Sunday, October 30, 2005

All straight lines circle sometimes

Music roll:

1. Bloc Party- This Modern Love
"Why so damn absent-minded? Why so scared of romance?"

Awesome. If you liked 'Mr Brightside' by The Killers, and judging by the amount or airplay it got on radios and MTV, lots of people loved it, check this song out. I hate that I have to resort to comparison to get the point across (eg if you loved Stephen King, you'll love John Saul. *No contest. King remains king when it comes to psychological/horror/thriller fiction*). My god. I just realized how incredible lame/punny I am. All together now. Far off in the distance you'll hear a collective "groannnn". Anyhow, the song has a electropop kind of feel to it. Nothing 80's-centric. Maybe a little like Postal Service. Lyrics so aptly describes the modern love that exists in courtship this millenium. Gone are the days of heaving bosoms and dashing gentleman. Wait. Good ol' Mills & Boons is still around. Good for any moment of the day.

2. Ryan Adams- When the Stars Go Blue/Wonderwall
"Where do you go when you're lonely, I'll follow you. When the stars go blue"

'When the Stars Go Blue' is simply awesome. You might have heard it in One Tree Hill (the song that Tyler Hilton and Bethany Joy Lenz sang together), but the original is, in a word, sublime. I've been listening to quite a bit of Ryan Adams and his work is usually pretty solid. Good for when you're feeling pensive/thinking about days long past.

"Said maybe you're gonna be the one that saves me, And afterall. You're my wonderwall"

Holy cow. Even if you're a musical purist who insists that covers are the next best thing to spam, you can't help but marvel over the acoustic, low-key cover of the original Oasis song. This song is sorta like the benchmark of all covers. Ryan Adams, infact creates some thing completely distinct and separate from the original. Probably best known from The O.C., good for when you're reminiscing. Or however that's spelled.

3. Architecture in Helsinki- The Owls Go
"Hiding in the basement with a heart sedated, I'll forget you"

This is one of the most bizarre songs I've ever heard. It's so, so, so uncategorizable. Indie? Pop? Alternative? Pffft. I'm lost. Danger: Song has very high potential of getting stuck in your head. It's less annoying than Akon's 'Lonely' for sure. And seeing as to how it's so far removed from the mainstream, it's unlikely that it'll spawn into a consumer's nightmare/company's wet dream (read: ringtones). But it's so damn bizarre that it actually works. Soon you'll find yourself singing along accompanied with head bopping movements. You'll understand when you hear it. Give it a try if you're up for listening to something different. Heck, with broadband, it's like all of what, 50 seconds? Good for when you're happy. Like running-in-a-field-of-daisies happy.

4. The Dandy Warhols- Bohemian Like You
"I'm getting wise and I'm feeling so bohemian like you"

New band that I've been listening alot too. They're playing a free gig at Victoria Market on Wednesday and I've been checking out their stuff to see if they're any good. And from what I've heard so far, they're fairly decent. This song especially. Good for when you're speeding driving down the highway with the windows down at night. Crack it up loud and you're good to go. Another track you might like if you dig them: 'We Used to be Friends'. It's the theme for Veronica Mars too. The things you learn on forums.

5. End of Fashion- O Yeah
"O Yeah! So you wanna talk about it for a while"

Like the above, awesome chill out/singing along song when you and your buddys are coming home from a day out. Just leave it on real high and yell out with all your might. "Oh yeah!!". Aussie band that won Best Video (I think) at the recent ARIAs. Pretty decent stuff.


Lol. I amuse myself by thinking that anybody really cares about what music I listen to. It's how I get my kicks man.

Anyway, new counter, new tagboard. Don't abuse it. In fact, just use it cukup larh. I really suck at this whole HTML thing. It took me ages just to get the damn thing to look right. Seriously. Me, not a very modern, in-with-the-times woman. is awesome. They offer you a really detailed analysis of who's visiting your blog, when, how many times, la-di-da. Best feature: The ability to see how people arrive at your site. Eg, key word analysis from search engines. So you'll know to start freaking out when 'kiddie porn' comes up in the report.


I made the mistake of purchasing Empire yesterday. Damn that glossy cover with interviews about Jennifer Connelly, Peter Jackson and 20 Greatest Directors of All Time! Too many movies I want to watch. Too little time (at least until Nov 10). Not enough money. Gahh! Elizabethtown coming out this week. Can't wait! But must. Assignment, assignment, assignment. Since we're on that topic, I think it would have been awesome to be able to go back this time around. I keep thinking about the car. Me driving it that is. Blasting the aforementioned songs. And shopping- sale! And seeing my most favourite people in the world. Can I tempt you all to take a road trip and come on down here?

