Wednesday, April 05, 2006

'And so between them both you see, they licked the platter clean.'

To my blurass friend, Christine;
Yesterday marks your twentieth year,
No longer are you a wee teen,
(HAHA) You're an old Ninny now, dear!

Soon you'll be really old, like eighty,
and die a wrinkly, stinky death;
But for now, don't fret or worry,
because you still have a firm asth.

Who knew I had a lisp? I meant ass.

---I apologize for the quality, or more specifically the lack of quality. I came up with this in between writing notes and fighting the urges of sleep during my Democracy lecture.

Happy 20th Birthday Christine-ninny. Just know that when I think of you I think of;


and Carlsberg

Love ya lots (although my gut tells me you're probably not reciprocating that right about now).

Hpe you had a good one.