Monday, December 12, 2005

Results of Surfing Online



Double huh.

Just when I thought I knew it all. Daniel Wu in a music band. Huh indeed. Doesn't change the fact that he still makes for pretty darn good eye-candy.

Today I realised that eating outside to enjoy the sun and the fresh air is completely overrated. While attempting to chow down my meal, I was also busy fending off the flies that threatened to go up my skirt, down my fries and into my burger. To top it all of, there was a stupid sparrow that was hovering pretty darn too close for comfort. I was pretty tempted to throw the beef patty at it, in the hopes of knocking it out but then it occured to me that the sparrow might instead chow down on it and acquire a taste for cow meat. And with a brain that big, the bird will probably think me a cow (wouldn't be the first according to my dad and bro!) and peck my eyes and flesh away. I also considered the fact that the sparrow might choke on the beef patty, but the idea of it flying around crazily while attempting to dislodge the patty isn't exactly too appealing; i.e it might land on me.

Anyway, with a mouth that can fit one hard-boiled egg intact, mind you, it's not too hard to guess what happened in the end, right? Now, I have acquired a taste for sparrow meat. It's like eating miniature chicken wings. Maybe next time I'll actually cook it.

And maybe next time I'll actually do something rather than sit on the bench and think up all the reactions to my actions.