Monday, November 28, 2005

Tim Canterbury

aka Martin Freeman in The Office, Series 2, Episode 3, Bullseye.

Tim: No, I don't talk about my love life for a very good reason, and that reason is I don't have one. Which is very good news for the ladies- I am still available. I'm a heck of a catch , cos, er, well look at it. I live in Slough, in a lovely house, with my parents. I have my own room, which I've had since, yeap, since I was born. That's seen a lot of action I tell you. Mainly dusting. I went to university for a year as well, before I dropped out, so I'm a quitter. So, er, form an orderly queue ladies.

Water was coming out of my nose by the time he was done. I made the mistake of taking a huge gulp of water. Elegance personified.

It is 8.51 am. This whole waking-early thing is pissing me off. I should just go watch more Gilmore Girls'. Although... I'm starting to hear 'la la las' whereever I am. Be it at work, or sitting at home, or just walking down the street. Possibly a case of Gilmore Girls' overload?

Anyhow, The Office needs to be longer. It's so freaking amusing. In fact, I found the second series more hilarious than the first. Though, it's recommended you watch the first series to understand a lot of the in-side jokes. Just six episodes in one series and Stephen Merchant and Ricky Gervais managed to pull off a story with rich sub-plots involving office romance, office pranks, and lots of general wit. How did they do it?

Right. Review of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. Robert Downey Jr., when not in court or rehab for drug offences, proves that he is a comic force to reckon with. Spot-on delivery in a film that will probably be 2005's most quotable movie. The writing is almost flawless. The laughs come consistently through out the movie, mostly through lines than gags. Some harder than others. And even in the midst of gasping for breath, you'll be wanting to quiet down to hear the next line. Val Kilmer... I've only seen The Saint to compare (I maintain that I lack the testosterone needed to sit through Top Gun). But overall, Kilmer pulled his role-a gay PI, off convincingly. Yeap, you read right. A gay PI. Pretty impressive stuff too. My only problem was the ending. For a movie that was gold 7/8 out of the 100+ minutes, the ending seemed rushed. Maybe the problem lies in Hollywood's need to wrap things up neatly with a crisp bow.

Tais Toi!, that French flick with the godfather of French movies, Gerard Depardieu, and Jean Reno, which had similar themes, ended on a perfect note because it ended in the middle of a scene. There was no solid conclusion and there's no ultimate rule that states the bad guy ends up in jail. Had Kiss Kiss Bang Bang ended on that note, I probably would have added that movie to my list. Anyhow I'd definitely recommend it to anyone nonetheless. The writing is superb. And you probably won't have a problem with the ending. I'm just being nit-picky.

Veronica Mars in 10 hours. Wheeeeeeeeeeee! Good lord, I better get sleeping now. I'd kick myself if I fall asleep at 6 pm. Like I did yesterday.

Sunday, November 27, 2005


I made it through 3 days without connecting to the Internet. When you're on holiday, and you've got nothing much on your plate, that's a pretty darn big achievement. Granted, it wasn't like I was suffering withdrawals. I was sufficiently preoccupied doing other stuff. Neighbour Boy passed on the other 7 episodes plus of Season 1 Desperate Housewives and Season 1 and 2 of Everybody Loves Raymond. Plus, Rowden White finally delivered The Office, series 2. And, I've still got Soph's Gilmore Girls'. Huh... Does seem just a wee bit too much, innit?

Anyhow, here I am at 9.17 am blogging. Huh. Seems a bit strange, innit? Well, when Karen wakes up at 6.50 am (for no reason whatsoever, without the help of the alarm, and it's not like she slept real early too!) things does tend to get a bit strange. So, here's how my day been so far.

-Woke up and my room was strangely clear. Remembered that I fell asleep with my contacts on. Huh.

-Looked at the time and it was six forty. Obviously, went back to sleep. Finally found a comfortable position to sleep in too. It is a big deal when you're sleeping here (and it's smaller than it looks. As short as I am, it's freaking shorter.)

because my bed, and there is a bed underneath it all, looks like this

-Remembered that I forgot to call Hann Meng, The Original Neighbour Boy, back and woke up. Also, my craving for Chocolate Milk did not past from last night so decided to go get me some of that. Took a shower and came out smelling like Dove shampoo. (Cause that's what I use, you see.)