And it's quite a strange feeling bearing a grudge now, especially at this age. It's just really funny. You want to chastise yourself for being so damn stubborn, yet you don't want to be the bigger person and say sorry. You alternate between guilt and apathy. I mean, hey. I'm too tired to be pissed off, yet still a little pissed off to admit defeat. Whatever, eh? Must resist adding salt.


Apparently, there's some other girl working at McD's who looks like me. About 5 people have asked me if I've got a sister or something. Haven't seen her yet but if we look that alike, I'm guessing from behind she resembles and probably smells like a sack of month old potatoes. And month old potatoes don't look too pretty either.

Charolastra 2! If you've watched Y Tu Mama Tambien, it might interest you to know that a sequel might be coming out. Anyhow, Paris J'etaime. Gael, oh Gael. Why doesn't anyone in uni look like you??

Also, apparently Daniel Radcliffe and his family is in Australia? Something about taking a break from the spotlight in Britain. The news articles stated that he was promptly mobbed by a bunch of teens when he passed by a local secondary school. Local girls secondary school. Hee hee hee..

Thursday, October 27, 2005

When it rains, mate. It fucking pours.

I'm curious. What possessed the creators of Blogger to insert Webdings as one of their font options? I can't imagine it gets used a lot. Did it somehow seem weird not to have a font option that is unreadable because we're so used to skipping past it in Words? Huh.

Anyhow, because I have known Mei Juin for like *what's eighteen minus seven*.. ah, eleven years now I guess that's why I'm not ignoring this. Not in the mood to be funny though. So skip this if you don't really give two shits about me.

And why is it when I alternate between Georgia and Lucinda Grande, I see no difference? Huh. Blogger's putting up really unnecessary fonts. Or my browser's acting up again.

Ten Years Ago I was:

Eight. Standard 2 Setia in Sek Keb Taman Megah. Awesome stuff man. If I had to relive my primary school years I wouldn't change a thing. Although now that I'm typing it out I realize that I don't like Verdana very much so I'm going to change the font. Better? Boleh larh. Right then. Let me see if I remember... Jo Weng, Sai Ho, Zhin Theng, Eugene, Mei Juin, Anna, Grace. Playing catching whenever we had the chance to. Especially after we finished classes for the day. Cause Standard 1, 2, 3 ended earlier than the 4, 5, 6, and most of us had elder siblings, we had time to run around and play. Huh. I think I once could run. Oooo. I also had the best neighbours while still in Taman Tun. 'Till they moved away we had a ball playing well, football (Sadly the lameness and pun-iness remains regardless of current mood). It's where I learned that you can't be afraid of close contact and just dive in for the tackle. Of course, couple of years later when puberty struck and everything the tackles were less aggresive. I think with boobs come the power to gain the ball from guys.

5 years ago I was:

In Form 2 Kiambang, Sek Men Keb Damansara Utama. Oh my god. Most distinct memory was the basketball finals between the 2 Kiambang girls and the 2 Something girls. Massive bitchiness ensued when Kiambang lost. And I remember feeling really bad. Cause I was friends and got on well with people on the other team so the fact that we loss didn't really affect me that much. Form 2... It's where I first met Ninny too! I, like many others I'm sure, was initially fooled by her seemingly demure appearance, fair skin and soft voice. But it was a real ball sitting next to her. In fact, out of 5 secondary years, 3 were spent with mutual sarcasm, teasing and infinite lameness. Granted 2 out of the 3 was where I lost all interest in attempting to speak Cantonese/Mandarin around her. God.. she'd just burst out laughing just cause she has all these superior speaking skills! Plus, maybe I suck too, that might be a possibility.

1 year ago I was:

Ya see what I mean? Webdings is useless.
Translation: Ya see what I mean? Webdings is useless.

Anyhow, one year ago I was in Trinity, and I meant all these crazy people who I'm fortunate enough to be still close too. Some that over time became accquaintances of course. But the ones that really mattered.. I'm glad to say I still talk to on a regular basis. Also, one year ago I learned how to write a proper essay. No more 'cut and paste' jobs you hand up during Form 5. Now, the very word, plagiarism, strikes fear in my heart. One year ago I was proven wrong on a couple of occasions. 1) That the whole 'friends forever' philosophy is complete and utter bull propogated by idealistic suckers. And 2) That distance should not be a factor if you're ready to commit yourself. You just got to watch out for those fickle minds.

