Friday, October 17, 2008

A retiree, no more.

As luck would have it, I currently no longer qualify as a 21 year old retiree. In what has been a really bizarre month, I found myself going from bumming slacker to applying for internships on a whim, going to Turkey for a holiday, coming back to agree to a same-day interview (when I'm icky and probably infested with international air bugs!), scrambling for certificates and laughing at how all the stupid random shit I did in my life actually amounted to legit qualifications, getting hired on the spot, going to Singapore, coming back to start at the company, and fast forward everything it's now 2.18 am and I still have a proposal to finish up and 39 scripts to write. On top of that, I have a lot of mail to reply (it's coming!), friends coming next month (not like that's a minus), sewing projects to start on, a Turkey post to write, a scrapbook to do and my family just introduced a new member to the household. As much as I dislike little yappy dogs, I got to admit that this little poodle, possibly Maltese mix, is probably churned from the factories of Hallmark. It's so cute and sweet you can't hate on it. You think you've had enough of it, but damn, you just keep coming back for more. Him, I mean. Little yappy things are generally it to me.

Here's a few things in point form because I'm too damn lazy and don't have the time to write things in a paragraph since apparently I do not understand the concept of brevity:

1. I don't take to naming things that I own. So I haven't had much practice in giving things name. I'm tempted to pull a Holly Golightly and just name that poodle, Dog, but it's technically not mine to name, so I'm leaving it up to the rest of the household instead. If I had my way I'd probably name it something extravagantly stupid like Mr. Periwinkles or something. I'm pushing for a cat now since I love my felines. But as it is, my dad thinks cats are too snobbish and therefore not worthy of his time.

2. Working in a team consisting of all guys is no problem to me, but Mr. Boss seems to think that since I'm the token girl he should go easy on me. As a feminist who believes in equality among genders, I cannot agree with his sentiments. I know I should be reveling in the easier ride, but I like to earn my keep, be it a stupid lowly-paid, like we're talking sad sad pittance, mission or not.

3. Putting the toilet seat down got tired by mid-day on my first day but I can't moan about since I generally play by majority rules. And in this case, I'm really, really a minority here.

4. I feel a bit cheated working now since my work experience is nothing like what I observed on The Office. Where's our Dwight and Kelly Kapoor?! In fact our office is nothing like what I thought it would be. Everyday while we work, Bruce Lee, Limp Bizkit, System of A Down and Korn supervises from their positions on the walls.

5. My Fujitsu is not back yet and I'm missing it greatly. Watch me make out with it when it returns. I swear to Allah I really will.

6. While prepping for my interview, I went through past certificates to suss out the usable ones. My old report cards were kept in the same file I keep all my certs in. Going through the report cards, I realize that my success rate in school is totally inverse to the years I'm actually at school. I started out a grade A kid in Standard 1, jumped a grade and fell slightly to a A- in Standard 5, pulled a B average when I was in Form 2/3 and then deteriorated to a B-/C+/AddMaths+BM=fail student by the time I was in Form 5. I never really understood how I scraped through the final assessment in the last year of high school (and not fail anything!) considering I never finished a single Malay essay, never even read the Malay literature we were examined upon, failed Chemistry, Add Maths,and BM during the mid-year exams, and only handed in my homework on alternate weeks. I call it insanely good luck I didn't flunk out mid-way let alone pass my exam and not garner a single C. Who knows, maybe out there there's another Karen W. whose still moaning about her bad luck during SPM '03.