Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Recap of past week

I haven't been the busiest of the busy beavers around but I've been surprisingly lax when it came to updating the blog, if only because I have too many things I want to say but no linking theme between these things. So what will transpire is a post that is garbled, long and rambling- not exactly the easiest kind to read. Anyhow I'll try to break this post up into manageable reading material.

Uni aspect of life
For one of my classes, part of the final assessment is creating and maintaining a blog throughout the semester. Initially I set up the blog using the old Blogger account style with my Hotmail email address because I didn't want to mix the personal blog with the class blog, but embarrassingly enough I forgot the username so I started a new one with my Gmail account. Talk about a waste of a perfectly good URL. So now if you click on my profile, you'll see that I am actually managing three blogs right now. Which is quite an accomplishment for me considering my lackadaisical attitude towards updating. If you care to know,

  1. Sporadic word vomit - is the private, or as-private-as-I-get, blog. Updates generally contain either pop culture references, self-made lists, or what-I've-been-up-to details.
  2. Test pilot - is where I try to create a satisfactory template so that I can transfer 'Sporadic word vomit' to the new Blogger Beta layout. Nobody is ever meant to visit this blog. Currently the only problem left is getting Haloscan to work with the new beta Blogger. Once that's done (probably 900 years from now) it's Blogger Beta all the way, baybeh.
  3. Overcoming crippling HTML fear - is the blog for class. So far I've put up links to things I find amusing on the web, so take a look there for some of my best finds on the wide world of the intrawebs.
Social aspect of life
N/A. Report: this entity does not exist.

Work aspect of life
Because nobody will entertain a kid without retail experience, it's pretty impossible to find a job in retail. It doesn't help that I'm terribly picky about shops I want to work at. So in the end there's a high chance that I'm going back to Maccas. Yes, I am Ronald's bitch. Did you want that cheeseburger in a meal or by itself?

Pop culture aspect of life
I finally got around to watching Crank and I wished I watched it in 2006 because then I could have include it in my annual review. It would be my one and only "Most WTF movie of the year" entry. I'll say this much about it: What Crank lacks in plot is made up in the visual and editing department. And that was some serious top-notch editing. You know how chick lit is considered the fluff of the romance genre? Crank is basically the cinematic equivalent of unadulterated fluff in the action genre. It's not good, not bad but purely contained to the realms of guilty pleasure. Watch it if only to see Jason Statham steal the role that Bruce Willis once owned before the paunchiness and onset of male pattern baldness. Seriously though, the really innovative highly stylized visuals and editing are definitely something else. Think about watching it.

This year will be the year I force my way through Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. The last time I read it in high school, I gave up halfway through the book on the grounds of insane levels of boredom. But yes, ladies and gents, even if my eyes spontaneously start bleeding from the sockets, I will persevere and finish the damn book. That is the promise I make to you.

And right now you're thinking, "what the hell do I care if Karen reads P&P?" Well, it's true it's nothing to you but I thought the dramatic exclamation had a nice touch to what is essentially a really pointless goal. So there.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Just because





Emo Kid
















What Highschool Clique Do You Belong To?
created with

Can't them cracker asses see that this girly be feeling the "ghetto" style? Holla!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

My extremely belated Top 3

Well, as it turns out I threw out all my past year ticket stubs under the impression that mid-February was a wee bit too late to rate the top 3 movies of 2006. But then comes Thursday, March 15 and I'm in need of a distraction so hell, here's my extremely belated top/bottom 3 movies of the past year going on memory. Yeap, this is going to be THE BEST LIST EVER.

My Three Favourite Films

1. Brick
This, to me, was the best movie of the year not simply because of the Joseph Gordon-Levitt factor, but because the idea, execution and delivery of the film was perfect on every tactical and technical level. Rian Johnson's decision to write the script in old-school mystery noir style was very ambitious and potentially fatal to the success of the film. Pretentiousness, overreaching, unrealistic.. these were some of the words attached to Brick. Luckily the majority of the movie world embraced the film with a grousing applause. It's hard to be critical about the dialogue when it flows so smoothly and adds an extra dimension to a world of thugs, drugs and murder, that is, get this, set in an urban high school. It might seem implausible but then film was never meant to perfectly resemble real life. The ensemble cast was simply exceptional and delivered above and beyond what I expected from largely no-name actors. Highly recommended to anyone who is willing to venture out of their comfortable pop culture grounds.