Yesterday I was:

*The font options are so limited.*
Pissing Nick off.
Messing up at work. Thankfully the customers didn't raise a ruckus.
Emailing Addie and Friendster messaged Mei Juin.
Chatting to Aizam from DU as well. Chatted while waiting for tram to arrive.
Talking to a tute mate about bands and I accidentally called him a bitch. He's going to see Foo Fighters in Dec. And he also mentioned how he went to watch Coldplay in action when they went to Singapore ages ago. *bitch... grr*

5 snacks I enjoy:

Cottage Wise chips in Malaysia. The green packet one. They are the Godfather of all chips.
Those bloody not-worth-it-but-oh-so-good Pocky chocolate sticks.
Choc Chip Macademia cookies from the Famous Amos. Everything else pales in comparison.
Tau Foo Fah. With Soya Bean milk too. Goddamn Melbourne..

5 Songs I Know All the Words To:

All the songs from Blue's Clues. My brother thinks I'm a nerd but he secretly watches it with me too.
Happy Birthday. You don't?
The theme song from Scrubs. One of the best TV series theme songs ever.
The other being Popular, that dysfunctional teen series that was scrapped.
And the last being the Malcolm In the Middle one. "Life is unfairrr."

5 Things I would Do With A 100 Million Splurges:

Pay the people at Blogger to take out Webdings and add another more applicable font = 250.
Pay off my loan = 5000.
Buy a pool and install it in my house = however much it costs.
Lots of DVD TV series that I want and install a TV by the pool.
Fill the pool with the balance leftover and swim in it. Of course, they're notes. Imagine diving into a sea of one cent coins. I doubt it'll be quite so soft.

5 Bad Habits:

Choosing money everytime people ask one of those, "What do you want.." type questions.
Letting my dirty clothes pile up until all I have left is my jeans with THAT hole in it and a grubby tee.
Using my sisters cotton wipes to wipe the toilet counter. It's her mess damnit!
Buying chicken/onions/veges but never cooking them till they go rotten.
Not defrosting the fridge til the icebox looks scary huge and the fridge door can't close. What follows is an hour holding a blowdryer and a screwdriver to get rid of said ice.

5 Biggest Joys:

Money. Hell yeah.
Not being caught in the rain and instead staying at home and laughing at the suckers stuck outside.
Visiting friends blogs and seeing an update.
Not completely screwing up this semester.
Spending time doing something constructive. Why does Donald Duck wrap a towel around himself after a shower when he doesn't wear any pants?

5 Favourite Toys:

Not the rubics cube. I freaking hate that goddamn cube.
Not Monopoly.. Too darn long and boring.
Freecell and Spider Solitaire.
Ben, Ethan and Seth at home, I guess.
I can't answer this question properly. My mind immediately thinks of other toys best left in one's imagination.

5 Places I Would Run To:

The toilet. When nature calls...
Chairman's room. Close enough. Hann Meng's room... I'm dead by then.
The vending machine down stairs.
My bedroom. It's like all of 4 steps.
Ticketek to buy the Coldplay ticket. If I had money...

5 Things I Would Never Wear:

Micro mini anything.
Those hair baubles/clips the Mainland China/Hong Kong girls wear in their hair.
Those baggy pants from Sungai Wang. The one's with the reflective surfaces.
Orange pants.
Trucker caps. I hate them.

5 Favourite TV Shows:

Buffy the Vampire Slayer. No contest.
Scrubs/Malcolm in the Middle. Because they're half hour programs I'm putting them together to count as one.
Gilmore Girls. Popular too while it was still on.
Arrested Development/Grounded for Life/Just Shoot Me/We Can Be Heroes/That Nickelodeon Show with Shia Lebeouf and Christy Carlson Romano. Ah.. Even Stevens! Presssssureee. Too many shows.
Grey's Anatomy. It grew on me.

