Thursday, July 28, 2005

Rotten eggs. You don't wanna wake up that way.

Yesterday night I learned that eggs seriously can go bad. And when they do, the smell... a field of tulips it does not smell like. Call me ignorant but up until yesterday I had never gotten a whiff of rotten eggs. I mean, I just never had the opportunity and one doesn't exactly go around hunting for rotten eggs to smell, ya know? Somehow, although the expiry date on the eggs have passed, they're still okay and cook-able. Or at least the one in my afternoon egg sandwich was. Expiry date: 18 July 2005, mind you.

Cut to 11 o'clock at night and I was in the midst of making chocolate chip cookie dough. Not a very easy feat without the electronic mixer, but everything was going real good. Almost flawlessly in fact. Till it came to the part where the instructions say, "Crack 2 eggs into batter". Ewwww. Gross smell + icky visuals (the yolk was a nice shade of dark brown) = total lost of interest in baking. I had to throw the whole batter out cause I cracked the egg into it. What an absolute waste of 230 g of butter, 300 g of sugar, 380 g of flour and 1 tsp of vanilla essence. On the bright side, I didn't have to clean up the mixing bowl. When last questioned, Gill thoroughly regretted her decision to be washer (as opposed to baker).

I know I made an oath not to post lyrics here. But after much mulling over, I decided to make an exception for this one. It's not good or anything, but it cracked me up. Personally I haven't heard the song, so I can't comment. But seriously, the lyrics are pretty damn hilarious. The song is by The Ataris and it's called Ben Lee. Ben Lee is like this high profile Australian musician from New South Wales whose music reached the airwaves in America (hence, the extra popularity in Australia. They're super 'Australia boleh', by the way). His music is quite alt rock-pop. Easy listening stuff. Personally, I think he's claim to fame is his 6 or 7 year+ relationship with Claire Danes that ended after Danes dumped him for Billy Crudup, who was the lead actor in Almost Famous. Ben Lee has been in the music biz since 14, I think, and is widely regarded as one talented Aussie bloke. God, I sound like this gossip magazine.

Anyway, I'm deducing that The Ataris has got a huge crush on Claire Danes. Yes, I surf lyrics site. Yes, I'm a geek. Cause they have this song out called 'My So-Called Life', which was a TV series that Danes starred in (her claim to fame). Basically the song gushes on about the greatness that is Claire Danes. Right. Back to the original point. Here's the lyrics to 'Ben Lee'. Lol.

The Ataris - Ben Lee
I never met someone so jaded
Your music's really over rated
Nothing but a lot of pretentious noise
I know that Claire Danes is your chick
To me you're just some ugly prick
Who got lucky cause he knew the Beastie Boys
And I cant stand it

A lot goes on but nothing happens
But this time that's not true
I wrote this song for you
To tell you that your 15 minutes of fame are almost up
Yea one more thing, Ben Lee you suck

Bob Dylan must be kinda pissed
Cause you've been writing all his hits
Packaged and reprocessed for the world
I'd love to kick you in the face
Break your legs and throw you from a train
Cause you're such a fucking girl
And I cant stand it

I guess this song's come to an end
I'll say good bye until we meet again
You better stay out of my town
Cause if i had way
I'd call up Snoop, Ice Cube, and Dr. Dre
We'd come and beat you down

Ahahahhahaha. It must be so amusing being a popular rock band. You get to slag off people, make money and maintain your popularity all at the same time. I think the best part would be the "you're such a fucking girl" line. If you haven't seen a picture of Ben Lee, try to imagine this skinny guy, with curly hair, young-ish face, and quite effiminate features. I read somewhere before that he's really a cross between Screech, from Saved By The Bell, and Dewey, the kid in Malcolm in the Middle.

And that's really the most astute description of him, no? Lol.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

An ode to Ringo

My little fan heater died last night. It sputtered on, on the verge of death, dutifully keeping my little toes and hands warm for the past 1 and a half years. The really sad thing is that I wasn't there in his last moments. When his circuits went bonkers and decided to burst into flames, I wasn't there by his side to gasp and marvel at his last, final moments. I failed him when he needed me most. *Sigh* Good times we had together though. Moments spent in each other's company... I will forever remember him welcoming me to his warm, warm arms. Even in the most inconvenient times, I was never once spurned for the Iron (that little hussy has got her eyes on it, I just know it), or the Straightener (don't even get me started on that total wannabe). Ahh. A moment of silence for the passing of Ringo, the Ringgrip heater, I declare in his memory. He was forever faithful and dedicated.

