Thursday, August 04, 2005

Win, Lose or Draw

The title is a reference to this popular game show during the early 90s. Don't know if any of you managed to catch it while it was still on air. Anyway, you basically get a sentence or a phrase and you have to draw it out on this whiteboard so that your partners can figure it out and you win the game and take home the prize money that is slightly diminished after tax. Sorta like Pictionary. Except you only get to draw. Right. I have something I would like to say but I'd rather you guys figure it out. Lol. For those on holiday, here's the perfect oppurtunity to make sure your brain cells haven't degenerated to the point of no return.


Hopefully it isn't that obvious. I mean, gotta work, work, work those brain cells!

[Addie]: Love you lots kid. :D