Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Recap of past week

I haven't been the busiest of the busy beavers around but I've been surprisingly lax when it came to updating the blog, if only because I have too many things I want to say but no linking theme between these things. So what will transpire is a post that is garbled, long and rambling- not exactly the easiest kind to read. Anyhow I'll try to break this post up into manageable reading material.

Uni aspect of life
For one of my classes, part of the final assessment is creating and maintaining a blog throughout the semester. Initially I set up the blog using the old Blogger account style with my Hotmail email address because I didn't want to mix the personal blog with the class blog, but embarrassingly enough I forgot the username so I started a new one with my Gmail account. Talk about a waste of a perfectly good URL. So now if you click on my profile, you'll see that I am actually managing three blogs right now. Which is quite an accomplishment for me considering my lackadaisical attitude towards updating. If you care to know,

  1. Sporadic word vomit - is the private, or as-private-as-I-get, blog. Updates generally contain either pop culture references, self-made lists, or what-I've-been-up-to details.
  2. Test pilot - is where I try to create a satisfactory template so that I can transfer 'Sporadic word vomit' to the new Blogger Beta layout. Nobody is ever meant to visit this blog. Currently the only problem left is getting Haloscan to work with the new beta Blogger. Once that's done (probably 900 years from now) it's Blogger Beta all the way, baybeh.
  3. Overcoming crippling HTML fear - is the blog for class. So far I've put up links to things I find amusing on the web, so take a look there for some of my best finds on the wide world of the intrawebs.
Social aspect of life
N/A. Report: this entity does not exist.

Work aspect of life
Because nobody will entertain a kid without retail experience, it's pretty impossible to find a job in retail. It doesn't help that I'm terribly picky about shops I want to work at. So in the end there's a high chance that I'm going back to Maccas. Yes, I am Ronald's bitch. Did you want that cheeseburger in a meal or by itself?

Pop culture aspect of life
I finally got around to watching Crank and I wished I watched it in 2006 because then I could have include it in my annual review. It would be my one and only "Most WTF movie of the year" entry. I'll say this much about it: What Crank lacks in plot is made up in the visual and editing department. And that was some serious top-notch editing. You know how chick lit is considered the fluff of the romance genre? Crank is basically the cinematic equivalent of unadulterated fluff in the action genre. It's not good, not bad but purely contained to the realms of guilty pleasure. Watch it if only to see Jason Statham steal the role that Bruce Willis once owned before the paunchiness and onset of male pattern baldness. Seriously though, the really innovative highly stylized visuals and editing are definitely something else. Think about watching it.

This year will be the year I force my way through Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. The last time I read it in high school, I gave up halfway through the book on the grounds of insane levels of boredom. But yes, ladies and gents, even if my eyes spontaneously start bleeding from the sockets, I will persevere and finish the damn book. That is the promise I make to you.

And right now you're thinking, "what the hell do I care if Karen reads P&P?" Well, it's true it's nothing to you but I thought the dramatic exclamation had a nice touch to what is essentially a really pointless goal. So there.