Monday, July 25, 2005

Life without broadband.... is a lot slower

While in the process of creating this blog, I swore an oath. To never become one of those people who posted whole song lyrics in their post. I mean... it's not bad or wrong or anything (personally, *in one of those rare moments of total honesty* it's downright annoying) but there's a reason why websites like exist. Why deny them the honour of enlightening clueless music-crazy people? However, I never said anything about being one of those people who implored visitors to download and listen to a certain song or else live a wretched life filled with lousy music and God-awful songs. Rachel Yamagata- Be, be Your Love. Now I implore you to go download and listen to the song or else you'll live a wretched life filled with lousy music and God-awful songs. Lol.

The new semester has started over here. I haven't finalise my timetable yet so I can't tell you how many study-hours I have a week. What I definitely can say is that Friday does not exist for me. Yeap. I have got Fridays off. I know, I know. Before you start bitching and yelling and complaining that I'm the luckiest bitch in the world, keep in mind that because I'm taking evening classes this term, life won't exactly be a bed of roses. Spanish every Thursday from 6.15 to 8.15 pm. I actually have a reason for taking it besides genuine interest. Next January, I'm leaving for Costa Rica. That's Central America to you geographically-challenged people (All hail I will be there on a 2 week volunteer program and a 2 week adventure course thing. Am actually quite looking forward to that. Anyways, hopefully when I leave I will be able to say more than 'hola amigo' or 'loco' or 'desperado' or 'taco' or 'y tu mama tambien' or 'amores perros' or 'diarios de motocicleta'. And the last three I stole off movies too. [Anyone care to take a stab at what's the running link between the three movies? Winner will be given a autograph... of me. Jeez. Someday it could be worth something].

Finding a job here is a total nightmare though. Basically you don't even register a bleep on the Prospective Worker Scale if you don't have prior work experience. Sigh. Oh well. Wait for Ma and Pa to reach home. Get credit card details. Apply for Work Permit. Wait a week. And hello, Hungry Jack's! Fastfood restaurants- you can't possibly need any experience for that. I mean, "training provided" does sorta signify something, no?

Anyways, I was reading the online papers and I came across this article about Lance Armstrong. Previously, my dad's mentioned him in passing. Something about him being one of the greatest athletes of all time. Of course while he was saying that, Blue's Clues was on and really, no contest, ya know? My point is that I came aross this article about him and his stats are really mind blowing. If you have the time, go check out the link:

I am in awe. By the way, do you want fries with that?