-Decided to check email so connected online. Halfway, I remembered, 'Chocolate Milk!'. So when downstairs to IGA, but it opens at 10 am. See here Nick, what's the point of waking up so goddamn early if everything's shut? Anyhow, walked down to 7-11 and chocolate milk was bought.

-Was walking back from 7-11 and thought, 'Hey since you got early, you should make full use of that and go for a jog or something.'

-Proceeded to think, '...'

-Finally, 'Fuck all. The Office it is.' (Yes, I tend to use a lot of profanities when talking to myself).

-Came home, surfed a bit and decided some breakfast would be good.

-Boiled water, cause I wanted Milo with bread. You know, when you add a bit of water to a lot of Milo to make it thick and dippable.

-While waiting for the water to boil, went to Statscounter to see who's been coming to read this kinda crap. Was throughly amused to find that people from Singapore, in the 'location' section is just 'Singapore, Singapore, Singapore'. As opposed to
'Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA' or 'Wilayah Perseketuan, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia'.

-Water boiled. Milo dip done. Check the bread. Huh. It expired yesterday. Check for mold, it was clear.

-Bread on plate looked closer and realise there were some bits that were green. Huh. Thoughts= 'Fuck all'. Figured, that I should really find out what's the big deal about mold. Tore the green bits out (how gross do you actually think I am??) and breakfast commenced.

-Now, listening to Third Eye Blind while eating and typing. Good stuff.

-The best is yet to come. Chocolate Milk. I feel the need to capitalize the C and M to highlight the greatness of it all.

Huh. See, there's a reason why I don't like blogging about my day. It's just usually a whole lotta crap. (So, does that make me Crap personified? Huh. Crabby Patty. Mr. Crabs! You know, someday I might actually need to stop watching so damn much Nickelodeon so that random references like that don't happen.)

Damn. Now I need to leave. McD beckons. I'll be back for you Martin Freeman. And email. Come back later today if you want to read a review about Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, and how the wait for Veronica Mars is almost over.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

More Buffy lovin'

Whole lotta Buffy quotes

Xander : I have my pride. Okay, I don't have a lot of pride but I have enough so that I can't do this.
- Season 1, The Puppet Show.

Xander : You were looking at my neck.
Angel : What?
Xander : You were checking out my neck! I saw that!
Angel : No, I wasn't.
Xander : Just keep your distance, pal.
Angel : I wasn't looking at your neck!
Xander : I told you to eat before we left.
-Season 1, Prophecy Girl.

Principal Snyder : There're some things I can just smell. It's like a sixth sense.
Giles : No, actually that would be one of the five.
-Season 2, When She Was Bad.

Xander : Yeah, I'm gonna have to go with Dead Boy on this one.
Angel : Could you not call me that?
-Season 2, Lie To Me

Giles : Cordelia, have you actually ever heard of tact?
Cordelia : Tact is just not saying true stuff. I'll pass.
-Season 2, Killed by Death.

Giles : "Do you like my mask? Isn't it pretty? It raises the dead." Americans!
-Season 3, Dead Man's Party.
Hee hee hee... Anthony Stewart Head's face as he mocks 'em. Classic stuff.

(Thinking he's alone, Xander discovers the bomb in the basement of the school)
Xander : [to bomb] Hello, nasty. [to self] Less than two minutes. Dumb guy. Little bomb. How hard can it be?
(Jack, leader of the combie gang, enters)
Jack : And it just got harder.
Xander : I'm not leaving till that thing's disarmed.
Jack : Then I guess you're not leaving. I'm gonna carve you up and serve you with gravy. You piss me off, boy. Now you pay the price. First the eyes, then the tongue. I'm gonna break every one of your fingers. (ehh... Like in Veronica Mars. The episode where Clarence Wiedman goes... "or I'll break all your fingers". Huh.)
Xander : You gonna do all that in forty nine seconds?
[Jack looks at the bomb's clock, then the door, then Xander]
Xander : I know what you're thinking. Can I get by him? Get up the stairs, out of the buildiing, seconds ticking away. I don't love your chances.
Jack : Then you'll die too.
Xander : Yeah, looks like. So I guess the question really is who has less fear?
Jack : I'm not afraid to die. I'm already dead.
Xander : Yeah, but this is different. Being blowed up isn't walking-around-and-drinking-with-your-buddies dead. It's little-bits-being-swept-up-by-a-janitor dead, and I don't think you're ready for that.
Jack : Are you?
Xander : [tired smile] I like the quiet.
-Season 3, The Zeppo.
How can you not love Xander? And the final bit in the episode, where he smirks cleverly at Cordelia. What a killer.