2. Blood Diamond
DiCaprio proved his role in The Departed was no one-trick pony with his excellent follow-up performance as the morally ambiguous black-market diamond trader in Blood Diamond. If you ask me, I'd say DiCaprio is far more engaging here as evidenced in his constantly toeing the morally grey line. Political messages aside, this film was an emotional powerhouse, Djimon Hounsou being the proverbial dynamite to the exploding show. The pacing was consistent, visuals, exciting and action, unrelenting.

3. The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift
No, I'm only kidding.

The real no. 3: She's The Man
Seriously though. STM is very entertaining for a teen genre flick. Plus, if you ever wondered, I base my list on shows that are not only my favourite of the year but also flicks that I wouldn't mind re-watching again in the future. So that's why The Prestige isn't taking this spot. It's fantastic and all but I doubt I'll re-watch it anytime soon.

My Bottom Three Movies

1. My Super Ex-Girlfriend
Hard to believe that the lame female lead is the same person who tore up screens a year ago on a bloody rampage as the Bride.

2. Date Movie
It was pretty bad. But Epic Movie is worse. In fact, I'll just declare this up front. As of March 2007, Epic Movie is my chosen worst movie of the year. It's kind of hard to top that disaster of lame and unfunny gags.

3. John Tucker Must Die
It's not so much putrid as horribly generic. Which is actually enough to make it pretty damn bad. So there.

Also, just since I'm on a roll and all..

My Three Favourite 'Horror' flicks

1. Slither
Yeah, I'll admit it. Besides the incredibly gross (=awesome) visuals and FX, the main reason why it's number one has a lot to do with the Nathan Fillion factor. Also, I think I'm a little bit in love with writer/director James Gunn, brother of Sean 'Kirk on Gilmore Girls' Gunn. It's a fun ride this one is.

2. The Hills Have Eyes
Did you know that the same guy who was the father of the baby plays flame-boy Pyro on X2 and X3?

3. The Descent
That scene with the night vision camera and the cave dweller had me stopped chewing my potato chips mid-bite if I remember correctly.

My Three Favourite Comedies

1. Borat
"It nice!" has entered the international lexicon of all things funny, yes?

2. Clerks 2
The humour doesn't really hold up with repeat viewings but you just can't go by the witty pop culture-laced dialogue.

3. Jackass 2
Funny, but for all the wrong reasons.

The Three Biggest Disappointments

1. Lady in the Water
Oh, M. Night Shyamalan. I tried to ignore the critics and the reviews and it worked. But when I watched the movie myself, it was hard to keep paying attention what with the lagging pace and the plodding dialogue. Also, I hate Paul Giamatti so that didn't help any. Still love your visuals though.

2. The Illusionist
I was all prepared to love this show more than The Prestige, after all they had the same 'magician in trouble' premise. While Edward Norton was amazing as per usual, the combination of Christopher Nolan, Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman takes the whole damn bakery. While the visuals were pleasant and the plot easy to understand, it just lacked a lot of the punch Prestige had. Take a bow, Nolan.

3. Babel
The more critical acclaim this film gets, the more I hate it. While each individual plot was engaging, the movie as a whole lacked cohesion and at the end of the movie, I was left with a "urmmmm.. was that all?" feeling. I don't know.. maybe I just expected too much from it. Whatever the case is I'm pretty glad it didn't win best picture at the Oscars.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007


I have to confess that I've been feeling a little lost these days. The daily grind brings some sense to the days as they pass by in an eternal blur. Much like the proverbial fog rolling in from the sea blanketing a city, I am the proverbial citizen left disoriented and confused as the weight of the air press down on me and sight cease to be the most important of the five senses. Now that all the shows I watch regularly in the US have gone on hiatus, I've pretty much lost my direction during weekdays.

No, seriously, I am devastated.

It used to be so simple. Mondays had Heroes, Tuesdays- Veronica Mars, Wednesdays- catching up on the TWoP forums, Thursdays- the utterly delectable Ugly Betty and The Office, Friday- mad squealing over Thursday's shows. Thanks to the American hiatus system, which I don't even understand and can't find a page on Wikipedia to explain it, I am left on the edge of my seat as I wonder how Peter can come back from a possibly fatal ass-whipping from Sylar. OMG.. Heroes will be the death of me.