To do list:

Get new heater.


On less pressing matters, I saw Sophia Foo today. Chalk up one more ex-SMDU student currently residing in Melbourne and studying in Melbourne Uni. Pretty soon, we can band together and start up an exclusive club of our own. We shall only allow SMDU students in. A big 'HA!' to anyone else from different schools who thought for one second that they could gain membership (Take that ex-students from DJ!) What do you know.. we'll even call ourselves DU-riA[n].

Tres original.

Monday, July 25, 2005

Life without broadband.... is a lot slower

While in the process of creating this blog, I swore an oath. To never become one of those people who posted whole song lyrics in their post. I mean... it's not bad or wrong or anything (personally, *in one of those rare moments of total honesty* it's downright annoying) but there's a reason why websites like exist. Why deny them the honour of enlightening clueless music-crazy people? However, I never said anything about being one of those people who implored visitors to download and listen to a certain song or else live a wretched life filled with lousy music and God-awful songs. Rachel Yamagata- Be, be Your Love. Now I implore you to go download and listen to the song or else you'll live a wretched life filled with lousy music and God-awful songs. Lol.

The new semester has started over here. I haven't finalise my timetable yet so I can't tell you how many study-hours I have a week. What I definitely can say is that Friday does not exist for me. Yeap. I have got Fridays off. I know, I know. Before you start bitching and yelling and complaining that I'm the luckiest bitch in the world, keep in mind that because I'm taking evening classes this term, life won't exactly be a bed of roses. Spanish every Thursday from 6.15 to 8.15 pm. I actually have a reason for taking it besides genuine interest. Next January, I'm leaving for Costa Rica. That's Central America to you geographically-challenged people (All hail I will be there on a 2 week volunteer program and a 2 week adventure course thing. Am actually quite looking forward to that. Anyways, hopefully when I leave I will be able to say more than 'hola amigo' or 'loco' or 'desperado' or 'taco' or 'y tu mama tambien' or 'amores perros' or 'diarios de motocicleta'. And the last three I stole off movies too. [Anyone care to take a stab at what's the running link between the three movies? Winner will be given a autograph... of me. Jeez. Someday it could be worth something].

Finding a job here is a total nightmare though. Basically you don't even register a bleep on the Prospective Worker Scale if you don't have prior work experience. Sigh. Oh well. Wait for Ma and Pa to reach home. Get credit card details. Apply for Work Permit. Wait a week. And hello, Hungry Jack's! Fastfood restaurants- you can't possibly need any experience for that. I mean, "training provided" does sorta signify something, no?

Anyways, I was reading the online papers and I came across this article about Lance Armstrong. Previously, my dad's mentioned him in passing. Something about him being one of the greatest athletes of all time. Of course while he was saying that, Blue's Clues was on and really, no contest, ya know? My point is that I came aross this article about him and his stats are really mind blowing. If you have the time, go check out the link:

I am in awe. By the way, do you want fries with that?

Friday, July 22, 2005

London Calling

The rest of my family are in London. Now. And I encouraged them to go. "Ooo. What's the worst that could happen?". Jesus freakin' Christ.

Terror : Intense, overpowering fear and anxiety
Terrorist : A radical who employs terror as a weapon
As defined by

So the terrorists won for all about 30 seconds this time around. Maybe Blair had something going when he said we should try to go back to our normal lives the best way we can.

Cause if we start reacting in terror, the terrorists win.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

So Long And Thanks For All The Fish

Fact #1: Melbourne is cold. Like stupidly annoying kind of cold. Jesus Christ... If it's gonna be this cold why not just freaking snow?

Fact #2: I miss the people who are living it up in Malaysia. It's weird somehow this time around. And I can't believe I didn't get to see Chen Chou.

Fact #3: Malaysia Airlines in-flight entertainment is going down the drain. Gone are the sweet times spent on honing Dr. Mario skills. Hello In-flight Trivia and Freecell.