5 Fictional Characters I Would Date:

Eduardo from the Extreme Ghostbusters cartoon. He was hot stuff.
Daniel Osbourne aka Oz from Buffy. Who cares if he was monosyballic? Seth Green man!
Jess from Gilmore Girls Season 3. He remains the hottest Gilmore Guy so far (in the eps that I've seen).
Spike/Xander from Buffy. Seriously. Who wouldn't?!
Mark from Empire Records. Hee hee hee. Ethan Embry.
Steve from Blue's Clues. He's majorly cute.

5 People I Tag:

Sophers. Cause I wanna know what you were like when you were 9. Were you always this dysfunctional?
Addie. I wanna know the 5 fictional characters you'd date.
Yoong Mei. Because you're on holiday. Consider it homework.
Mich. Because this takes forever to complete. And errr... just do it. I'm sure you'll assure us that there is more to East Malaysia than orangutans and sakais. :)
Chrissy. Cause you haven't updated in forever. And this could be your starting point.
And whoever wants to kill time cause this thing takes forever.

For those that made it to the end, I salute you! I had trouble getting to the end myself. Right.

Next question: How the hell do you do that typing bit with a line through words to make it look like it's crossed out but it's actually still readable? I want to fully abuse that quirk. Sharing is caring, so spill.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Post is peppered with curses.

20 Annoying Things People Do:

1. When you talk about a less popular band, usually indie or emo, and people go, "Oh my god. How do you know them?" Jesus Christ. Yes, you fucking idiot. You're not special. People know about your little band. Kindly rid the earth of your arrogance.

2. Overtly religious people. Hey man… whatever's up your alley. Just don't freak out and pray for my repentance and salvation when I tell you I'm an atheist. It's really not quite the same thing as being an unstable psychopathic misanthropist.

3. People who go, "Oh my god. Didn't you know?" when you tell them something you weren't aware of. More often than not, these people are big fucking idiots who only fall asleep at night after repeatedly assuring themselves that they're cool and digging it. Kill yourself now cause your self-confidence isn't ever going to be any higher. Really.

4. Irresponsible people. Eg, if you're going to do drugs, go for it man. Whatever rocks your boat. Just don't do it if you can't afford it. It's so simple. Don't do the crime if you can't pay and eventually go into debt over time.

5. People who get all prissy when you choose "a billion other wishes" as your third wish. If they're dumb enough not to think of that in the first place, they really shouldn't deserve to live.

6. Assholes who think it's hilarious to speak in perverted Chinese (think 'chingchangchongchung'), usually ang mohs. You're not funny. You've instead proved yourself to be a contender for the title of 'Biggest Fucking Global Idiot'. I don't mangle your language on purpose (English. Cause being idiots on top of assholes, ang mohs usually only know one language). Fuck off and don't mangle mine.

7. Orlando Bloom. What the fuck is all the fuss about? He's only an average actor. And he's not that pretty a pretty boy. What the bleeping hell is so darn great? When Bloomboy overshadows good credible actors like Giovanni Ribisi, you know its time to break out the machetes and bring on ultimate carnage.

8. People who abbreviate cuss words and adjectives. Fugly. Famazing. You guys are fidiots.

9. People who make generalizations. All Chinese people must be nerdy, uncool, and speak in broken English, right? William Hung is just one Chinese dude out of billions. All feminists must be angry, bra-burning lesbians with unshaved pits and legs, right? Get your facts right. No bras were burned. Fuck off, you dumb fuck. Make the world a happier place and just die already.

10. People who think they’re 'random' when they're really just being pain-in-the-asses. Either you've got it or you don't. Sophers, Chairman and Sammy do. Other "Oh my god, that was so random *insert obnoxious giggle*" idiots are just annoying and unfunny. You're not cool. Oh did I hurt your feelings? Good. You can die now.

11. People who can vote but don't, then proceed to piss and moan about how the elected leaders are screwing everything into the ground. These dumb fucks are responsible for putting him there to begin with. Presidential elections to student elections… It’s not about putting the best guy in. Candidates and parties are innately flawed. It's about keeping the worst guy out.

12. People on IMDb who can't argue rationally and are so fucking retarded that they only see their case and can't comprehend a logical critique of a movie. If I give a balanced argument about why Eurotrip sucked ass (The sidekick friend, David Spade look-a-like, failed horrendously at being funny), at least read it before you start raising a ruckus, you freaking idiots.

13. Extreme politically correct people. Get a life. Nudity in teen comedies isn't shocking. South Park is hilarious. Ali G is funny. Booyakasha you dumb fucks.