Luckily, there is one saving grace on TV right now. Call it what you will but America's Next Top Model is back, and I'm totally loving it. I love everything about it; Tyra's spiral into both inanity and insanity, the cattiness/false modesty of the models, the fact that there's a quiet 'wink-wink' consensus by the producers,models, audience that thus far no previous winner has actually achieved 'top model' status in the US, let alone make a mark on the international modeling circuit.. Finally, there's meaning again on Wednesday nights and while it may be mindless, reality-escapist/bimbotic meaning, I'll take what I can have.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

A-Z of Cambodia

Just in case you didn't know

And in case you were wondering, YM and Christine, this is what I was frantically scribbling down during traveling periods in the van and bus.


Airport - The Siam Reap International Airport looked more like a luxurious getaway resort than a bustling travel hub. Trust me when I say there were lots of pretty abound.
All-American Rejects - Thanks to heavy rotation on Channel [V] which, by the way, we received in Cambodia, I consider 'It Ends Tonight' as my theme song for the trip. Not that it had any relevance to the trip but you know, Tyson Ritter is very, very hot.

Angkor Wat
Angkor Wat - is everything and more I thought it would be. The pictures I saw did nothing to prepare me for the intense beauty of it all. (I may sound like a prat, but I'm totally serious!)

Baguette - I, along with YM, sampled a ham, tuna-filled baguette from a roadside vendor (You see them everywhere). It was yummy and no, we did not spend the rest of the day in the toilet groaning while the baguette violently came out from every orifice in our body.
Bayon Thom - It's depressing how thieves have made away with the heads of the statues. Says a lot about the level of poverty in Cambodia.
Buddhism - approximately 90% of the population are Buddhists.

- Our visit to Cheuong Ek Genocidal Centre on Day 4.
Corruption - rife in Cambodia. There is a marked divide between the rich and the poor - the rich often holding positions of state officials or government folk whereas the poor slum it up in dwellings along the Mekong River.

Snacks for sale
Crickets - which at point of writing I have full intentions of eating which I did not sample due to time constraints and the lack of cojones on my part.

Handcarved statue
D'Angkor Artisan - a carving center in Siam Reap which primarily houses the deaf. We were given a chance to tour the facilities and it's really interesting to note that handcrafted was meant on a literal level.
Dine & Dash - At Toule Bassae Restaurant, which is a fancy buffet restaurant, we left with a good meal in our stomachs and USD 2.00 more in our wallets because we forgot to pay for the drinks we ordered.
Dusty - Siam Reap as a whole was very, very dusty, mostly due to non-granite roads.

Emerald Buddha in the Silver Pagoda, Royal Palace - Conspiracy theorists say that the famed emerald Buddha statue in the Royal Palace had actually been long taken by the Thais during a joint preservation project. What is left is a replica that is either made in the inferior jade or plastic. We saw it and our verdict? Those smarmy Thais.

Food - is like a mix of Thai, without the spices, Chinese, without the MSG, and Vietnamese, without the beef noodles, which doesn't make it any less appetizing than it is.

Gems - Cambodia's specialty- rubies and sapphires. They still cost an arm and a leg.

History - The scars of the Khmer Rouge regime are still fresh in the minds and on the lands of the people. Depending on who you talk to, you get a different account of it all. What I think happened, put simply, is that during the Vietnam War, the Viet Kong in northern Vietnam pushed their way up to Cambodia for survival and taught the fringe-side locals the way of their life. What transpires next in the events of Cambodia is the result of learned hatred and discrimination towards the city and well-learned folk.

Idiot - Malaysia moves an hour faster than Cambodia. I set my alarm on my mobile phone for seven am, and end up wasting an hour that could have been spent on not-really-needed sleep. Mind you, this was on day 4 of our 5 days there.
Insects - Did you know that insects like crickets and beetles are sold as snacks in Cambodia? Spiders, on the other hand, have medicinal values, not like we put that to the test.

Jolly - as YM and Christine found out, I get a bit, ahem, 'jolly', come nightfall. Nothing I ever want strangers to find out, of course, in the event I am unfairly, but justly, labeled a psycho.

Khmer - is the main language spoken in Cambodia, followed by French, English and Mandarin. See N.

A local Cambodian taxi.
License - In Cambodia, driving a motorcycle does not require you to have a license. Cars, vans and trucks on the other hand, do need a official license. And with good reason, as evidenced by 'taxis' in Phnom Penh. Additionally, motorcycles in Cambodia are made to sit up to three people and that's legal (!?).