It just occured to me that owning a blog is really, really weird. What do you write and what do you not write? What if nobody even cares about what you have to freaking say, let alone what you did/thought/ate/watched/heard/realized? What if all the wrong people are visiting your blog? Jeez. Maintaining a blog is hard work. Yes I realize this is only the third post. Oh well. Long live blogging, eh? Props to Mich for doing an excellent job. Gotta hand it to you. You have got amazing time management kid.

Sungai Wang = DVD heaven. I actually held Buffy Season 7 in my hands. Buffy Season 7. Buffy Season 7. I'm starting to really feel like an even bigger dickhead than my brother. Why the hell didn't I get it?? Why don't I ever walk out with more than a hundred bucks at a time?? Jeeeeeeeeeeez. Talking about Sungai Wang... Although I am an avid supporter of pirated movies, I had to wonder. Why doesn't the Malaysian authorities crack down on the sellers there? Is it a case of complete ignorance or are they merely turning a blind eye? I mean freaking hell. Sungai Wang didn't exactly gain their reputation cause of the clothes. No freaking way man. What am I saying?? DVDs for 8 bucks. I am so not complaining.

Sungai Wang with the Siao Cha Bos was excellent, although marred by the absence of Yoong Mei. Hanging out with the psychos made me realize just how precious our time spent together is. Yeah yeah... I am a sentimental old fool. I love you guys man. :) The sleepover during Live8 was pretty damn memorable too. Watching Yoong Mei go ballistic and Chrissy's reaction in times of extreme stress and tension (very well by the way. Lol). Good stuff. Makes you wonder though: When is the next time all of us will be able to sit down and really chat with each other? *Cough...cough...Road trip 20??* C'mon y'all. We have gotta do it.

Monday, July 18, 2005

The Return of the Grumpy First-time Blogger

Don't click on any of the links in the first post. I really don't know where the hell they come from. They're damn bloody annoying. I tried re-editing the post but I can't work it out. What the hell? Goddamn it.

On the bright side, I managed to figure out how to do all the funky stuff. Yes I consider the counter and the tagboard funky. Cheap thrills. So, thanks anyway Ad. :)

Note to reader (if there is any of you bored enough): I curse unnecessarily. The curse words I most often use are damn, goddamn and shit-ass. So if you happen to find 'goddamn' particularly insulting/aggravating/blasphemous, go away. Eh wait.. I shouldn't be chasing friends, aka the only visitors, away. Come back, Michelle! Lol.

Fated this blog is not

All I'm trying to do is start the damn blog and so far every imaginable obstacle that could possibly exist has struck.

First Attempt: Computer in room.
Happily switched on the computer thinking this was gonna be all easy-peasy and I was going to be able to meet the deadline. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Apparently not. The damn keyboard wasn't working. Something to do with either it being loose or some kinda malfunction in the damn hardware. Installing and uninstalling = 'Help and Support Center' = my ass. I hate technology. Imagine happier times in the past when computers had not existed yet... World wars, nuclear detonations, mass genocide. Goddamn it.

Round Two: Computer outside room
Immediately after switching on the comp, get bombarded by at least 20 goddamn whatchamacallit-website-things-that-usually-make-your-comp-die-a-pathetic-death. I forgot the goddamn word. The one that you usually get promoting gambling websites and XXX websites. Aiyohhh.. So annoying. What the hell kinda websites are my brother visiting?? Now my sister is annoyed cause I yelled at her for not knowing the word. Goddamn word. Urggggggh. Anyway, got to blogger. Clicked the 'Create A Blog Now' sign.

Round Three: Microsoft Office vs Microsoft Word Processor
I had this nice long post written out previously about House of Wax but I can't open it. Why? Cause of the goddamn difference in office and wps. Arrrrrgggggghhhhh. As a result I actually had to create a new post to write. Plus this is the exact moment my fingers cease to function. I can't seem to type properly anymore. Every other word is a spelling mistake. Goddamn it. Goddamn it to hell. Don't ask me what's it. I don't really know either. Bahhhhh.

Lousy start to a lousy blog.

Fated this blog is not.