Friday, July 21, 2006

And so Winter Vacation ends...

The plane touched down Melbourne and the pilot/captain announces that the weather is at a "slightly chilly 5 Celsius". Slightly chilly... now that's an understatement if ever. Hmph. And just like that ends two and a half weeks of vacation. Grrrreat.

Some interesting events that happened over the holidays, in point form mostly because I'm too lazy to create paragraphs now.

- SCB's reunion: The One Where We Watched the World Cup Final and Christine Went Ape-shit Crazy Over Mahjong.
Heh. As always the pleasure of meeting up was a definite highlight of the holiday. The reunion was made all the more special cause certain SCBs (heh. I just realized that 3 of us were on holiday!) scrapped together a weekend even though they could barely afford to breathe as it is. Thanks YM and Mich. That really meant a lot to me.

- Jonny Boy: The One Where I Hung Out Heaps With My Lil' Bro, As Promised.
He's so stupid and so lame and so incredibly inane that it's amazing that many chicks are after him. So really, he's a male version of me. Except for the whole chick magnet part. Or the magnet part, period.

- Allergy Test: The One Where I Confronted My Fear of Needles.
I'm not a fan of needles. It's pretty bizarre cause I can 'thread' a needle through my skin without an eye-bat, but I start spazzing and squirming at the sight of needles not even penetrating the skin yet in movies. So when my parents forced me to do the test, I wasn't quite the happy camper. Suffice to say that at 19, I still can rock one hell of a hissy fit. Anyways, when the time came for the nurse to take the test, I looked away and attempted to think happy thoughts. Of course, as my life always go, they couldn't find a vein in my left hand. And they only realized that AFTER penetrating my skin with the needle and forcibly looking for one. So when they moved to the right and had the same problem, I just started giggling. It was beyond bizarre but I couldn't help it. I had to control from breaking into full-fleged guffaws. What can I say... the whole situation was ridiculous. But oh well. They got their 10 CCs in the end.

Also, I found out that I'm allergic to eggs. And bananas. Ha! Finally something to validate my intense dislike of bananas.

- Ipoh mari: The One Where A Visit To My Grandparents' Isn't Quite As Innocuous As It Sounds.
For the first time, my grandpa and ma divulged history about their parents and younger days. Like, I never knew my grandma was adopted. Or that my grandpa's parents arrived in Malaysia after one hell of a boatride from China. Apparently my great paternal grandma was a stickler for discipline, something my dad learned about the hard way many a-times. Hee.

- Family Affairs: The One Where My Dad And Ma Finally Spilled on Things We Were Previously Denied Knowledge Of.
Christ. That was one mega-chat session that lasted for three hours. But it certainly puts things into perspective. I guess before, I only had a brief understanding about the relationship my parents' have. But that river runs deeper and wider than I can ever hope to understand.

There's probably some stuff I'm forgetting to mention right now. But those are the events that come instantly when I think about the past 2 weeks. It was good seeing people I haven't seen in a year. Will be even better when I see them again in five months.

I end this post with three random trivia bits.

1. I have finally brought over my bathrobe and here I sit feeling super-duper comfortable. I also feel ready to traverse the galaxy. 'Resistance is futile'. Hee.

2. We're actually half Indonesian Chinese. Gill, Jon and I, that is.. Weird. Not like there's any difference but I always thought we were only a quarter. Nyehhh. I guess that's why I'm not doing a maths-related degree.

3. My new timetable states that I have a 11-hour week with Thursdays and Fridays off. Fuck yeah, losers!