Monday, May 19, 2008

This post is dedicated to The Charmmeister

Otherwise titled, 'Boys who I think are hot but Charm does not, but let's dedicate this post to her anyway for shits and giggles.'

How can you not love a man who works the hell out of Blue Steel?

Although I suppose to be fair, I'm more in love with Dean Winchester than the actual Jensen Ackles. Which is why I think you must watch Supernatural. Seriously, Dean is the shiznit, Chaz. We're talking witty banter, (one) good looking brother, decent enough mythology and the icky-est fanfiction in the history of fan created fiction ever. Need I say more?

One of my best friend is infatuated with Mr Sturgess here. And he's lacking the double Xs in his chromosome buildup that you have, Chaz. Jim Sturgess is so adorable, he makes young golden retriever puppies cry. Trufax.

DJ/Producer extraordinaire: Mark Ronson. No need to know his music, just know he's adorable.

Honestly, this guy confuses me. Sometimes he looks super-diggly adorable like in this pic. And other times, he looks like this:

which isn't nearly half as interesting as the former. It's in pictures like this that you can finally see the resemblance to his twin sister, Samantha Ronson. So I suppose this guy's hotness is questionable.

If there's one good thing that came out of Iron Man, is the fact that the greater movie-going audience and Chaz is finally privy to the hotness and male perfection that is Robert Downey, Jr. He is one of the finest working actors in the industry and it's fantastic to see him get back on track after all that shenanigans with the illegal substances.

And you've made it very clear that you don't find Frank Iero in anyway relatable to the word 'cute'. But for chrissake's woman, HE'S HUGGING A GIGANTIC GREEN DINOSAUR AND LOOKING GLEEFUL ABOUT IT. WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT?!?!?

And finally, you've had to see this coming considering the recent discussions we've had about dazzle and sparkle. I'm going to illustrate to you why I think you too should be obsessed with Robert Pattinson, henceforth known as RPattz.

Look at that hair. Hardest working hair in Hollywood, I tell ya. Besides the fair that he's got the best hair I've ever seen on a guy, he also looks high as hell in 3/4 of the pictures that exist of him on the Internet. Observe Exhibit A:

So high, the Chicago Space Tower ain't got nothing on him.

and Exhibit B:

Yeah, maybe he doesn't look that high here. But take note of his outfit because you get to see it in it's entire glory in the next picture.


Who wears a velvet jacket and leather pants to a premiere? Oh, I don't know. RPATTZ WOULD!

And any mere mortal would have looked horrible in that dazzling ensemble. But guess who ends up rocking the velvet/leather combo while looking really, really smarmy and hot? RPATTZ, THAT'S WHO.

See Dean Winchester (above) about hot guys rocking the Blue Steel look.

And when he cleans up,

So hot that the temperature meter system has been changed from Kelvin to RPattz

Oh hell yeah, he cleans up good. He also has a very versatile look, not necessarily always dazzling in the dreamboat kinda way.

Here's him being a (dreamy) nerd.

And him looking like a (dreamy) homeless person.

And him looking (dreamily) blazed out of his mind.

But seriously though, he's got such a great smile. And an even better side profile. Plus in pictures, he always looks like he's having fun (comes with being highhhhhh) so I imagine that in real life, he would be all sorts of dazzling.

Here's him in one of your favourite colours. See him here? Rocking the Mills&Boons romance book cover look. That's what we call versatility. Otherwise spelled as H-O-T.

So dear Chaz, this post is dedicated to you. Thank you for putting up with my childish ways, like tagging you on Facebook pictures when you're not even fucking in them, or hearing me ramble on about the best community on Livejournal, _twatlight, and entertaining SMSes that talk about bringing 'freedom' back to food. Also thank you for not judging me when I gulp down a jug of Coke and not smacking me in my face when I pimp you out to my other friends. Finally thank you for having such a high bullshit tolerance level and continuing to be my friend, although I have given you many reasons not to. You're the best. For your birthday this year, I'm giving you bacon and gaffer tape and a cookbook on cooking sous vide style.

Also, you should probably know that all the above italicized words are inside jokes at _twatlight. You have no idea how much fun I had making this post. Please join _twatlight already so I can stop giggling to myself while making blog posts that no one understands. If this plea isn't enough to move you, here's a macro that hopefully will.

All credits go to ink-faerie at _twatlight

Psst, I got sidetracked because of this.