Sunday, September 24, 2006

Let's kill your broadband speed!

This is my attempt at photoblogging. Considering that I've got a digital camera now and I've taken over 400 shots to date (over the span of 3 months +), I figured I might as well put some up. These are mostly random shots taken at Melbourne Central, and the Royal Melbourne Show. Also, as a treat, there are three shots of me here, just because I know everyone loves a little slice of me. Henceforth shall the pictures overload begin!

Camera love!

This is my new phone, the Sony Ericsson k610i. It pretentiously refers to itself as a "videophone". I decided to upgrade my phone, and so after a year and a six months of sticking with my crappy LG U8120 phone, the fact that the person on the other line can hear me clearly now hasn't failed to astonish yet. I was actually deciding between the hot pink Motorola Razr v3x and this, and online reviews pretty much scared me off the v3x. Arrogance aside, the SE k610i is a nifty little bugger.

I also decided to exercise a little bit of class and get the white instead of the red model. If you're wondering why I didn't choose a clamshell style phone, note that while Justin Timberlake may be bringing sexy back, I'm bringing candybar phones back. Word to y
o motha, dudes.

My new milk crate. Also useful as a stool, a bedside table, a ladder, a shelve and well, pretty much anything. Don't ask how I come across these things. They just end up in my path, honest.

Now all is right in the world again and I have two milk crates again. I think it's such a 'poor student' stocktype thing to own but as cliched as it may be, I sure as hell love mah milk crates.

Charmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Words cannot describe how truly jealous I am. Season 3 starts on Oct 3. Damn you people in the US with access to the CW!!! I have come to realize that maybe the reason why people are turned off the shows I like is because of my fervent fanatisicm. Hence, I figured I'll put up a post someday giving a right and proper synopsis and review of shows that I watch in the hopes that you'll give it a shot and grow to love it as well. That being said I have still to write up my post where I compare teen shows, Veronica Mars, One Tree Hill and The OC that are starting their new seasons soon in the US.

The rides at this year's Royal Melbourne Show are absolutely crazy. Partly because each of them costs 6 bucks a ride and also cause they all spin at crazy angles, twirl like it's the natural way for lifeforms to do, and move in speeds that shouldn't be allowed for rides that aren't roller coasters. This one was actually only little league compared to the others. Like the Sunway Lagoon ride you're strapped in and like a huge giant swing, you start swinging till you're hanging upside down. Funny that it's called 'Ali Baba' though. Can you imagine the amount of kids going, "Open sesame! Goddammit, I said open sesame! Let me the fuck off this ride!! Wahhhhhhh -wails cutoff by swooshing motion of the ride-!!!."

I actually thought, "Oh, the cleverness of me!" when I thought up this screencap within a screencap picture. Mostly I just wanted to show you guys my kickass wallpaper. The clouds just sell the whole idea so much better.

This ride, god, was vicious. This picture makes it look so innocent. Like a pretty flower or something to that effect.

This is a more accurate picture of what it's about. You're strapped in the ride, and it spins round and round. As if that's not bad enough, the whole ride twirls at various axis as well. I love roller coasters but rides that go upside down, then around, just don't quite hold the same appeal for me.

"Australia's fastest ride". I honestly do not doubt that for a second. You can't see it yet cause the shutter speed was set to fast.

With slower shutter speed the speed of the ride becomes more apparent. God, they're just one big blur. Why do people want to go round and round repeatedly at really fast speeds? I never quite understood how that selling point worked.

Yet another ride, the Mega Mix, that goes round and round. If you look closer, you'll note that the people strapped in are actually upside down. I swear, almost every ride at the Royal Melbourne Show had the same basic concept. Had quick spinning rides been outlawed, nothing would be left but the ferris wheel. Even so, the wheel was turning suspiciously fast at times. Huh.

Gael Garcia Bernal love! This guy is so hot he could make the act of churning butter seem sexy in ways that Justin Timberlake can't even begin to fathom. I want to watch The Science of Sleep so badly. Almost worse than my need to watch The Fountain.

The giant swing. At the left of the giant swing is the Ali Baba ride as stated above. On the right is the vicious pretty flower. This is something to go under the 'action shot' category.

The landscape of the park at night. It's actually quite pretty. But the crowd, hot damn. It was so dense in the morning that I had to literally push through a family of four to get to the face painting stall on time. At night isn't a whole lot better. I had to push through a crowd of teeny gothkid wannabes just to get to the exit.

I always liked the different geometric designs on the walls of the third level of Melbourne Central. It's a bit underexposed here, but I reckon the washed out yellow is nicer to look at then the white paint.

Should I ever find a permanent place to live in the future (that is not a house), let it be known that I want my apartments to have this Spanish-Miami-Beach looking design. It is so pretty. Taken at St Kilda.

People avoid alleyways because they're dodgy. Some of them are actually pretty damn interesting to look at.

There is something wrong with this picture no? It gives me a headache everytime I look at it.

Well, it's mostly because the above was flipped. This is one of the many many stalls available at the showgrounds. Unfortunately the big ass polar bears weren't quite as choice as the big ass My Little Pony soft toys. Big ass purple ponies are a dime a dozen at the Royal Melbourne Show.

Hands down, this is the coolest shot of me here. Personally, I think I look really cool here. And not the 'Karen-hamming-it-up-for-the-camera cool' either. Like scenekid levels of cool. Ah, the wonders of a shower.

While waiting for the pictures to load, this thought fleeted into the thresholds of my mind. I reckon the worst insult anyone could say barring all mother-related insults is this; "He/She is so unfortunate looking." How do you respond to that? "So's your face" remains the best reply to every single insult imaginable.

I absolutely love the lights at the third floor of Melbourne Central. Everytime I walk by there I always look above to look at them. Someday I'm going to find out who designed the architecture of the revamped Melbourne Central and write a fangirl note to him/her.

Caption #1: "Oh my god! Help! That big giant hand just grabbed my purse!!!"
Caption #2: "Talk to the hand dude. Just keep talking."

Personally I prefer number two but if you can come up with anything else, feel free to drop it in the comments page.

And finally, geek love! I've even got a bobby pin in my hair. Which is in braids. Too damn awesome.

Thanks for making it to this point. As your reward for sticking with me that long, let me direct you to everybody's favourite show's blooper reels. Here's some YouTube links for Friends blooper reel, in chronological order of my favourite characters.

In high school, Chandler Bing was my favourite friend. Then while rewatching past seasons in Trinity, I came to realise that Joey was pretty awesome as well. Finally in my first year of uni, I came to appreciate one of the biggest losers in TV history, Ross Gellar.

Matthew Perry is byfar the most talented comedian among the six. Enjoy.