Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Have you heard?

Coldplay is coming!!!!!!!!!!

So last night I was watching Rove Live, which is a Australian talk show program sort of emulating the Letterman/Leno/O'Brien style, and the interviewees for the night were Chris Martin and Jonny Buckland. They talked about the new album X&Y, which is freaking awesome in my not-very-humble-nor-bias opinion. Seriously. You'll hear all these guitar riffs and chord arrangements Coldplay has never played before, therefore proving that they are not a 3-chord band. For an example of that take a look at Busted. Prime example really.

Anyway, Rove (the host) goes, "Oh, so I hear you have something important to tell your Australian fans." [Heart starts thumping]

Chris Martin, "Yeah. We really like your Aussie chocolate." [DOH!]

Then after some inane yet highly entertaining conversation, they get to the point.

And the point is that Coldplay will be coming to Australia!!!!!!!!!! Can you tell I'm estatic? That's ten exclamation marks. And if that is not obvious enough I don't know what is. Sure there were some "OH MY GODs" and "WOOOOOOYEAHHHHHHHHHs" and lots of jumpings and squealings but really. Ten exclamation marks says it all.

Oooo. Before I forget. You know Big Day Out? I read the papers today and there was this very small article about that. Apparently next year's event will be held at Princes Park. Which is this park that's about 7 minutes away from where I stay (it's at that park you played football at, Nick). Can you say, "hell yeah!!!??"

Coldplay is coming!!!!!!!!!!

Also I watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory the other day. And Freddie Highmore is such an effective actor. He can convey his emotions through his goddamn eyes! He probably could do that through his nostrils as well if he wanted to. Fooyohhh. Jessica Alba and Mandy Moore could learn a thing or two from him.

Coldplay is coming!!!!!!!!!!

So anyway, I was walking up the street the other day and this guy dropped a couple of pictures. Naturally, I just walked on and looked ahead. You see, the Chairman and I once were nice enough to help this guy pick up photos he dropped. And boy was that a huge mistake. The photos were off the err.. XXX kind. A girl was going down on a guy. And the guy who the pictures belonged to was like shoving the pictures at us going, "Yeah. And look at that picture what do you think of that?" Jesus Christ. Stupid comebacks that strike too late. We should have laughed and said, "Is that all? *cue sarcastic laughter* We've seen bigger." So really, sometimes the only way to be nice is to be not nice. And I don't know what the hell that means. So much for a punchy-not-nonsensical conclusion.

Right then. Technically, Coldplay is only coming next year. But hey. I choose to be excited. At this rate my heart will probably give out just before the concert starts. According to Chris Martin, the band will be coming early in the year, like February. If they come and I'm still in Costa Rica... Pfft. What are the odds? I would like to state for the record that mathematical geniuses need not actually calculate the odds and enlighten me.