Thursday, December 22, 2005

My Year in Review, Part 1 of 2.

The only reason this isn't the full thing is well, because your eyes are gonna need a break at some point, and I haven't watched Narnia yet. Narnia, to me, is a pretty big event, cause ever since I first saw the trailer in cinemas, I pretty much fell in love with the movie. Blah to King Kong. Narnia's the one I've been waiting for. Right then. Onward with the review.

This year, I decided to stop beating around the agnostic/atheist bush and choose a belief. Where do you put your faith? From something so simple as having faith that the Ah Beng DVD-seller is indeed telling the truth when he says 'the DVD good quality wan!', to having faith in the power of democracy to deliver the public's will, even the most jaded are capable of faith.
At the end, I choose to put my faith in people. Simply put, and I mean no offense to the religious out there, I believe that God is merely an excuse too often used, and not a very good one at that. For every action that we take, the consequences we must face as well. That's what I believe. And I also reinforced my faith in Karma. 'What goes around, comes around'; it's the only rule you'll ever have to adhere to. At least that's what I think. Oh, right. That and NEVER EVER skim on toilet paper. It's always worth it to pay the extra fifty-five cents.

This year as well, marked the end a relationship. It's funny how people warn you about the high possibility of growing apart or cheating partners but never of the likelihood of diminished feelings when they hear of couples in long-distance relationships. Anyhow, let me now de-bunk the myth of the impossibility of ex-es (?) being friends. Through the cloud of guilt and heartache, I'm proud to say we remained close friends, right up till present day in fact. I suppose when you're as matured as me, and as somewhat matured as the 'Mighty Jock' (hee), the relationship is salvageable. You're awesome, Prep. Too bad I'm awesome-r.

This year as well a couple of 'jokes' that I pulled ended up having a pretty serious effect in my life. Nothing broken or fractured. In the early half of the year, the result of a joke audition thanks to Sammy Snake putting down my name, resulted in a part in the cast ensemble of Freshers. The play opened me up to the world of uni (I am hesitant to use the word amatuer, because that word somehow does not dignify the amount of time and emotion invested) theatre and indulged my interest in writing scripts. They say university is a time to experience new things. Well, outside of getting pissed drunk on a weekday and running around in the nude on Prosh Week (I saw gibblets. Unsurprisingly, I didn't eat meat for lunch that day), there's certainly never been a better time to get involved with theatre productions.

My application to McDonald's as well started out as a joke. I was barely serious when I applied, believing myself to be 'too good' for such a job. What a slap to the face, indeed. When my lack of experience deterred me from getting any offers, save for a tele-marketing position that required a 45 minute+ commute, Macca's called with the news. Since then, there's been no regrets. There's a really good environment going on - friendly people who are around the same age and most of the time, polite customers. Like any other job, there's stress involved, especially during the breakfast/lunch/dinner rushes. My bad for thinking those with a McJob are low-life automatons. I am, indeed, humbled now.

Part 2 consists of other thoughts regarding family, friends and the Top 3 Movies of the Year Cause I cannot go a post with one reference to pop culture. And some of the most embarassing pictures will be uploaded to illustrate the year. Cause if you can't laugh at yourself, then who can you laugh at? The idiots in the picture, I suppose.


Also, just for the curious, I changed my project. Now, in Costa Rica, I will be involved with the Finca La Gran Vista project. It's got more interaction with the environment, yet it also remains a community project. I suppose we're helping the community by helping the environment?, if that makes sense.

The main aim of the project is to provide a working example of a farm that operates in a sustainable manner, removing the need to clear new areas of the forest. I'm too darn lazy to type everything out so if you really want to know more, send an email. Here's some of the stuff we will be expected to do: construction, feeding the farm animals, planting seeds, soil conservation, maintenance of medical plants, using and producing organic fertilizer, maintaining the spring-water wells, and harvesting crops. If you're wondering why I changed my project, it's because the moon cycle was not auspicious for my love-life. Hee. I changed it because I can.