Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Yesterday I...

- slept a grand total of and hour and a half.
- went to Maccas and bummed around there.
- rushed home and rushed off to school again..
- was going to be a good student and spend productive time at the library!
- forgot to bring my wallet to school.
- learned that you CAN withdraw cash without any form of photo ID after all.
- realized that money withdrawed (for lunch) was useless as the student card was still needed in taking out books from the library.
- trudged home in mind-numbing brain-melting 37 Celsius degree heat.
- flung open the balcony door, pulled down the blinds and broke out the 6 pack and chips to a whoa-it's-so-bad-it's-good-or-maybe-not D.E.B.S..
- felt bad upon consuming all that mindless caffeine (yum, diet Coke) when I had no intentions of staying awake.
- sat outside the balcony while I contemplated and brooded about life to the soundtrack of Ryan Adam's Gold and 29. Ugh, how wanky.
- fell asleep for about two hours.
- woke up and got alerted by stomach that proper food was needed.
- proceeded to consume grapes and a bag of popcorn.
- spent the rest of the night whining about the stilted warm air.
- watched a lot of episodes in the College Humour's 'Hardly Working' series.
- finally took a shower.

Right now I...
- am loving the cooler wind that the wee hours of late night/early morning brings.
- am waiting for 5.30 am to come.

Rinse, wash, dry and repeat.