Gah.. My butt hurts from sitting so damn long. Stupid chair. I still heart Xander. He's nobodys butt-monkey.

My first love

Spike (girly voice) : "How can I thank you, you mysterious black-clad-hunk-of-a-knight-thing?"

(manly voice) : "No need little lady. Your tears of gratitude are enough for me. You see, I was once a bad-ass vampire. But love, and a pesky curse, defanged me. And now, I'm just a big fluffy puppy with bad teeth. No! Not the hair! Never the hair!"

(girly voice) : "But there must be some way I can show my appreciation."

(manly voice) : "No, helping those in need's my job. And working up a load of sexual tension and prancing away like a magnificent poof is truly thanks enough."

(girly voice) : "I understand. I have a nephew who's gay so..."

(manly voice) : "Say no more. Evil's still afoot. And I'm almost out of that Nancy-boy hair gel I like so much. Quickly! To the Angel-mobile! Away!"

Chairman.. it's "In the Dark", from the first season of Angel, crossing over with Buffy's fourth season, "Harsh Light of the Day."

Credited writer: Douglas Petrie.

Hee hee hee.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The God I worship: Joss Whedon.

Hey man.. To each his own, eh? I don't rib you about worshipping some shepard fella, don't bug me about worshipping the Lord God that is Mr Whedon. Unless I do already rib you about your God. Then tit-for-tat, eh? But then your god says revenge is bad. So, sit down and rilek sikit larh.

Massive holidays mean massive DVD/TV watching. In terms of DVD watching, the only one so far I've watched is the Firefly series, created by The Man himself, Joss Whedon. It's the series that got cancelled by that damn network that also just recently put the axe on Arrested Development. FOX I'm looking at ya, you bastards. Gah. Anyhow, massive DVD sales caused movie executives to realize that they should milk this for all it's worth. Hence Serenity, the movie. And if you think I'm just some psychotic-biased Joss Whedon fan, the movie is #201 on IMDb's top #250. So give credit when credit's due, kids.

It's without a word, awesome. The attention to detail, the set, the costumes, the mythology itself. The relationships. The chemistry between the cast. The acting. I mean, we're talking Nathan Fillion in the lead and doing a pretty darn good job too! He's that guy who was not one of the 'two guys' in Two Guys and a Girl. I think he was the girl's boyfriend/fiance/didn't really give a crap about that series to bother to find out. And he was that guy too in Blast from the Past who was wearing 'some other guy's underwear' (Calvin Klein). Hee hee hee. So, who'd have thunk that this guy who was in running with David Boreanaz for Male Kayu of 2005 (Boreanaz has been champ the past 3 years. Mischa Barton has been holding on to the female crown for 2 years running now) could have redeemed himself so well in Firefly? Maybe it's something about Whedon that draws out the best in an actor. I mean, Sarah Michelle Gellar in Season 1 Buffy was utter crap to the complex being in Season 6 (cause that's how far I watched. If you mock me, you'll go to a "special hell", one that is reserved for child molesters and people who talk in theatre). That line there I stole straight from Firefly. Whedon is my God. Wahhh... must resist adding references to Firefly.

"Someone ever tries to kill you, you try to kill them right back." Lol... It's Nathan Fillion's face when he says it. It's pure shit-eating snarky wit. Gorram. Noooo. References stopping. Soon...

Don't you just love it when bloggers on on and on and ON and ON about things you don't give two shits about?

Final rant today regarding TV, I promise:
The trailers for Veronica Mars on TV is utter, utter bullshit. See, the walking Barbie herself, Paris Hilton guest stars in an ep, and the trailers that are running make it so that Hilton is this super main character. What the flying... rutting trailer. References stopping. Soon. Anyway, it's awfully misleading. Because people who tune in to watch won't even see Paris Hilton won't even see her in the first ep! (She guest stars in the second ep). Then all the people won't like it and nobody will watch and it'll be taken of air and while all this is going on my goddamn download still won't be completed. Gorram. References stopping. Soon. Anyhow, the lead actress, Kristen Bell is smoking hot already the way I see it. Who needs Paris Hilton? Stupid TV executives.

