Thursday, August 31, 2006

I love you Twitchy WA.

Food for thought.
i. Saddam forced to watch South Park. Would he be branded an 'infidel' if he laughed?
ii. Profession: Clown. Reasons for death: Stress. Paradoxical, no?


My Internet connection is fixed, thanks to one David Long. Apparently it was my Norton Internet Security/firewall issues that effed up my connection. That thing sure is a pesky one. I had previously uninstalled Norton cause it was way expired and the pop-up reminders were at least thirty seven kinds of annoying but somehow I overlooked that and it lived on, much like the paltry attempts at Paris Hilton launching a singing career (last I read, sales were positively suck-tastic which gives me a perverted sense of glee. How about you?).

Longman, being the Med-student-by-day/gravity-defying-tech-wiz-by-night that he is, left bits and pieces of all kind of goods as well. Within the silver casing of my seemingly innocuous Dell Inspiron 510m laptop lies a brand new edition of Norton Antivirus, LimeWire Pro edition, and Quicktime 7 Pro, thank you very much. Way to stick it to the man, eh? Additionally, I now have Azureus for BitTorrent-style downloads and a copy of High School Musical as well. Like, how many ways can you say "fuck yeah!!!!"?

"But Karen, with one gig of free space left on your hard drive, how ever did you fit that all in?"

The Longman, being the awesome fella that he is, is helping me burn my folder of Veronica Mars Season 2 with his DVD burner. Season two of Grey's Anatomy will be coming along my way shortly too. I know.. friends who are able to help you out and hook you up are the best kinds.

Finally, I've got my VideoDownloader for Mozilla to finally work and I'm saying hello to the Emmy '06 pre-filmed montage with Conan O'Brien and The Microsoft Training Video with Ricky Gervais reprising the character David Brent from The Office (BBC). "No, I did not have Conan O'Brien fall through the ceiling". Heh. The US version of The Office is really growing on me.

I am feeling gleefully sated. Also, I think I just might be hooked on this Internet gimmick thing. The past three days without Internet have ensured that my sleeping time went back to sort of normal, if sleeping at 9pm and waking at 4am is any semblance of normality. I'm pretty sure that now with the Internet at my fingertips again, it will all go to crap again. Nyeh, it's 3.14 in the morning, I'm pretty damn happy and that's enough for now.

p/s: I realise that my blog looks really undignified on IE. Maybe it's the screen resolution, but I guarantee you the Mozilla browser is the wonderbra to my blog's metaphorical boobs. Also, I hate IE. Once you go with the Fox, you never look back.

pp/s: Snow Patrol's version of Beyonce's 'Crazy in Love'. For a bunch of white Irish lads pulling the gangsta-act-rapping-sthick, ala Jay-Z, they're surprisingly effective (ie. good).
You heard me, right. I actually really, really like a Snow Patrol song. Oh, stop gloating Ad.