Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Whose got the power?

In a bid to test my will-power, I haven't eaten beef in about a month now. I think. I don't really know the exact dates but I'm estimating a month, although it really feels like three. I'm thinking about breaking because I'm really craving beef soba. But then I feel like I'm giving up, and I start telling myself that "I can stick it out", but then while my brain thinks that, all my senses are like, "MUST HAVE BEEF SOBA. NOM NOM NOMM".

It's all rather confusing right now, I don't know.

Sometimes I wonder how I ever gave up pork for four years.

For the record, I wouldn't ever bother giving up chicken.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

This post is dedicated to Ad Spags

I have decided that I will sporadically put up pic spams dedicated to friends of mine. And if you're wondering why I do such things you may choose one answer from below:

a) I like my friends
b) I like doing nice things
c) I like hot guys
d) I have a lotta pictures saved up in my folder and sharing is caring

To which I will tell you that this is a trick question. And the trick answer is really e) Perving is fun, and to perve is to make our wellbeing better. Also, I'm too lazy to think up fresh content so pic spams are much easier to make a post out of.

This post is dedicated to my dear friend of almost 10 years, Ad Spags. Consider this a "Welcome Back to Blogging" present from me.

(Part 1 aka Charm's post can be found here).

And thus we begin the second Sporadic PicSpam...

I didn't get the appeal of Emile Hirsch until I watched Into the Wild last weekend. For me, talent plays a big part in how I choose actors I like and perve on, and boy, the raw talent and charm of Emile is very hard to deny and totally bowled me over. Truthfully, he's not the prettiest actor around. In fact, when he's scruffed up and unshaven, his hotness factor drops 28 points. But that's okay...

...because even when scruffy, he still works the goofy heartthrob factor. Yes?

Sorry Ad. I included this picture for entirely self-serving needs. I think Gael is hot. And I wish you could see that too. If you don't, I guess I'll have to work harder and be extra hard on the pic spams. It's not an easy task but I'm more than ready to take it on and make you see the light.

How bout some French hottie lovin' for you if you're not so inclined to our dear Mexican friend? Unfortunately I do not have pictures of Louis Garrel, but Gaspard is infinitely prettier, me thinks.


If you compare me to John Mayer one more time, I'mma cut a bitch

Fact: John Mayer is to douche, as Jason Mraz is to ______?

The correct and only acceptable answer is WIN. Thank you for playing.

And in light of the massive failure that was Indy 4 that we both sat through, here's some old school Harrison Ford for your time. Him during his Han Solo years in early years Star Wars was simply perve-tastic.

I can't remember if we watched Jumper together, considering our long history of movie-watching together, but it's a true fact that Jamie Bell and his accent were the only saving grace of that craptastic film.

Oh oh! This is Michael Angarano. He is a very talented actor and is adorable too. You would have seen him in Almost Famous, Dear Wendy or err.. Sky High (which btw, is where that screen cap comes from and which is why he looks so young when I swear, he's really our age!) Let it be known that he's definitely one to watch.

And because girlfriend, there is no other satisfactory way to end this post, henceforth the James McAvoy loving will spill.

We're watching Wanted on whichever Thursday it opens, right?

Oh come on! We simply must!

Don't make me call up the guys to go, because they will not understand McAvoy's dazzle. I went to watch 21 with them and they were like, "Who is this Jim Sturgess?" and then glared at me when the talk of dazzle came up. Apparently my Facebook wall post spam of "Do I dazzle you?" was not received well.

Sometimes I think guys should just walk around in tuxedos all the time. Except I think most of them will not look half as good as McAvoy here, so it'll be just a waste of time, do you know what I mean?

Remember how I was telling you to watch Becoming Jane? Well, forget about it. Because all you need to know about the film is in this screencap.

Basically, James McAvoy is super smirking smexy and Anne Hathaway cannot help me carried away in the undertow of James McAvoy super smirking smexiness.

Actually there is a scene where he is shirtless and reenacting Fight Club 19th Century style at the start of the movie, but for some reason I can't seem to find the screen cap for that. Holy smokes, don't tell me I deleted it.

And as great as B&W pictures of McAvoy are, colour is good too because we get to see his pretty eyes.

Okay, lies. You cannot see his eyes here. But damn is he wearing the leather jacket well or what?

Okay, pretty eyes; take 2! I don't think it's working.

Oh sorry (although I'm really not sorry. At all). Wrong blue eyed actor. But come on! I can't be the only person who likes Elijah Wood.

And to end this post, some abnormally goofy McAvoy. You can sorta see the blue from here. Sort of.

Dear Ad, you are one of the quirkiest person I know, and trust me, I know a fair few. And I love every single one of your crazy quirks and ticks. You give great hugs and are not afraid to dole it out when I'm being mopey Harry Potter in book #5. I'm so so so glad that we're friends after I looked past the crazy when we first met in the school canteen in form 1. :D I love that you've resurrected your blog again. Now all you need is to accept my proposal to be co-author to Pop Culture Geekery and all will be right in the world.

Finally, thank you for giving me (and Nick) the free pass to School of Rock way back when. I rewatched the DVD yesterday. And was reminded of the utter fabulousness of this kid.

You're tacky and I hate you.