Thursday, September 21, 2006

Royal Melbourne Show '06

It's bigger, it's grander and it's back!

The Royal Melbourne Show Sept 21-Oct 1 '06

Most importantly, I'm there daily (almost), ever ready to paint your faces! I will bend over and risk backache just to get the perfect angle on your cheek, I will continuously push your head back to perfect the Spiderman face, I will.. what the hell am I saying? Three quarter of the people who read this blog aren't in Australia and the one quarter that do have left age three a millenium ago. Moving on then.

Best customer of the day: Liam, age 9 (+/- 1)
He could do a British accent, an Irish accent, an Australian accent, and an Elmo voice, hot damn! I wished my younger cousins were this cool.

In other pointless news, I have been fighting a sick sneaker fetish lately. Although I need these as much as Bill Gates needs an extra million, I can't stop but look, and look, and look, and stare, and drool. It's gotten to the point where I pass by shoe shops and have to take a look in the window display. So, for no apparent reason except to quell this burning desire, I would like to own a pair of Vans Slip Ons, a pair of Onitsuka Tigers, a red Converse classic, and a watermelon pink Converse classic. And in the same vein, I would also like to own a pair of black MaryJanes, ideally Camper. I told you it was sick.

Oh goddammit! I just found the Vans Custom Shoe Builder feature on their website. I knew I should have done something about my lack of a credit card sooner.