Friday, September 01, 2006

The Infomation Super Highway.

If you are in a country where Snakes on a Plane hasn't opened yet, or if like me, you want to watch it yet don't want to fork out money to watch them motherfucking snakes on a motherfucking plane, read this unabridged review/cheat-sheet here. I think the transcribed experience will far outrank any number of viewings in a cinema.

For the pop-culture enthusiast, Fametracker is the site for you. Created by one of the writers of Television w/o Pity, the site is a pop culture geek's wetdream with the added bonus of snark, snark and more snark. Unfamiliar with the concept of snark? Read the Keanu Reeves fame audit and henceforth may your world be more enlightened and snark-ful.

I don't make it a habit to read blogs of celebrities cause on the off-chance that there is an update at all, 95 percent of the content is plugs for their current product/venture. That being said, I will admit to frequenting Zach Braff's site cause plugs aside, he is actually funny on occasion. Either he's hamming up the goofy J.D persona on Scrubs or somewhere, somehow the line between reality and fiction blurred and coagulated around Braff's real-life character.

Also, not that this is particularly relevant right now, but Phil Keoghan's blog (host of) that correlated with the most recent season of Amazing Race makes for a really good read, if only because you find out how the intricacies of the show. For example, although we don't see it on the show contestants actually have to buy four tickets when flying, the extra two for the camera crew that is. A whole new insight (and appreciation) to be gained after reading Phil two cents' worth into the production aspect of The Amazing Race, plus the truth behind BJ and Tyler's orange pants.

One pitfall of celebrity sites: while I may love Travis Barker, the drummer, I absolutely loathe Travis Barker, the blogger. His writing style.. urghh. Bane of my existence, I tell ya. He might as well tYpe LiKe ThIs!!!#!!!

And for chuckles, here's something else for the attention span-challenged people. Created by Amir Blumenfeld, one of the writers for CollegeHumor, it's a whole bunch of video away messages that AOL users can use in place of plain text away messages. I get that we in Asia/Oceania don't use AOL but it is definitely funny to see these shorts regardless of. Plus, should MSN ever evolve to include video away messages, this would be an inspiration for something a little less dull than a a video of us holding up a hand-written 'brb' sign.

Finally, to see why should I ever have a middle name it would be 'shameless', click Spag's "The Krispy Kreme Adventure" post. Donuts, warm weather and good company.. I AM GOD.


From Clerks 2,
"Is that the fucking bible?"
"Hey, hey. The holy fucking bible, son."

God, I love that movie. It doesn't quite compare to the first installment, I'll admit. And while the pacing was quite erratic and the character of Elias alternating between geek and pitiful-wretched-being annoying, for 97 minutes the general audience, plus me, had a really good time. There were claps, "hell yeahs" and cries of "What the fuck?" followed by huge laughter throughout the film. I noted that the crowd was basically made up of college-slacker-kids and yuppie-type-professionals and whether they were there because they were fans of number one (looks to be it) or because Miami Vice was sold out (highly unlikely X 1000000000), they certainly added to my viewing pleasure.

The movie was one big cinematic lovefest; from Kevin Smith's promise to Jason Mewes that if he got off drugs successfully the role of Jay would be revived one more time, to the 100000 Myspace friends that were credited at the end of the movie to the use of Harley Quinn Smith (best celeb kid's name ever), Kevin's kid and his wife, to the cameos by Jason Lee and Ben Affleck, past players in the ViewAskew universe.. It is one giant "up yours" to bland comedies with Owen Wilson playing lovable rascals, to movie executives who refuse to cast a role, let alone a lead one, to an unknown actor, to shitty scripts who attempt at realism but come off fake, to drugs, to living the rat race, to corporations, to yuppies and especially, Hollywood. Most of all, this is love between Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes, Kevin Smith and the Weinstein Company, to geek culture, to Star Wars, and most definitely, Kevin Smith's wit and his love for words.

Hell, should I ever be on the verge of suicide, remind me to watch Randal's interpretation of The Lord of the Rings trilogy, and all will be good again. Brilliance on the cusp of true genius.