Thursday, March 27, 2008

Short recap

It started with me completing my tutorial readings for a debate that I have to prepare for next week.

Then I trawled the Interwebs for further information. "Control yourself" was the mantra in my head as I logged online.

It went smoothly at first. I found a lot of articles that could help my case in the debate. I was feeling good about everything. I decided to take a break and oh, what a mistake it was!

On LiveJournal, I exchanged comments with a friend about Mac-wankerists (verdict: the bane of modern society) and mobile phones.

I felt compelled to hit up CNet to check up the specs of the Hip Top 2/Sidekick 2 that my inner thirteen year old wants to own.

And then got sidetracked reading about the Creative Zen Stone Plus With Speakers, which by the way is the actual name for the new MP3 player with in-built speakers, if that wasn't obvious enough.

Which made me realize how I was obsessed with the Samsung YP-K5 last year. That and the Microsoft Zune were the only MP3 players I'd be interested in purchasing then. Course we all know how Zune fared, so my interest died a lot.

Next, just to satisfy my curiosity, I went to good ol' eBay to suss out the prices of the Creative and Samsung MP3 players. And whatdayaknow, they're both actually in my price range!

So now, I end the night wondering where that control went and if I really will be fulfilling a long-time desire and obsession. As I attempt to sleep later, I will reflect on my addiction to eBay and ponder on it's ramifications. If I have my way, in a week, Death Cab will play from built-in speakers while I chew on those pesky thoughts.