Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Let it be known that had I ever made a crack at the Internet in the past, I take it all back. I love the Internet. Hell, I love technology. If it were human, I'd hit that. If it were an animal, I'd do as the Egyptians did and worship it. If it were peanut butter, I would spread it all over myself and dance in the rain in reverence for it.

Why the sudden change in attitude? Well, I just watched the premiere episode for Veronica Mars season 3. You can bet your bottom dollar that even knee-deep in human faeces, I'd still be sporting a huge ass goofy grin, the likes which will blow Goofy way out of the water. Gagging, but still grinning. That made no sense but who's really paying attention when the real point of the story is VERONICA MARS SEASON 3, EPISODE 1. But more importantly, me watching said episode of season 3 Veronica Mars. Before it premiered in the US, if I might add.

Fuck cleanliness. Live streaming Internet is next to godliness. On the other side of sits a certain Chairman. She f-ing rules.

The end.