Monday, September 18, 2006

Classic Karen Moment no #149

I woke up late for work today and as a result left home in a blind hurry. Two steps out of my room and I turn right back in to grab my forgotten housekeys. After trashing my room the second time round and still failing to uncover the keys, I figured I'd take a chance and hope that someone would be home to let me in when I got back.

As luck would have it no one is home when I get back. What entails is a forty minute pizza-eating, newpaper-reading lunch at the stairwell hoping that one of two things come forth; that 1) one of my housemates wasn't actually out but asleep and 2) my previous attempt at picking at a locked door wasn't a fluke. After very bruised knuckles and finding two hairpins with bubble ends, it becames glaringly obvious that Lady Luck had declared a fatwa against me today, so I head to the library; figured I'd borrow a movie and watch it there to kill time. Midway into eXistenZe, right at the point where my headache has imploded into a migraine, I take a gulp of water from my bottle and when I move to put the bottle back into my bag, what should I find but those damn housekeys.

I'm one of a kind, and you know it.

Anyways, onto moments that do not include total and utter idiocy, here is what I imagine a geek's attempt at trash talking, as found on one of the eXistenZe threads, "Why dont' u just stick to the Matrix, or better yet Revenge of the Sith." Subject matter was defending the the movie and David Cronenberg. Too hilarious.