Monday, August 14, 2006

Dial-up users beware.

Like there's anyone left. I know. I have become one of those snobby broadband owner who thinks they're the end all of Internet speeds. Man, it feels gooooooooooood!

As mentioned on my tagboard, I will be posting some pictures as relief for the weary eyes. I really need to work out the text/picture balance.

Here's a few I like.

Movie poster for Brick. The movie poster ties in really well with the movie.

I will stop talking about it once the awe wears off, I promise (while totally keeping my fingers crossed).

He grew up well. Anyone who watched 3rd Rock from the Sun and is female will agree to that. Must control fangirl tendencies. Squee.

He is too cute. He looks scarily like Heath Ledger though. Of course brunettes come out tops when push comes to shove, as they should and always will. Unless brunette in question is Orlando Bloom. I will have to reconsider my stance should he come into the firing line.

"I think Keanu Reeves said it best when he said.. Whoa"

Seventeen years, three installations of Matrix and a much parodied kung-fu move later, Keanu Reeves remain the idol of wannabe-dopeheads of our generation. No? Wyld Stallyns, baby! Anyone else would be criminal, of course. Sean Penn in Fast Times ain't got nothing on the man. On a side note, what the hell ever happened to Alex Winters, the Bill to Keanu's Ted?

"Oh, we fear Keane alright. Look at us shake in our wee little booties."

Like I stated before, I think the video for 'Talk' is just simply too cool. It's pretty hokey and not completely relevant to the song, unless them being robot food is supposed to signify the importance of communication especially in the vacuum of space? Who cares. It's got a robot. It's got Coldplay. I'm sold.

Screencap for Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

I know that the background is the product of skilled FX technicians, but it's just darn pretty. Maybe this is what a Siberia-like planet somewhere out there in the galaxy looks like when one of their many suns set. Yes Karen, and manic-depressive
robots really exist too.

And just so that you don't scream bloody murder, this is me.

Well, mostly.

So it wasn't much of a cam-whoring session. But then I don't really do camwhore. It's moviewhore-dom for me all the way, and you know it. Also, my uniform is currently wet. Maybe next time, eh YM?

*none of the pictures here belong to me. All credit given to random sites off the internet and the Chairman.