Friday, August 25, 2006


I have to wonder if one of my housemates secretly hate me. Because I tend to keep rather weird hours, I'm prone to doing housework in the middle of the night, the most common being laundry. Regardless of whether I'm at home in the day or the evening, the idea of doing laundry doesn't even enter the spectrum of my mind until it's past twelve am the next day. In College Square, where there are communal laundry rooms, it'd never bother anyone before. Three weeks ago I load the clothes in at one and Housemate B comes out and tells me nicely but firmly if I could do it tomorrow. Unfortunately the washing machine is already spinning so she goes back to bed noticably annoyed. I close the doors that lead to the washing room in the hopes that it at least blocks out some noise. Faux pas #1.

People who know me should know two things about my sleeping habits; 1) I can fall asleep pretty much anywhere and 2) I'm a pretty heavy sleeper. Oh alright, I'm a very heavy sleeper. So with regards to fact number two, it should come no surprise that it often takes me a while to notice that my alarm clock is ringing. That means my alarm clock blares repeatedly until I wake up, say fifteen minutes later than the original time it was set. Two weeks ago, I woke up at 8.34 am cause someone was knocking on my door loudly. My alarm woke Housemate B up and she was definitely none too pleased about that. Since then, I have been relying on the alarm feature on my mobile phone. Faux pas #2.

I have a habit of letting the dishes pile up before I tackle them. There are approximately five plates for the three of us in my apartment here. So far I've gone up to two dirty dishes and five pieces of cutlery before I started washing up. Luckily for me, if they've noticed my laziness they've yet to say anything. Possible faux pas in the future.

Of course, while I may be lazy, noisy and loud, I have my redeeming qualities as well. Last week I was on clean-up duty and damn if I didn't do a good job. For possible future housemates, keep in mind that when I clean, I clean. Also, I'm considerate enough to buy the good toilet paper that doesn't feel like sandpaper on your ass.


I saw a video of someone snowboarding on vimeo and that totally put me in the mood for some Buller action. Screw working over Spring Break if it means me racking up quality time in the mountains, I figured. Then Spags mentioned something about how snowfall has been abominable this year. I go online and find out that the last time it snowed was August 04 and even then it was the majestic cumulative height of two inches. Goddammit, just when I finally made up my mind to go snowboarding this year. I was going to take the perfect video of me going down Bourke St. oh-so-smoothly-and-righteously.

What a bummer. Guess I'll just stick to my McJob.