Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Microsoft Excel

Well, I didn't use to have Microsoft Excel. In fact, somehow the entire Microsoft Office was not installed in my comp (I had the crappier version- Microsoft Works). I went about my days in a happy state of blissful ignorance actually, eating sushi and wishing for more money. Then thanks to Hann Meng, I got a lead on this guy who was looking for some help (read: job). And I think, although come to think of it I'm not 100% sure, I got the job. It was some kinda extra help at this seminar thing. But wait. The Excel issue hasn't come into the picture.

So the guy who runs/owns/conducts the seminar asks if I am interested in doing some data entry work as well. Naturally me being the money-whore that I am, said "Sure, why not?". I had a tough time getting the words out too, what with the sudden over-active saliva glands. Anyways, I stupidly said I had Excel without fully thinking. *Doh* But it's been going pretty alright. For the past 2 days I have been doing the work at the Uni Computer Lab. But now, thanks to Neighbour Boy, Excel lives in my comp!! Ahhhhhhhh.... Good stuff indeed.

Hmmm. I think that whole bit sounded much more interesting in my head. Ah well. On to other much more interesting things. Nick left yesterday. And I miss him. You know, you'd think that it'd be all awkward hanging out with your ex. But then that's just our mentality conditioned by reading too many Cleo magazine confessions and watching too many break-up movies. I've said it before and I'll keep saying it. Nick is a fantastic guy. A true friend, and an all-round good guy. Definitely not someone you forget over time. So to Nick ---> Thanks for everything. There's always a spare mattress available whenever you need it over here. And I suppose I could throw in a pillow and comforter as well if you ask nicely. :)

Seven reasons why living with an elder brother might be better than with an elder sister
1. Your sports bra won't mysteriously disappear from your closet only to reappear in your sister's laundry hamper.
2. No fallen make-up powder will blemish the sparkling clean toilet counter.
3. You might actually have place to put your own stuff on said sparkling clean toilet counter.
4. When you look down at the toilet floor, you might actually be able to see the toilet floor as opposed to lots of long hair that you know didn't fall from your head.
5. You can call your elder brother a 'fatass' and not need to suffer endless, repetitive, mind-numbing questions about body size and weight.
6. More shoe space. Unless your brother is like Jason who has a shoe fetish. Then you're just doubly screwed.
7. Periods. Bad enough? Try simultaneous periods.

I had 4 crazy psychos telling me I should post more 'personal' stuff. Well, here's my stab at it.

Last time I cut my nails: Yesterday.

Last time I picked my nose: Can't remember. I usually just blow.

Last time I decided to stare blankly into space: Just now. I was looking up at the sky to see whether it was raining.

Last time I went to use the toilet: I went to pee about 2 hours ago.

Last time I decided to yawn: Just only. Lucky you! THIS is live broadcasting.

Last time I decided to do something nice: I made spaghetti for dinner. And that was pretty nice.

Last time I decided to do something intellectual: I read the back of my cereal box. Informative stuff kids.

Last time I decided to prolong your reading time: Right about now.

Lol. How did that go down?