Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Today is... of those days where I feel like I've achieved heaps and crossed many things off my list. But because most of these stuff were delayed due to the exams, after factoring in the new stuff my to-do list is back to square one.

Here is the very impressive list of things I did today:

- got Ad's 'farewell gift' although she has actually deserted me to gallivant around Europe.
- called up Nick to wish him a safe flight only to realise that he's already left.
- googled 'The World Clock' while on the train to Caulfield. Oh.
- became Ad's personal slave for the early part of the day.
- got my new jeans hemmed. One of two things that suck with being vertically-challenged.
- got my brother's graduation/birthday present.
- figured out what to get everyone, except male friends, for their birthday. Every damn year..
- made this necklace. I'm super psyched that it came out exactly like I imagined hence the selfwankerism.


- bought groceries.
- bought fasteners for black dress.
- opened my sewing kit to find out that it came with fasteners.
- altered black dress with fasteners successfully on first try!
- entertain thoughts of having actual sewing skills and getting a sewing machine so that I can hem my own jeans.
- remember that my foray with knitting ended as soon as it started.
- emails, emails, emails.

Strange this sense of accomplishment that strikes after finishing these inconsequential errands.

Oh boy. I either need to upgrade my Flickr account or stop posting pictures.