End rant.

Right. Now we talk about my life outside of TV series. Yes folks, there exists one.

I hung out with Sammy Snakes the whole day yesterday and it was awesome. Went to Monash Caulfield and was surprised that there was civilization outside the city. My heart nearly stopped when I saw a KFC. If that's not a sign of evolution I don't know what is! Allah... I get that I'm working at Macca's but fast food is fast food, eh? No need to get all nit-picky. We also noticed Caulfield's penchant for err... stone figures. You'll know what I'm talking about soon, Spaghetti. Lol. How strange. And Snakes taught me how to play something on the guitar! Just think about the 2 hours plus of your life that you're never going to get back. Thanks?

And I stuck up the mosquito net on my window. I have thwarted your evil plan, you blood-sucking fiends!

Literally, stuck it up. It is held up by a whole lotta tape.

Note that no matter how much you curse, even in all the languages you know and those which you don't, the net will keep falling. At least until you've used half your tape on the top. Sigh. I give it two days come summer.


The most interesting thing came in the mail today.

Wahahahahhahahhhahahahhahhhaha. Come Soph, let the world hear our evil laughter! Suck on this...


Now, let's all now take a moment to register just how incredibly literal that actually is. Huh.


Oh right! My pretty desktop wallpaper from the previous post!

How gorgeous is Kristen Bell? And this is just her in all her grainy glory.


And you say I don't ever post pictures. Come on Addie. I wanna see your hair now!


I've been reading tons about eyebrow piercings and I'm getting real paranoid about it migrating. That's the term for when it sorta moves from it's original piercing. And it might or might not prove to be problematic. Taking a quick surf online did not help either. It's a battlefield littered with horror stories. Eech. Stupid eyebrow piercing. Why are you so rutting susceptible to migration?! References stopping. Soon.

So, here's to me. Just in case the skin around my eyebrow splits and I have to remove my piercing.

Your eyes do not deceive you. That is indeed a Dilbert laminated cartoon on my right. It's the very first thing we posted up on our notice board.

Now, hair please, Ad?

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Nourish the TV addict within

Aside to the fella who left Melbourne a kid and will be returning an adult:

Jeez. I hope you're happy 'Miss But-this-is-my-eighteenth'. Ditching us all for some
birthday excuse. Well kid, I hope you're happy. Now I'm left to traverse the lonely roads of Melbourne, well, alone. I hope you're laughing it up while eating cheap 'hor fun' in Singapore. You'd better be having lots of cups of Ice Milo! I guess this is a good time to tell you that Veronica Mars is premiering soon in Australia on Channel Ten. Woohooo!!! So, while you're back home slowly downloading it, I'll be watching it. Of course you could be watching Buffy instead in your air-conditioned room. Huh. If I told you you're awesome, can I watch too? I'll even stop referring to you as Chairman. Pfft. Doesn't change the fact that you left and deserted us. Real nice move, man. :P to you too. *Karen gives Charmaine the boot*.

See ya soon, kid. Viva la Costa Rica!


Can I just say that I'm very obsessed with Veronica Mars right now? It's fantastic. I have actually reached the third stage of my obsession. The first, reading transcripts of the show online. Second, finding relevant articles about it in other websites. And three, finding images related to the show and downloading wallpaper. All after watching one episode. Well, you try living with dial-up and tell me how fast your downloads go. Thank you Channel Ten for picking it up. Now, don't cancel it mid-season like you did for One Tree Hill and Gilmore Girls. *gulp*

Look out random surfers! Nov 28th, Channel Ten. Forget all your other plans.

Wheeeeeeee. I have so much respect for people who create such beautiful works of fan-art. I've been staring at my laptop screen just cause it's so so so so pretty. Gah... Blogger is not letting me put up pics now. I'll do it later. Suffice to say that it's really, really pretty. Come fly to Melbourne and I'll show you larh.




3rd July 2006.

Sophia and Karen.

Bank balance currently: $1.41

But it's all good man.