14. People who put up an edgy front and insist they're all bad-ass when they secretly have a Spice Girls and Britney poster on their bedroom wall. What’s wrong with the truth? I was a fan of Spice Girls when they were around and Backstreet Boys kicks O-Town's and Five's ass any day. Oh my god. I must be such a loser. *Sob*. Let me hide under the covers and waste away while thinking of the 6 billion people in the world who must think me an embarrassment to all human kind. What do you mean my opinions don't register a bleep in the world stage? *Sob sob* I'm not SPECIAL? Yeah. eSPECIALly retarded, you dumb shit.

15. Even worse than the idiots who think they're special by liking obscure bands are fucking idiots who suddenly choose to dislike a band just because they became big. What the fuck kind of reasoning is that?! I plead self-defence in court when charged with your murder. After all, I was provoked.

16. People who call their significant others 'baby'. I’ve had enough of this. You see it on reality TV shows, in films, in real life. There’s no escaping it. Either these people are too damn dumb to come up with original terms of endearment and have to resort to pathetic clich├ęs, or they think they're being cute and affectionate which basically reflects their dumbness too.

17. People who act all shocked when you tell them that you would choose money over happiness. Wake up you ignorant piece of turd. There's a reason why they specifically say 'money, [not happiness] makes the world go round'. It's what you would have chosen if you dropped the self-righteous, holier-than-thou, tight-arsed prick act.

18. People who insist that Angel is better than Buffy. Seeing as to how there would be no Angel had Buffy not existed, that statement bears no weight. They're both spawned from the same Maestro himself: Joss Whedon. The writers have on occasion written for both series. The Angel characters are mere duplicates, and not very good ones at that, of Buffy characters (Wesley = Giles, Fred = Pre-Uber Wiccan Willow). Don't push your insecure, simplistic 'macho' view of the world where the catchcry 'strong male lead: good, strong female lead: bad' rings in the air onto the innocent children of the world, you idiots.

19. People who actually literally say 'lolz' in face-to-face conversation. What the flying fuck is that about?! Firstly, adding and pronouncing the 'z' at the back of 'lol' doesn't make it any less lame, you dumb fuck. It just proves your incredible stupidity and increases your asshole-factor. And do they even realize just how big a fool they look actually spelling out L-O-LZ mid-conversation?! Laugh Out Loud you dumb fuckerZ.

20. People who actually quote that "dance like nobody's watching" quote. Why don't you dance and showcase your own ineptness instead of belittling other people by making them feel superficial for not wanting to look like a complete spastic in public? Everyone saw Napolean Dynamite. That's how the story really ends. With the loser walking away as an even bigger loser.

Sigh. This is the end product of 1 and a half hours that were originally dedicated to creating the best ever screenplay for my Creative Writing folio. Any offense taken... Well. At least it was emotionally involving.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Sophia is funny. And not just weird funny too!

Sophia Foo is one of the funniest people this side of the world. On Wednesday we were both commiserating over the lack of cute guys in Melbourne Uni and adoring His Infinite Cuteness: Ethan Embry and had I need to pee, my jeans... well they wouldn't smell so great afterthat. Anyhow, read her satirical post on Friendster. Good stuff. Crap.. People in the computer lab are staring at me funnily.

Anyhow, for those who care the McJob is coming along well enough. I can basically serve your basic customer who wants a Meal and Dessert. If on the other hand, some tight-arsed prick comes prancing in asking for a garden salad with "no bacon, caesar and chesse, just lettuce, tomato, and chicken" I'll attempt to deal. I'll do the heroic thing and call my supervisor. I know some day I'm gonna have to step up to the plate and in Russell Peter's words, "Be a man", but in the meanwhile I'm comfortable hiding behind my newbie position. Has my life significantly changed since working at the Double Arches? Well, I still vehemently dislike Simple Plan if you're wondering. But there's been a couple of relevations:

1. Polyester is the clothing spawned by Satan himself.
2. Contrary to popular belief, we fry things with vegetable oil here.
3. I absolutely fucking hate it when people with their significant others abuse the "baby" endearment. Every third word is "Oh baby, oh baby". Gah. Just keel over and die already please. Say, "like", like every other normal person, you dumb shits.

Well, the last bit was brought on by not overhearing, but absorbing phone conversations that happen at home. Eeech. I scrubbed hard in the shower but the disgust clung on and bile threatened to overflow.

Oh right. No. 4.

