Friday, September 23, 2005

Cameron Diaz was here

Celebrities, especially, need to learn to respect the concept of time. If you're slated for arrival at 6.45 pm, it does not mean that you show up, strolling oh-so-casually in at 7.30 pm. See, what happens when the person you're suppose to meet turns up late? You wait in a state of impatience, fidgeting and entertaining yourself through fondling your mobile phone. Hell yeah, you do. But with celebrities, you get the good fortune of being upset and impatient and fidgety while also being squashed in a sea of people, some who have the good fortune of not standing at 5'1''. And to top it all off, they will most probably have long hair. That swishes to and fro much to said 5'1'''s utter annoyance. C'est la vie, eh?

Anyway, I watched Red Eye with Cillian Murphy and Rachel McAdams. Quite a simple plot that was cleverly developed with strong leads and the creation of a tight, suspenseful atmosphere. My thoughts: If you thought Rachel McAdams was hot as a blonde, check her out as a brunette. She's quite pretty actually. And she did a good job of creating a balance between weak-sensitive-woman and strong-female-heroine. Much like Jessica Alba in Dark Angel. Although if that series was made into a Friends episode it'd be titled 'The One That Failed Miserably In Ripping Off Buffy HAHAHAHA'. Anyway, go watch if you have the chance. If only to find out another use of a ball-point pen. *Gulp*

I hereby state that the next foot I step in movie theatres will be for Serenity and Night Watch. Wooohooooo. Another of Joss Whedon's work!! The trailer... classic Joss Whedon humour. If you don't know who he is you live a sad sad sad sad sad sad sad sad life. SAD. Just go kill yourself cause you'll never live down the embarassment man. Hee hee. :) Night Watch on the other hand is this Russian film which has one of the most kick-assest trailers I've seen in a while. I'm hooked. Wait.. I just thought of something. Alamak... Jangan-jangan another Agent Cody Banks incident. Movie Kakis' most brilliant moment. Lol. Hopefully you guys in Malaysia get to catch 'em both. Wooo hooo!

Alas, I am not a complete and massive failure. Yet. McDonald's called me back. Have got an interview on Monday. At either 2.15 pm or 2.30 pm. Damn it. I need to stop waking up to answer the phone while I'm sleeping. Also, I should make it a point to wake up before 12..
Hmmm. Wonder if they'll have a problem with 5 piercings?

Right. I woke up today with 4 piercings.

And tonight I go to bed with 5.