Friday, August 18, 2006

Spags Lee: Celebrity doppelgangers.

Celebrity doppelganger #1: Julia Stiles
Celebrity doppelganger #2: Erika Christensen
Celebrity doppelganger #3: Joss Stone

Your belated birthday post. Here's me doing that 'if you comment, I shall comment' thing since you missed out on my earlier one.

1. Something random about Spags Lee.
By extension you would look like Erika Christensen too because she is generally considered the Hollywood doppelganger of Julia Stiles. Home-brewed Malaysian doppelganger power to you, mate!
[/edit]: Ditto Joss Stone.

2. Challenge you to try something.
Eat the Reese's 'Nutrageous' chocolate bar. Too many times I have gone, "Oh, this is excellent. Must tell Ad", only to remember that you're fervantly anti-nut products. I'll get it for you, you eat it and realize that your dislike towards nuts is completely irrational, yes?

3. A colour that I associate with you.
Right now, purple. Only because your blog is probably the purple-est page in cyberspace currently, surpassing the likes of the official Cadbury website.

4. Something I like about you.
Sheesh. Too many. I like the fact that you're the embodiment of the modern day geek girl; wacky, pop culture-obsessed, TV-addict with a creamy centre of heart, humility and guts. I also like how you're up for sharing but should a person encroach on your space, you're not afraid to tell them to get their heads out of their ass and piss the bloody hell off. How do I know this? Re: below.

5. First/Clearest memory of you.
Form One, during recess, you told me in so many words to piss off and get my own fries and quit stealing yours. Heh.

6. Animal that you remind me of.
Is this really necessary? Monkey. Hamster. Depending on the situation, it varies.

7. Something I've always wanted to ask you.
If Dave Rygalsky from Gilmore Girls had a showdown with Seth Cohen from The OC, who will come out victorious?