4. When I take out my eyebrow stud, it bleeds right? Well. The crusted leftover blood makes it seem like some jakun, first-day-on-the-job vampire attempted to bite me but missed terribly. Ha-ha! Failure.

Bloody hell

I walked out of the computer lab and I saw two things.

1. That it was raining. Bloody hell. And relatively heavy too, Melbourne standards.


2. A lil petite asian chick who was wearing mini-shorts and high heels (I know. I don't get it either) was attempting to walk in the rain with a folder over her head. Hee hee hee. It's funnier than it seems.

What me bitchy? How so?

Monday, October 17, 2005

4 movies in 2 days

1. Night Watch

Holy cow. The movie pretty much lived up to the trailer. High-octane action movie that had a pretty solid story-line to it. Or at least it was thicker than Nicole Richie's waist line. Hmmm. The story goes like this. The opposing forces, the Dark and the Light (Wonder why it's always that. Never the Bald and the Hairy or the Donut and the Bagel. Huh.) have been waging a war since centuries ago. In that first war, the Dark and the Light leader realized that they were evenly matched and had they keep fighting, they would have wiped each other out, so they made a truce. No party is allowed to force a human onto their side. The humans will have to make their own choice. Also, the Dark forces will keep watch during the day time to make sure that no party is abusing the truce and vice versa. To keep the Balance. The Dark forces who patrol in the day are called, Day Watch and the Light, Night Watch. Now see, the are Others as well, who are humans who have been endowed with supernatural powers. Oh no... I'm screwing up the story. Gahhh. My sucki-ness in summarizing things is at work again.

Anyways, the story follows Anton, a Night Watch patroller who plays a crucial role in the Balance. Gahhh. I'll stop ruining it. It's the first part of a trilogy. And the second one is slated for release in 2006. I'm so there. There's a lot of comparisons drawn with The Matrix, Terminator, Star Wars and Constantine cause this story is so well-crafted it's become an epic by it's own. Now that there's no more LOtR or Star Wars to look forward to, this is gonna be a replacement for it. A pretty alright replacement too.

Likes: I think the characters were played quite well. And the whole tone and the mood of the movie was pretty freaking cool. The first part of the story was wrapped up but still leaving tons of intrigue to keep your interest for the subsequent chapters.

Dislikes: The fact that I can't remember the names of the characters. I blame it on my denseness.

2. Pride and Prejudice

I've only read half of the book. And I struggled against sleep to read that half. Austen's not my kind of thing. My kind of thing being staying awake that is. Therefore, not being a purist, I was able to watch the movie and quite enjoy it. (On IMDb, there were a couple of psycho purists nitpicking over Mr Darcy's portrayal. Jeez.) Top notch cinematography created a romantic, lush scenery that well-suited the movie. From what I remember reading though, Mr Bennet wasn't quite so submissive. The actor who played Mr Wickam... Lol. It's like they couldn't get Orlando Bloom and got the next best thing. Hee hee hee. You'll know what I mean when you watch it. Hmmm.. I'm quite a fan of Jena Malone, and I thought she was underutilized. Rosamund Pike has got Bambi eyes. Mr Bingley... so cute. Matthew MacFadyen (Mr Darcy), I'm guessing is gonna be the next big heartthrob.

Likes: The subtlety written for the Darcy/Elizabeth relationship. The fact that there's such controlled contact adds to the 'Awwwww' factor. Will guys hate it? Not if he is able to appreciate relatively witty dialogue.

Dislikes: Mr Bennet. I could have sworn he had a more active relationship with his daughters, especially Elizabeth. But then I might have been so dead bored with the book that I fell asleep and dreamed that.

3. The Wedding Crashers

Blahhhh. Rachel McAdams is quite pretty in a Pretty-but-won't-remember-what-she-looks-like-on-the-street way. And just how tall is Vince Vaughn? He towered over everyone in the movie. EVERYONE. But I realize that he's soooo much better in comedies than dramas. I mean, remember him in the Psycho remake? Exactly. Me neither.

Likes: Will Tippin, the Alias dude. He's such a pretty boy but yeah well. So is Mr Sark. It's such a stereotypical character though. Ahhhhh. What I like. When Owen Wilson is all depressed at home, he's answering machine message is just gold. "Helllllo.. Whatever." And the song at the end credits, The Weakerthans 'Aside'. Good stuff.