Imagine one of those Visa ads. Wait. I hate those ads. It's brilliant marketing I'll give it that. Promoting a feel good feeling (the priceless bits) that come after spending oodles of cash on other items (Trip to *insert country of choice here*: $5,890, Rolex watch: $2,980, etc.). Well, I guess at the end of the day when suckers who fell for the ad sign on with the credit card company, the CEOs will have shit-eating 'priceless' grins on their faces. Huh.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Kissing the Lipless

"The Shins, yeah? Did you hear that they're coming?"

"No way!!!! When?"

"Next year January."

*please, please, oh dear Karma Police*

"Yeah. They're performing at the Corner Hotel. Tickets are on sale now. I just got mine yesterday from the Corner Hotel Box Office on Swan St."

"Thanks, man!"

"Yeah. They're freaking awesome..."

Karen goes home and check online... *holy cosmic forces, please don't let them come on-*

The Shins 07/01/2006

Rusty blade from Bio lab. Open heart surgery. Have a good stab fest.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Hot hot heat

It's hot. So hot. Oh, so hot. Very, very hot. Cannot breathe. Hot, hot, hot. Scared to wear sunnies cause don't want to have that different shade in skin tone. But then, end up wearing sunnies cause tired of looking like a Japanese looking for a lost earring backing in the dark *think extreme squinting*. So there. And that's just the outside weather. Pray tell, what could be worse than hanging around outside in the hot, hot sun?

Answer: Hanging around McDonald's while the hot, hot sun is shining outside.

It's heat like you won't believe. The kitchen and the fry station is just... you guessed it. Really, really goddamn hot. While I was stocking up on the bottled water, all the managers were huddled in the walk-in freezer taking a reprieve from the heat. Nice. Naturally I went in too. So, so, so nice. (Walk-in-wardrobes are overrated. Walk-in-freezer.. now that's what I'm talking about). If only for a while. Ooo. Another question. What's worse than hanging around McDonald's while the hot, hot sun is shining outside?

Answer: Wearing a polyester cap, shirt and pants while hanging around McDonald's while the hot, hot sun is shining outside.

Polyester. Evil spawn of the clothing industry. It is itchy, uncomfortable, not conducive to sweat and not breathable. I'd like to say I at least look good while wearing it but really. But then again, this one day my sister saw me in the uniform, she laughed for 2 whole minutes. Took a breather. Then laughed out all over again. While Seth Cohen may have made the 'dork look' cool in 2005, this did not extend to checked blue polyester shirts. Oh well. At least it's not red. It'd really 'enhance' my natural colouring during the summer if it were. Gotta stay optimistic.

On related matters, due to the hot, hot weather, cones/sundaes and basically any kind of icecreams have been selling really well. So, if anything I'm getting better at my ice-cream twirling skills. Should I die now, my transcript shall read, "She ruled the cone. But died soon after." Aisehh. I just remembered I want to be cremated. Heck, who says I can't have a tombstone anyhow?

Right. I curiously yahoo-ed Chris Keller's blog (because in this one episode of One Tree Hill, Hayley was visiting it) and surprise, suprise I didn't find it. When I yahoo-ed Tyler Hilton then, I found his myspace page. It's so bizarre. If the fella who claims he is Tyler Hilton is not lying, then Tyler Hilton's a member on Mich, you have myspace, yeah? Go add him and see if he really is.

Banyak panas la kawan-kawanku kat Malaysia, Amerika, Australia dan Canada. Ahahahahha. I feel like such an anglo-fied jakun. There goes 11 years of writing essays in Bahasa Melayu. Oh right. About language.. There was this customer and she spoke really bad english. Very ah-po kinda cantonese aunty. So, cause my co-worker wasn't clear about what she was saying, guess who stepped in to save the day? Why, the Banana did! And the aunty didn't even flinch when I spoke/desecrated Cantonese, so that means I'm cool! Woohoo! Or maybe it was too damn hot and she was too lazy to say anything... Huh.

Can I just say that the fan they provide us with in College Square is god-awful useless? It doesn't cool the room. Neither does it circulate the air. All it's good for is getting the smoke away from the smoke-alarm so that it stops buzzing. Pfft. Ciplak punya kipas. Must be from China. I know, I know. As a Chinese I shouldn't propogate that kind of mentality. But heck, if anyone is gonna make fun of the Chinese culture, it's damn right going to be me.

Hmmm. Here's something mightily disturbing. Someone typed 'ass liking' into MSN search and my blog was one of the entried listed. Holy cow. *Gulp*.