Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Year 2006/2007

Year 2006 ended with:

- an immeasurable feeling of national pride at the quick response of the government in dealing with the floods in Malaysia.
- realizing my cousin could be contacted through email (duh. Hey Daniel. Happy new year!)
- my first trip to China, Shanghai specifically, which left my brain scrambled for more than just negative reasons. To be expanded upon later, when I am sure that my usual long-ass posts won't be rejected.
- the SCBs having their first major fight, which luckily ended in a pact to never let future fights last longer than two days.
- my first new year countdown spent in the company of the SCBs (-1).
- my first aerosol-tin-foam fight which ended with Adeline's kid brother getting pwned big. Ad, don't tell him I said that.

Year 2007 started with:

- my brother exhibiting mad golfing skillz that led to him clinching fourth place in the Saujana men's tournament. That's my kid brother, peeps!
- Sammykins leaving for UPenn for a year. What will entail is me watching movies and student productions at uni all by my lonesome self. Or at least until the Chairman gets back in July.
- a realization that I am horribly allergic to the stuff in the aerosol-tin-foam. There is irony to be found somewhere but I'm too busy trying not to scratch and covering my blotchy face then to go figure it out.

Have a great year everyone!