Dislikes: Will Ferrell. Can't stand him. Even as an extra. No no no. And some the humour was just random and not funny. Like with the horny mom. Wtf was that about?

4. The Dukes of Hazzard

Bad, bad, bad. The movie sucked ass. And I'm not even going to start on Jessica Simpson's tan. Maybe the series was infinitely better. Who knows? I don't. Gahhh. Bad. I briefly wondered if I should try biting my tongue off (Maddox's 'manly' way to commit suicide) but then I dropped the idea after small pressure was applied. I'm a wuss.

Likes: Seann William Scott and Johnny Knoxville. But even they couldn't save the show.

Dislikes: Everything. I can't start. I don't have enough time.

Hey... 'Boomkat' is pretty good. What kinda name is Kellin anyway? Kellin and Taryn Manning. Huh.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

I am not the lowest of the low.... yet.

Three weeks after my interview with McDonald's then I get a reply. To be insulted that I probably wasn't their first choice or to be grateful that I'm finally going to be employed? I'm going with grateful. Extremely grateful, in fact. Urgggggh. I am grateful to a fast-fast company that is responsible for eroding many nation's private and national culture while promoting a cosmopolitan world filled with Happy Meals. I will be a part of the transnational company that is a symbol of massive commercialization and globalization. I will be part of a company whose annual turnover could possibly solve, or at least halve Africa's debt. Sigh.. Still grateful.

Seriously though. You can accuse me of selling out but I guess this is me at my most primal/basic. Fact is, I'll do anything for cash. Anything of course, that doesn't compromise my self-respect. I don't feel the need to justify my actions. In short, I really don't care what people have to say about me, family included, as long as I know that I can look myself in the mirror and smile. Or at least attempt a grimace cause if anyone smiled everytime they look themselves in the mirror, that'd be just really weird.

This is me at my most honest:

I quite like Backstreet Boys.

And I am thrilled at getting the job.


Rant #1:

Why do people opt to take the easy way out in life? The way I see it, life isn't half as complicated as people make it out to be. All you got to do it make choices. You are responsible for the choices you make. It's so simple. That's why I hate it when people start moaning and bitching about who/what screwed them over. I especially hate it when people start blaming God. It's such an easy road to take. (Keep in mind that an atheist is speaking here, so don't read too much into the God comment). All I'm saying is, it's so much easier to play the blame game then to actually step up and take responsibility. Say for example you don't like your job. You're working way too many hours for a paycheck that isn't barely enough. So quit. Don't piss and moan about how the proprietor of the restaurant is screwing you over. Do the right thing and quit. Get a new job.

It drives me crazy that my sister don't see that. She makes too many excuses, and not enough proactive decisions. See, if she doesn't come whining to me I really couldn't care less. She knows what my stance is. Yet she comes whining and pissing and groaning to every single person standing in her path. Me included. I'm not saying, "Woe is me". I just absolutely can't stand it when she doesn't do anything to create change. GAH. Pressure pushing her over the limit? Start doing assignments/studying earlier. HOW DOES SHE NOT SEE THAT???????? And then when she does make decisions, they're usually the easier ones. She'd rather get herself involved in shoddy underdealings than work a back-breaking job. Gahhhhh.

Maybe I'm spoiled cause all my friends, whether they believe me or not, are so capable. I've been blessed with smart, self-sufficient friends who cope relatively well under pressure (the occasional freakouts aside). I don't know how to deal with my sister. There, I've admitted it. She and I see eye to eye on very little things. And the way she leads her life is yet another one of those things. I have so, so, so much respect for my parents. I think I've been accomodating over the couple of years, but these days I find myself getting riled up where I once would have been complacent.

How can you be 22 and still pull shit like that? Shouldn't you mature instead of de-evolve as you grow older? Shouldn't some semblance of rationality sink in at the age of 21? When does one finally realize the significance of the common good and stop being so goddamn selfish?? At what age do you stop being such a royal screwup? GAH.

I can't be a psychologist. I'd end up bashing my patients to death with the clipboard that I've written their life story in. Hee hee. Black comedy.


Of the seven mortal sins, which would you be most guilty of? Mine would be pride. It'll be the cause of my downfall. I'd rather go and take out a loan then ask my parents for money.

Thank you Charmie-Charm-Charm, aka Little Miss Psycho Baker, for supplying me with yummy baked goods. You're nuts woman. Seriously. But the good kind. Like hazelnut, almonds and macademia. Not plain ol' peanuts. :) Thank you!!


