Thursday, March 27, 2008

Short recap

It started with me completing my tutorial readings for a debate that I have to prepare for next week.

Then I trawled the Interwebs for further information. "Control yourself" was the mantra in my head as I logged online.

It went smoothly at first. I found a lot of articles that could help my case in the debate. I was feeling good about everything. I decided to take a break and oh, what a mistake it was!

On LiveJournal, I exchanged comments with a friend about Mac-wankerists (verdict: the bane of modern society) and mobile phones.

I felt compelled to hit up CNet to check up the specs of the Hip Top 2/Sidekick 2 that my inner thirteen year old wants to own.

And then got sidetracked reading about the Creative Zen Stone Plus With Speakers, which by the way is the actual name for the new MP3 player with in-built speakers, if that wasn't obvious enough.

Which made me realize how I was obsessed with the Samsung YP-K5 last year. That and the Microsoft Zune were the only MP3 players I'd be interested in purchasing then. Course we all know how Zune fared, so my interest died a lot.

Next, just to satisfy my curiosity, I went to good ol' eBay to suss out the prices of the Creative and Samsung MP3 players. And whatdayaknow, they're both actually in my price range!

So now, I end the night wondering where that control went and if I really will be fulfilling a long-time desire and obsession. As I attempt to sleep later, I will reflect on my addiction to eBay and ponder on it's ramifications. If I have my way, in a week, Death Cab will play from built-in speakers while I chew on those pesky thoughts.

Friday, March 21, 2008

And then there were three.

Faust: Love of the Damned is now the third movie I've turned off in my adventures in cinema-land. The first two are here. The movie is quite possibly the worst graphic novel/comic adaptation I've had the displeasure of sitting down to. That being said I haven't actually seen Fantastic Four 2.

I only sat through Gerry because the appeal of Casey Affleck was too much to deny and I had a remote control. I fast forwarded my through the film, gorgeous cinematography, be damned! That movie was such a waste of film. Experimental movies aren't just my cup of tea.

This will possibly hurt my street cred (watch me pop 'n' lock, bitch) but I've been itching to watch Step Up 2 since principle casting was finalized. Robert Hoffman, as the male lead in any dance-themed movie will be highly energetic and no doubt equate to jaw-dropping entertainment. Sure, it won't be cinematic poetry or brimming with verbose dialogue, but nobody goes in a dance movie expecting a Woody Allen flick, am I right?

And that is why I have no fear that Hoffman will be worth my nine dollar ticket. Oh, he'll step up too alright.

Too punny?

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Hello, world!

From Pajiba's 'What's in a Ringtone?' comment diversion today. The question was what was your ringtone and why.

"*Deep Breath* Soulja Boy. An uninspired piece summer garbage? Yes. Catchy? Undeniably. However, there is a story behind it. In my Speech and Communications 101 class, we were told to do a demonstrative speech. In this, right after the summer of the Soulja Boy blitz, I was inspired to demonstrate to the class how to do the dance. After a few weeks of studying every move, I was ready. And so I, the quiet, nerdy-enough-to-know-Pajiba kid stood up and danced my lily-white ass off. If it was a movie I would've gotten a date with Molly Ringwald and probably knocked out the captain of the football team. As it is, I was widely known as Soulja Boy for the rest of the semester. (Is that a good thing?)

Posted by: TyranThesaurus Rex at March 19, 2008 3:13 PM

Things to love about this response
1. That this TTRex dude would even admit to Soulja Boy being his ringtone.
2. That he studied the moves!
3. That a (self-described) quiet nerdy kid would be inspired to 'crank dat' in front of the class.
4. That he used Molly Ringwald as the fictional hot chick and not someone like Megan Fox instead.
5. What's not to love about Superman-ning that ho?

"My phone now has the old-school vibrating/normal phone ring combo going on after my friend told me the most horrific story a couple of weeks ago about why you should never have a song as a ringtone.

Her father collapsed at her sister's rehearsal dinner the night before the wedding, and as he's in the hospital - possibly dying, possibly already dead - they're in the waiting room having a prayer circle with all the members of her family and their preacher, when her phone goes off....the siren call of of Snoop Dogg's "Sexual Seduction" filling the room.

Posted by: feramones at March 19, 2008 3:26 PM

Oh dear!

I obviously picked up a new html code and am now showing it off.

For your stalking purposes my ringtone is an mp3 file of Guns 'N' Roses, Paradise City. Before that it was an mp3 of Sneaker Pimps', Six Underground and way before before, it was the theme song of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Prior to that it was your standard ring-ring-ring tone.

My wake up alarm is Daft Punk's, One More Time.

Since I've started using phones, I have used a Nokia 8210, a Samsung ?, an LG U8210 and a Sony Ericsson k610i. The Nokia has been my favourite, but the Sony Ericsson is pretty bad ass too. By far, the worst has been the LG. That phone has scarred me off using any further LG products.


Completely unrelated but I really like this post by Sarah Schneider, writer extraordinaire of College Humor. She talks about quantifying her love for music.

"’s the feeling that washes over you and completely consumes all your senses when you hear a track that moves you. When you hear a song that sparks a memory so intense that the nostalgia is overwhelming. Or when a song fits your current place in life so profoundly that its very presence in your world brings a clarity and perspective otherwise lost. That is what I think it means to love music..."

I can only wish to be that articulate in my next life.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Yesterday I...

- slept a grand total of and hour and a half.
- went to Maccas and bummed around there.
- rushed home and rushed off to school again..
- was going to be a good student and spend productive time at the library!
- forgot to bring my wallet to school.
- learned that you CAN withdraw cash without any form of photo ID after all.
- realized that money withdrawed (for lunch) was useless as the student card was still needed in taking out books from the library.
- trudged home in mind-numbing brain-melting 37 Celsius degree heat.
- flung open the balcony door, pulled down the blinds and broke out the 6 pack and chips to a whoa-it's-so-bad-it's-good-or-maybe-not D.E.B.S..
- felt bad upon consuming all that mindless caffeine (yum, diet Coke) when I had no intentions of staying awake.
- sat outside the balcony while I contemplated and brooded about life to the soundtrack of Ryan Adam's Gold and 29. Ugh, how wanky.
- fell asleep for about two hours.
- woke up and got alerted by stomach that proper food was needed.
- proceeded to consume grapes and a bag of popcorn.
- spent the rest of the night whining about the stilted warm air.
- watched a lot of episodes in the College Humour's 'Hardly Working' series.
- finally took a shower.

Right now I...
- am loving the cooler wind that the wee hours of late night/early morning brings.
- am waiting for 5.30 am to come.

Rinse, wash, dry and repeat.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Some things...

I imagine that if I stayed alone, any visitor to my place would be undeniably floored by the mess. I can see it in my mind; the dishes piled up in the sink, clothes spread all over every single surface, shoes scattered where least appropriate. My books would be littered throughout every room in the apartment, arts and crafts supply taking up their spots on what should have been my study table and socks missing their pair that would be hiding beneath the pile of clothes in the corner. My bed will never be made, nor will my accessories be hanging in their rightful spot. The couch will have a permanent Karen-shaped outline and DVDs will be lucky to be within 5 feet of their cases. The place will be a fire hazard what with the newspaper, magazines and articles covering the carpet. I would come home everyday, take a look at the mess and attempt to clean it up but invariably, the effort will simply amount to the redistribution of said mess.

I wish I could afford leaving alone.