Tuesday, July 26, 2005

An ode to Ringo

My little fan heater died last night. It sputtered on, on the verge of death, dutifully keeping my little toes and hands warm for the past 1 and a half years. The really sad thing is that I wasn't there in his last moments. When his circuits went bonkers and decided to burst into flames, I wasn't there by his side to gasp and marvel at his last, final moments. I failed him when he needed me most. *Sigh* Good times we had together though. Moments spent in each other's company... I will forever remember him welcoming me to his warm, warm arms. Even in the most inconvenient times, I was never once spurned for the Iron (that little hussy has got her eyes on it, I just know it), or the Straightener (don't even get me started on that total wannabe). Ahh. A moment of silence for the passing of Ringo, the Ringgrip heater, I declare in his memory. He was forever faithful and dedicated.

To do list:

Get new heater.


On less pressing matters, I saw Sophia Foo today. Chalk up one more ex-SMDU student currently residing in Melbourne and studying in Melbourne Uni. Pretty soon, we can band together and start up an exclusive club of our own. We shall only allow SMDU students in. A big 'HA!' to anyone else from different schools who thought for one second that they could gain membership (Take that ex-students from DJ!) What do you know.. we'll even call ourselves DU-riA[n].

Tres original.