Friday, August 12, 2005

The benefits of living in Australia

Simple. No haze.

I've been reading friends blogs, and it doesn't take a lot of deducing to figure out that the hazy conditions in Malaysia are pretty damn bad. I called home just now and my mum was saying that she had to turn on her car lights while driving. At 4pm in the afternoon. Jeez.

It must be like a massive cloudy all-enveloping fog. I see it now. It's like those kinda fogs you see in detective movies. Where the protagonist, the detective, steps out from the thick, thick fog to catch the murderer (while in action, of course). A little bit of 'KERR-POW!' and 'KABOOM!' and the detective has solved the day. Except of course, the fog in mention here irritates people's sinuses. Huh.

Well, sadly, I don't have a remedy to the problem of the hazy skies in Malaysia. What I do offer instead is a couple of random, yet fascinating, and mindless, yet entertaining, facts. I was surfing around the other day and I found this site It's a website that is devoted to debunking urban legends. I know, I know. You're thinking, "But why should I give a damn?!?"

Well, keep in mind that seeing as to how you're basically reduced to bumming around your house due to the haze, and if I think I know you guys well enough, you lot will probably avoid going out if possible and spend your time instead online (regular blog updates I am expecting, by the way). So, click on the link. It'll help you kill time while learning new random trivia!

Some of the better ones I liked:

The myth about how if one consumes aspirin and Coca-Cola at the same time they get high.
Besides the fact that I've done it myself and know for a fact that it's complete utter bull, there's finally a website that offers a explanation as to why it's complete utter bull. Can you believe I actually met a fella who told me he got high? What a dumbass. And he had the nerve to challenge me and say I didn't do it right. Sigh. What do you say to someone who has shit for brains?

The myth about how Coca-Cola invented Santa Claus.
Again, some dumbass had the nerve to challenge me on this one. Jeez. Santa Claus was derived from historical figures man. Sigh. Seriously. What do you say to someone who has shit for brains?

Of course, I have to admit. I particularly chose these two cause of how it ends. With me being right. Muahahahahhahhahhahaha. Wait. Oh my god. Nick is rubbing of me. Jesus Christ. What just happened??

Lol. Happy surfing you guys. :)