Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Hot hot heat

It's hot. So hot. Oh, so hot. Very, very hot. Cannot breathe. Hot, hot, hot. Scared to wear sunnies cause don't want to have that different shade in skin tone. But then, end up wearing sunnies cause tired of looking like a Japanese looking for a lost earring backing in the dark *think extreme squinting*. So there. And that's just the outside weather. Pray tell, what could be worse than hanging around outside in the hot, hot sun?

Answer: Hanging around McDonald's while the hot, hot sun is shining outside.

It's heat like you won't believe. The kitchen and the fry station is just... you guessed it. Really, really goddamn hot. While I was stocking up on the bottled water, all the managers were huddled in the walk-in freezer taking a reprieve from the heat. Nice. Naturally I went in too. So, so, so nice. (Walk-in-wardrobes are overrated. Walk-in-freezer.. now that's what I'm talking about). If only for a while. Ooo. Another question. What's worse than hanging around McDonald's while the hot, hot sun is shining outside?

Answer: Wearing a polyester cap, shirt and pants while hanging around McDonald's while the hot, hot sun is shining outside.

Polyester. Evil spawn of the clothing industry. It is itchy, uncomfortable, not conducive to sweat and not breathable. I'd like to say I at least look good while wearing it but really. But then again, this one day my sister saw me in the uniform, she laughed for 2 whole minutes. Took a breather. Then laughed out all over again. While Seth Cohen may have made the 'dork look' cool in 2005, this did not extend to checked blue polyester shirts. Oh well. At least it's not red. It'd really 'enhance' my natural colouring during the summer if it were. Gotta stay optimistic.

On related matters, due to the hot, hot weather, cones/sundaes and basically any kind of icecreams have been selling really well. So, if anything I'm getting better at my ice-cream twirling skills. Should I die now, my transcript shall read, "She ruled the cone. But died soon after." Aisehh. I just remembered I want to be cremated. Heck, who says I can't have a tombstone anyhow?

Right. I curiously yahoo-ed Chris Keller's blog (because in this one episode of One Tree Hill, Hayley was visiting it) and surprise, suprise I didn't find it. When I yahoo-ed Tyler Hilton then, I found his myspace page. It's so bizarre. If the fella who claims he is Tyler Hilton is not lying, then Tyler Hilton's a member on Mich, you have myspace, yeah? Go add him and see if he really is.

Banyak panas la kawan-kawanku kat Malaysia, Amerika, Australia dan Canada. Ahahahahha. I feel like such an anglo-fied jakun. There goes 11 years of writing essays in Bahasa Melayu. Oh right. About language.. There was this customer and she spoke really bad english. Very ah-po kinda cantonese aunty. So, cause my co-worker wasn't clear about what she was saying, guess who stepped in to save the day? Why, the Banana did! And the aunty didn't even flinch when I spoke/desecrated Cantonese, so that means I'm cool! Woohoo! Or maybe it was too damn hot and she was too lazy to say anything... Huh.

Can I just say that the fan they provide us with in College Square is god-awful useless? It doesn't cool the room. Neither does it circulate the air. All it's good for is getting the smoke away from the smoke-alarm so that it stops buzzing. Pfft. Ciplak punya kipas. Must be from China. I know, I know. As a Chinese I shouldn't propogate that kind of mentality. But heck, if anyone is gonna make fun of the Chinese culture, it's damn right going to be me.

Hmmm. Here's something mightily disturbing. Someone typed 'ass liking' into MSN search and my blog was one of the entried listed. Holy cow. *Gulp*.