Sunday, July 02, 2006

Coldplay is here.

Coldplay is officially here! I'm breathing the same air as them! We walk upon the same island! We pay the same GST to the government! To say that I am extremely psyched is an understatement and a half. And then some.

Anyway, I guess I've officially moved now. We surrendered the key back to College Square. And I'm all set up at my new place. Or at least I've got my bed, my clothes and my Internet set up. By the way, guess who's re-discovering the perks of an ADSL line? Well, let's just say I spent a minute staring in awe at the speed of my downloads. Awe-some! What is my new place like? Well, I'm renting a room in an apartment that has two other tenants, both from China/Hong Kong. The room's pretty alright. Got the basics.. I can't complain. The place isn't completely a dump, but it definitely has a 'lived-in' vibe. This new place of mine is much closer to Melb Uni. It's on Dorrit St which is behind the Royal Women's Hospital. Hmmm.. I can't think of much else to say. Ad, sorry to burst your bubble but I'm going to have to rule out a house-warming. Seeing as to how.. you know, this isn't really my place.

What happened to my sister and I, you ask? Well, we couldn't find a decent priced apartment with two bedrooms and I definitely am so over sharing a room. That's 19 years we've been together. If I was a macho-testesterone-loaded dude, I'd say "that's so gay." But since I'm me, I'm going to say, "Helllllooooo closet space!" instead. She's still staying at College Square, but with some other random people as well. It's weird cause only this year did we start bonding and acting like sisters. Not quite the whole-nine-yards hair-braiding extragavanza I mean, but we talked to each other like adults which was definitely something new. Am I going to miss her? Mate, she's still here living a couple of blocks up! But then sometimes I think I will. If not because of the fact that we've had years of bedroom-sharing between us, then because of the fact that my sis can occasionally be a laugh-riot. When she's on a roll, hell.. it takes a lot of self-control to keep it in.

Anyway, the Chairman has left the building. Hell, the Chairman has left the friggin' country! No more random walks to Safeway at 10 pm at night. No more DVD swapping. No more yummy baked goods from the Baker Woman. No more fashionista. No more feeling guilty about cursing openly (hee). No more making fun of vegetarians (double hee). No more paranoid android (hee hee hee). The Chairman was one of the first people I met in Trinity. First day there too! And now she's gone. -Sob- Forever. Charm I'm gonna miss you. -Sob- Where will I get my fill of home-baked cookies/cakes/apple crumbles for a year?!

Fuck.. I'm freezing. Part of the charm of my new room is that it lacks a windowpane or two. And in a rare moment of benevolence, I gave my sister the heater. This whole kindness shtick is so not all that it is cracked up to be. I should give up on karma and instead demand instant gratuity from the powers that be!

I end this post with this little bit of tidbit: The last time I intentionally hit a guy in his balls was when I was nine. Chalk it up to an intense round of catching. The last time I unintentionally hit a guy in his balls was today. I have never seen anyone else besides me turn that shade of red before. Frankly my dear... it was all pretty damn amusing.