Saturday, November 19, 2005

Nourish the TV addict within

Aside to the fella who left Melbourne a kid and will be returning an adult:

Jeez. I hope you're happy 'Miss But-this-is-my-eighteenth'. Ditching us all for some
birthday excuse. Well kid, I hope you're happy. Now I'm left to traverse the lonely roads of Melbourne, well, alone. I hope you're laughing it up while eating cheap 'hor fun' in Singapore. You'd better be having lots of cups of Ice Milo! I guess this is a good time to tell you that Veronica Mars is premiering soon in Australia on Channel Ten. Woohooo!!! So, while you're back home slowly downloading it, I'll be watching it. Of course you could be watching Buffy instead in your air-conditioned room. Huh. If I told you you're awesome, can I watch too? I'll even stop referring to you as Chairman. Pfft. Doesn't change the fact that you left and deserted us. Real nice move, man. :P to you too. *Karen gives Charmaine the boot*.

See ya soon, kid. Viva la Costa Rica!


Can I just say that I'm very obsessed with Veronica Mars right now? It's fantastic. I have actually reached the third stage of my obsession. The first, reading transcripts of the show online. Second, finding relevant articles about it in other websites. And three, finding images related to the show and downloading wallpaper. All after watching one episode. Well, you try living with dial-up and tell me how fast your downloads go. Thank you Channel Ten for picking it up. Now, don't cancel it mid-season like you did for One Tree Hill and Gilmore Girls. *gulp*

Look out random surfers! Nov 28th, Channel Ten. Forget all your other plans.

Wheeeeeeee. I have so much respect for people who create such beautiful works of fan-art. I've been staring at my laptop screen just cause it's so so so so pretty. Gah... Blogger is not letting me put up pics now. I'll do it later. Suffice to say that it's really, really pretty. Come fly to Melbourne and I'll show you larh.




3rd July 2006.

Sophia and Karen.

Bank balance currently: $1.41

But it's all good man.

Imagine one of those Visa ads. Wait. I hate those ads. It's brilliant marketing I'll give it that. Promoting a feel good feeling (the priceless bits) that come after spending oodles of cash on other items (Trip to *insert country of choice here*: $5,890, Rolex watch: $2,980, etc.). Well, I guess at the end of the day when suckers who fell for the ad sign on with the credit card company, the CEOs will have shit-eating 'priceless' grins on their faces. Huh.