Friday, March 21, 2008

And then there were three.

Faust: Love of the Damned is now the third movie I've turned off in my adventures in cinema-land. The first two are here. The movie is quite possibly the worst graphic novel/comic adaptation I've had the displeasure of sitting down to. That being said I haven't actually seen Fantastic Four 2.

I only sat through Gerry because the appeal of Casey Affleck was too much to deny and I had a remote control. I fast forwarded my through the film, gorgeous cinematography, be damned! That movie was such a waste of film. Experimental movies aren't just my cup of tea.

This will possibly hurt my street cred (watch me pop 'n' lock, bitch) but I've been itching to watch Step Up 2 since principle casting was finalized. Robert Hoffman, as the male lead in any dance-themed movie will be highly energetic and no doubt equate to jaw-dropping entertainment. Sure, it won't be cinematic poetry or brimming with verbose dialogue, but nobody goes in a dance movie expecting a Woody Allen flick, am I right?

And that is why I have no fear that Hoffman will be worth my nine dollar ticket. Oh, he'll step up too alright.

Too punny?