Rant #2:

I hate stupid Costa Rica. I hate their Consular General is in Sydney. And that an application for a visa must be made in person at said Consular General in Sydney. Holy shit. I hate that I didn't do this earlier during the break. Yes, yes. My fault for procrastinating. But oh well. Day trip to Sydney... boleh larh. I figure I'll take a flight out and a bus back. I just can't figure out when to go. And it's bugging the hell out of me. When the visa is approved, I'll have to travel there to get it in person too. Sob. Money flying out of pocket.

It has to be on a Thursday though. That's the only day that I didn't list available on my McDonald's application form. So there. Morning flight out. Bus trip back at night. Reach Melbourne Friday morning. So fun.


I have a question. Can you actually hear other people's stomach growling which in a sorta quiet atmosphere? Cause if you can... alamak. *Sheepish grin*

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Ask me no questions and I'll tell you no lies

Seven things you plan to do before you die:

1. Answer more life-affirming surveys like this.
2. Create life-affirming surveys like this.
3. Spread life-affriming surveys like this to friends.
4. See how many people will respond to the life-affirming survey I created.
5. Kill myself by listening to Simple Plan (on replay) if no one responds to the life-affirming survey I created.
6. Laugh at the control and power I have over people who have chosen to respond to the life-affirming survey I created.
7. Attempt to use the phrase 'life-affirming survey I created' in 4 sentences. *Oh joy!*

Seven things I could do:

1. I could choose to listen to Simple Plan, but then I would have to die a trillion fiery deaths first.
2. I could choose to advocate iPods, but then I would have to voluntarily submit myself to the electric chair first.
3. I could choose to eat bananas, but then I would have to bite my big toe off first.
4. I could choose to visit blogs of people I don't know, but then.. oh wait, I already do that.
5. I could choose to watch Serenity, but then.. oh wait, I already did that. And it's freaking awesome, kids! Go check it out at your local cinemas or at your friendly downloading software.
6. I could choose to pose nude at the local XXX club for cash, but then I would be the cause of a whole new wave of impotent men.
7. I chould choose to take this survey seriously, but then did you really think I would?

Seven Celebrity Crushes:
I, personally, would like to crush;

1. Simple Plan Member #1: The drummer. For not being original. Think up new beats man.
2. Simple Plan Member #2: The bassist. For being in an insufferable band.
3. Simple Plan Member #3: The first guitarist. For contributing lousy music to the universe's most insufferable band.
4. Simple Plan Member #4: The second guitarist. For having stupid skunk head hair. I don't care if that is not him. That fella should be slayed.
5. Simple Plan Member #5: The vocalist. For having atrocious vocals while wearing stupid 'role model' shirts and having stupid gelled hair, all the while contributing to the downfall of commercial music.
6. Simple Plan Manager: For making Simple Plan think that they're worth something.
7. Simple Plan Record Label: You guys can't possibly be so hard up for cash?! Where are the good ol' days where personal integrity and belief triumphed over profits?

Seven often repeated words:

1. You
2. never
3. said
4. anything
5. about
6. being
7. serious

Seven physical traits I look for in the opposite sex:

1. No hairy moles ala Phua Chu Kang
2. No permed hair ala incriminating pictures of my dad in the 80s.
3. No overtly hairy body ala Robin Williams.
4. No fake blondes. If you're asian, blonde is not the way to go no matter what your hairdresser and friends say. They are lying.
5. The existence of male genitalia. Seriously. Lots of gender-challenged people out there. Don't want to find out two months into the relationship that I am dating a guy who was a female for 5 years, who previously was a gay transexual who worked in Phuket.
6. No monobrows. The whole Uncle Fester look was so 7 years ago.
7. No janggut/misai that can rival Pak Mat's kambing.
Everything else is fair game.

The musical, The Lion King... everything that they say about it is true. Of course, I fell asleep at some parts (stupid caffeine pill kicked in too late) but then again, where can I not fall asleep? Jaw-dropping musical extragavanza, an orgasmic blur of fantabulous costumes, mind-bending choreography and superb musical direction.. Take your pick. All the hype about The Lion King is true. And the opening sequence.. There isn't enough words in the english language to fully capture the sheer brilliance of it. Jesus Christ man. How do people think up stuff like this?!

Also, Mich. I need a posting address. Your birthday present? Mail me at please.