Tuesday, August 02, 2005

"Why do you have an empty frame on your wall?" . . . "It's a mirror."

In case you're wondering why I don't seem to have anything to say on the tagboard, it's because somehow whenever I type stuff and click enter, a note that states 'message can only be sent on website not site server' (or some other kind of technological jargon) appear. Trust me. I had obviously something to say about Nick's oh-so-subtle Harvard reminder. Ahhh... pitfalls of nvncbl or my comp, I sadly do not know.

Anyway, life here has been pretty good. Nick is down here for about 11 days. Good times. Funny times. Cold times. I'm definitely gonna miss the guy when he leaves. But he's destined for great things. And I suppose a guy who is destined for great things has gotta do what a guy who is destined for great things has gotta do. *I don't think that worked as well as I would like it too. Oh well. You get the drift.* Alamak. Just saw headlines on tonight's news reports. Australia is suffering a sudden loss of breathing space. Down, ego of Nick. :)

I'm sleepy. It's 2.41 am. *Yawn*. Short post this time around. Oh right.

Today's 'Things to do' for the friendly folks who visit the page: go watch 'Crash'. Even if it means you driving around town looking at several DVD stalls. It's worth your time. It's worth the effort. Brilliant directing + editing + casting + music + script + acting = worth the AUD$ 7.50 I paid. Seriously y'all. It's a, in Nick's words, very "powerful" movie. And that it is. If you don't like it, I vow to inflict self-torture on well, myself. Think a movie marathon with the likes of 'Crossroads', 'Glitter', 'Superstar' and, because it's self-torture, I'll even throw in a whole bunch of 50 Cent videoclips. Oh my god. It sounds even worse printed out in black and white. *shudderssss*

----------> By the way, if Mich and Yoong Mei don't mind, can you email me (or leave it in the comments if you wanna) your mailing address? Especially you, Yoong Mei, what with being in Melaka and not within passing distance. Have got some stuff to send to you. Thanks. :)

Final note. I have been religiously reading everyone's blogs. And I have just one thing to say. Malaysia suffers from an extreme case of bad-timing. What the hell??? Sales start AFTER I leave the country? Ha! I take comfort in the fact that my savings is your loss. Less 0.0001% of revenue earned because of said disease. (I realize this could be contrived as a classic example of Pathetic Sore Loser. But be sure not too confuse it with Grumpy, Wanna-shop-to-help-country-YaY! Loser).