Marriage - When asking for a lady's hand in marriage, the guys need to prepare at least USD$5000 for the day-long ceremony alone. And that's just the average dude.
Massage - THE BEST EVER. It only costs like 7 bucks for a full body massage and it owns every other massage I've had.

'Nyer cekut' - which means 'you're stupid' in Khmer. Oh, the handy phrases I choose to remember.

At the Casino
Naga Casino and Resort - where my 15 bucks would end up recirculating to YM's 12 bucks+ and Christine's 10(?) bucks+ winnings for the night.

Ouch - the general feeling the day after our visit to Angkor Wat. My thighs were burning something bad.

Pan-handlers - not limited to your garden-size variety adults only. Be prepared for kids running up to you and begging for money while your head turns and your heart breaks. Beware: give one and more will come.
Passionate - Our tour guide for the Phnom Penh leg of our trip, Sau Phorn, was extremely passionate about Cambodia's history. Apparently his grandpa had been a victim of the Khmer Rouge regime. He was a teacher before, and something tells me I would have loved him as my history teacher.
Phnom Penh - the capital of Cambodia. A lot like Ipoh, with the slower pace of life, but with more footless monks and crazy tuk-tuk drivers hassling you for a ride.

Quizzical - I was going for 'wildly amazed' but ended up with a, "Huh?" face in this self-portrait taken in front of the Independence Monument in Phnom Penh.

Rock - A popular and hip local discotheque which we went to after dinner on our third day. It was dark, cavernous and very empty- owing to the fact that it was only 8.30 pm.

Group photo at the Royal Palace
Royal Palace
- When the flag is flying high at the King's official residence, that means he's home. No, we did not meet him and neither did he or his guards unethically proposition anyone of us.

Siam Reap - the cultural province of Cambodia where the great temples and Tonle Sap can be found.

Mass graves
Sombre - the mood after visiting the Killing Fields.

A prison cell @ Tuol Sleng
Sombre X 100000000000
- the mood after vising Tuol Sleng.

Tuk-tuk - Much like Thailand, they're a cheap form of transportation, averaging from 2 to 4 bucks.

Tuol Sleng - for those not in the know, Tuol Sleng used to be a school but was converted into a torture/detention prison for those accused of crimes against the regime.
The Khmer Rouge, ruthless as they might have been, were also incredibly organized. They took a picture, along with personal details, of every single person who was condemned to the prison. That was just one room of pictures. The noticeboard with the pictures of kids absolutely slayed me.

Writings on the wall
Unnerving - The feeling within the walls of Tuol Sleng. Never have I experienced a more apt moment for the phrase, 'if these walls could talk'.

Kumin Restaurant
Very snazzy restaurant we dined at
- Alright so I've got nothing for V.

Warm - the best times to travel to Cambodia is between the months of November and December, when the weather is generally cooler.

The steps leading up to the highest temple
World of hurt - was the state I was in the second day after climbing the steep, STEEP steps of Angkor Wat. I want to go back to when this picture was taken and tell PastKaren that she's going to be in a total agony following the triumphant feelings of climbing the steps.

Xcellent (yeah yeah.. what a copout) - The view from above the pagoda at Angkor Wat.

Yang - the name of this kid I promised to buy postcards from after lunch but had to turn down due to the lack of pretty in her postcards. I ended up postcards from her friend. The look she gave me following that made me feel very, very ashamed.

Crazy ride
Zoinks! - the bumpy ride on the 'roads' of Siam Reap on the one night we ventured out. This was before we knew about the fog of dust that settled in the night air thus scaring us from coming out after our showers ever again.

Friday, March 02, 2007

I'm a lazy, lazy bugger. What's new?

I've decided that in order to help break this streak of laziness I'm currently fostering, I'll go right ahead and do what lazy people do best when it comes to updating their blog that has been lavished with inattention and neglect for, oh, about eight weeks now.

Alright then.

Brace yourselves, children.

Part 1: On the Outside

Name: Karen
Date of Birth: 02/02/1987
Current status: alive and loving it
Eye colour: Black
Hair colour: Black
Righty or Lefty: Righty
Zodiac sign: look it up, you lazy SOB

Part 2: On the Inside
Your heritage: 3/4 Chinese, 1/4 Peranakan
Your fea laziness... taking.. complete... control.. over.. body..

cannot... resist...