Thursday, October 20, 2005

Sophia is funny. And not just weird funny too!

Sophia Foo is one of the funniest people this side of the world. On Wednesday we were both commiserating over the lack of cute guys in Melbourne Uni and adoring His Infinite Cuteness: Ethan Embry and had I need to pee, my jeans... well they wouldn't smell so great afterthat. Anyhow, read her satirical post on Friendster. Good stuff. Crap.. People in the computer lab are staring at me funnily.

Anyhow, for those who care the McJob is coming along well enough. I can basically serve your basic customer who wants a Meal and Dessert. If on the other hand, some tight-arsed prick comes prancing in asking for a garden salad with "no bacon, caesar and chesse, just lettuce, tomato, and chicken" I'll attempt to deal. I'll do the heroic thing and call my supervisor. I know some day I'm gonna have to step up to the plate and in Russell Peter's words, "Be a man", but in the meanwhile I'm comfortable hiding behind my newbie position. Has my life significantly changed since working at the Double Arches? Well, I still vehemently dislike Simple Plan if you're wondering. But there's been a couple of relevations:

1. Polyester is the clothing spawned by Satan himself.
2. Contrary to popular belief, we fry things with vegetable oil here.
3. I absolutely fucking hate it when people with their significant others abuse the "baby" endearment. Every third word is "Oh baby, oh baby". Gah. Just keel over and die already please. Say, "like", like every other normal person, you dumb shits.

Well, the last bit was brought on by not overhearing, but absorbing phone conversations that happen at home. Eeech. I scrubbed hard in the shower but the disgust clung on and bile threatened to overflow.

Oh right. No. 4.

4. When I take out my eyebrow stud, it bleeds right? Well. The crusted leftover blood makes it seem like some jakun, first-day-on-the-job vampire attempted to bite me but missed terribly. Ha-ha! Failure.