Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Blatant advertising: Conspiracy Chicks has been updated.

Seriously. Elektra isn't all that bad. Sure, halfway into the movie I was like "what's going on?" and when the plot finally untwisted, I was like "..."<--- Partly because I was dumbfounded by two things: i) that I couldn't believe I didn't see THAT coming and ii) the total and complete inanity of the lines and the utter failure at igniting any chemistry between the two leads and the horrible, HORRIBLE, attempts at humour and the fact that everyone in the movie unbelievably created new definitions to the term 'kayu' acting (Almost, but not quite quite, surpassing the ranks of David Boreanaz's Angel. EEEEKK.). Jennifer Garner's acting talents were completely wasted here, although I've gotta say her 'hot body' talents were fully utilized. The shot of her in the red leather costume probably earned her a new legion of pervy, male, comic-geek fans. But no. I still maintain that there have been worse. Elektra does not belong in the List of Horrible Movies That Will Make Porn Look Like The Most Brilliant Concept Ever.

For that, we have, in particular order;
1. Agent Cody Banks
1. A Cinderella Story
1. Crossroads
1. Any Rob Schneider flick where he's the lead. Ack.. The Animal, The Hot Chick.
1. Coach Carter
1. Daredevil
1. The Lizzie McGuire Movie
*List compiled after personal viewing. Yes, I watched The Lizzie McGuire Movie. Get over it.

And by the way, what the hell is up with Hilary Duff releasing a 'Greatest Hits' compilation? The album what, contains all of 2 songs? Ack! It's Mandy Moore all over again. At least I think Mandy Moore had more hits. At the top of my head, she's got;

1. Cry
2. Candy
3. errrrrrrrrrr........ Ooo. Crush.
4. let's not push it.


1. Fly
2. Why? Or What if? or Why Not? It was some kinda question.

Sigh. Music executives need to stop caring about the dough and force-feeding us with re-issued songs on a 'brand new' album. And they wonder why people are turning to downloading.

On other matters, I'm on break! For two weeks. Sweet? Would be sweeter if someone would call me back and tell me I'm hired. It's sad. Even McDonald's hasn't ring me back yet. According to Gill who has friends who work there, they take a while to get back to you. Damn. Australians don't understand or appreciate the concept of time. I don't even want to think what this makes me if I get rejected from McDonald's.

I went to watch Mysterious Skin just now. And it's this movie based on a book that deals with the consequences of pedophilia from the victim's point of view, if that makes any sense. One of them becomes a gay hustler and the other has the whole memory blocked out. It's pretty good. The audience wasn't subjected to multiple shots of sexual intercourse or anything like that (couple of butt shots but no dick shots) given the movie's theme, which I think gives it a certain sense of tastefulness. And the leads were pretty solid. Joseph Gordon-Levitt played the gay hustler and this other kid Brady Corbet (the elder brother in Thirteen, who was born in 1988, wtf?!) did a pretty good job as the blank memory kid. Highlight of the show: Joseph Gordon-Levitt. I forgot how hot he is. And the movie just cemented that fact. Bad me for forgetting!

If you can't tell already, I lead a boring life. I don't have a lot of things going on to expand on. Therefore I am not to blame for posting stuff like this up.

Did you know that the guy who played Lindsay Lohan's father in Mean Girls is the guy who plays the janitor in Scrubs?