe I actually met a fella who told me he got high? What a dumbass. And he had the nerve to challenge me and say I didn't do it right. Sigh. What do you say to someone who has shit for brains?

The myth about how Coca-Cola invented Santa Claus.
Again, some dumbass had the nerve to challenge me on this one. Jeez. Santa Claus was derived from historical figures man. Sigh. Seriously. What do you say to someone who has shit for brains?

Of course, I have to admit. I particularly chose these two cause of how it ends. With me being right. Muahahahahhahhahhahaha. Wait. Oh my god. Nick is rubbing of me. Jesus Christ. What just happened??

Lol. Happy surfing you guys. :)

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Microsoft Excel

Well, I didn't use to have Microsoft Excel. In fact, somehow the entire Microsoft Office was not installed in my comp (I had the crappier version- Microsoft Works). I went about my days in a happy state of blissful ignorance actually, eating sushi and wishing for more money. Then thanks to Hann Meng, I got a lead on this guy who was looking for some help (read: job). And I think, although come to think of it I'm not 100% sure, I got the job. It was some kinda extra help at this seminar thing. But wait. The Excel issue hasn't come into the picture.

So the guy who runs/owns/conducts the seminar asks if I am interested in doing some data entry work as well. Naturally me being the money-whore that I am, said "Sure, why not?". I had a tough time getting the words out too, what with the sudden over-active saliva glands. Anyways, I stupidly said I had Excel without fully thinking. *Doh* But it's been going pretty alright. For the past 2 days I have been doing the work at the Uni Computer Lab. But now, thanks to Neighbour Boy, Excel lives in my comp!! Ahhhhhhhh.... Good stuff indeed.

Hmmm. I think that whole bit sounded much more interesting in my head. Ah well. On to other much more interesting things. Nick left yesterday. And I miss him. You know, you'd think that it'd be all awkward hanging out with your ex. But then that's just our mentality conditioned by reading too many Cleo magazine confessions and watching too many break-up movies. I've said it before and I'll keep saying it. Nick is a fantastic guy. A true friend, and an all-round good guy. Definitely not someone you forget over time. So to Nick ---> Thanks for everything. There's always a spare mattress available whenever you need it over here. And I suppose I could throw in a pillow and comforter as well if you ask nicely. :)

Seven reasons why living with an elder brother might be better than with an elder sister
1. Your sports bra won't mysteriously disappear from your closet only to reappear in your sister's laundry hamper.
2. No fallen make-up powder will blemish the sparkling clean toilet counter.
3. You might actually have place to put your own stuff on said sparkling clean toilet counter.
4. When you look down at the toilet floor, you might actually be able to see the toilet floor as opposed to lots of long hair that you know didn't fall from your head.
5. You can call your elder brother a 'fatass' and not need to suffer endless, repetitive, mind-numbing questions about body size and weight.
6. More shoe space. Unless your brother is like Jason who has a shoe fetish. Then you're just doubly screwed.
7. Periods. Bad enough? Try simultaneous periods.

I had 4 crazy psychos telling me I should post more 'personal' stuff. Well, here's my stab at it.

Last time I cut my nails: Yesterday.

Last time I picked my nose: Can't remember. I usually just blow.

Last time I decided to stare blankly into space: Just now. I was looking up at the sky to see whether it was raining.

Last time I went to use the toilet: I went to pee about 2 hours ago.

Last time I decided to yawn: Just only. Lucky you! THIS is live broadcasting.

Last time I decided to do something nice: I made spaghetti for dinner. And that was pretty nice.

Last time I decided to do something intellectual: I read the back of my cereal box. Informative stuff kids.

Last time I decided to prolong your reading time: Right about now.

Lol. How did that go down?

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Win, Lose or Draw

The title is a reference to this popular game show during the early 90s. Don't know if any of you managed to catch it while it was still on air. Anyway, you basically get a sentence or a phrase and you have to draw it out on this whiteboard so that your partners can figure it out and you win the game and take home the prize money that is slightly diminished after tax. Sorta like Pictionary. Except you only get to draw. Right. I have something I would like to say but I'd rather you guys figure it out. Lol. For those on holiday, here's the perfect oppurtunity to make sure your brain cells haven't degenerated to the point of no return.


Hopefully it isn't that obvious. I mean, gotta work, work, work those brain cells!

[Addie]: Love you lots kid. :D

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

"Why do you have an empty frame on your wall?" . . . "It's a mirror."

In case you're wondering why I don't seem to have anything to say on the tagboard, it's because somehow whenever I type stuff and click enter, a note that states 'message can only be sent on website not site server' (or some other kind of technological jargon) appear. Trust me. I had obviously something to say about Nick's oh-so-subtle Harvard reminder. Ahhh... pitfalls of nvncbl or my comp, I sadly do not know.

Anyway, life here has been pretty good. Nick is down here for about 11 days. Good times. Funny times. Cold times. I'm definitely gonna miss the guy when he leaves. But he's destined for great things. And I suppose a guy who is destined for great things has gotta do what a guy who is destined for great things has gotta do. *I don't think that worked as well as I would like it too. Oh well. You get the drift.* Alamak. Just saw headlines on tonight's news reports. Australia is suffering a sudden loss of breathing space. Down, ego of Nick. :)

I'm sleepy. It's 2.41 am. *Yawn*. Short post this time around. Oh right.

Today's 'Things to do' for the friendly folks who visit the page: go watch 'Crash'. Even if it means you driving around town looking at several DVD stalls. It's worth your time. It's worth the effort. Brilliant directing + editing + casting + music + script + acting = worth the AUD$ 7.50 I paid. Seriously y'all. It's a, in Nick's words, very "powerful" movie. And that it is. If you don't like it, I vow to inflict self-torture on well, myself. Think a movie marathon with the likes of 'Crossroads', 'Glitter', 'Superstar' and, because it's self-torture, I'll even throw in a whole bunch of 50 Cent videoclips. Oh my god. It sounds even worse printed out in black and white. *shudderssss*

----------> By the way, if Mich and Yoong Mei don't mind, can you email me (or leave it in the comments if you wanna) your mailing address? Especially you, Yoong Mei, what with being in Melaka and not within passing distance. Have got some stuff to send to you. Thanks. :)

Final note. I have been religiously reading everyone's blogs. And I have just one thing to say. Malaysia suffers from an extreme case of bad-timing. What the hell??? Sales start AFTER I leave the country? Ha! I take comfort in the fact that my savings is your loss. Less 0.0001% of revenue earned because of said disease. (I realize this could be contrived as a classic example of Pathetic Sore Loser. But be sure not too confuse it with Grumpy, Wanna-shop-to-help-country-YaY! Loser).