Tuesday, September 05, 2006

To The 'Meroxing' Chit

I know I'm about 48 hours late but hell, I figured even when you're 20 years and 2 days old it's still an occasion to celebrate the day of your birth.

And no, that is not a lame excuse for me not posting this up earlier.

Besides, if the postal service worked the way it should, you should have received the real thing by Wednesday at least.

In the words of Jack Twist, "I wish I knew how to quit.. ribbing you all the damn time". You are the last of a dying breed, a breed that still reacts to my inane actions and words. Live. Live on, my fairweathered friend. Should you die, be like the phoenix and rise again to glorious life.

Was that laying it on too thick? I think at some point even that analogy ran away from me. Oh hell. HaPpY tWeNTiEtH BuRfdAyYyYy (LiKe oH mY gOsHnEsSsSsS).

Seriously. How annoying is it when people type like that?