Thursday, October 12, 2006

I'm happy because I'm stupid

So obviously the people who visit this blog do not enjoy clicking on links. Or there are no words to be said about the kick-awesomeness that is the Muppet's manahnanah song? Huh. Duly noted. Maybe I should have embedded the YouTube video so you lazy arses can just click the little play button? Nyeh. Too little, too late.

Two new links on the sidebar;
i. Waiterrant is a regularly updated site where an anonymous waiter/manager of an anonymous upscale restaurant in an anonymous state in the USA writes about life in the food and beverage and service industry. Very insightful, especially if you want to understand the tipping culture in the States. Also, more reason why yuppie-types are the bane of the working middle-class of the world.

ii. Barista Brat works at Starbucks somewhere in the US. Since working at McCafe seems very similar to working at Starbucks (at least according to her descriptions), her rants totally speak to my soul. Like, absolutely. From the corporate thought-process to the hatred expressed towards all things ice-blended (it's a general consensus that everybody f'ing hates frappucinos) this blog needs to be read by every coffee-drinking maniac out there. Those maniacs need to understand that a decent level of politeness needs to be maintained and practiced regardless if their caffiene levels are reaching new levels of low. Also, if you don't do this already, please, for fucks' sake, shut your mobile off when you're making an order. There's really nothing more annoying than people who cannot give you 10 seconds of their life to ensure they make the correct order. Except maybe yuppies who hang on to their mobile like their life depended on it. Yeap, everybody's hating on yuppies.


With PCWorld just about going apeshit crazy with the news of Google purchasing YouTube just this week, it boggles my wee little mind to think that just thirteen months ago the concept of sharing videos online was pretty much like Mandarin to me, that is to say, pretty damn incomprehensible. It's hard to imagine how any of us non-WoW/DOtA/omgwtf/stfun00b playing people killed our precious down time in the days before July 2005. I think in the days before YouTube, I spent a lot of time honing my sweet Freecell skills. Unfortunately now I pretty much only break out those skillZ while waiting for something on YouTube to load.

Well, to commemorate the birth of four other billionaires in the world and Google's successful step in eventually taking over the online and offline world, here's a little something that perfectly encapsulates the bulk of the YouTube videos available online; wild crazy dancing by some whiteass kids.

Except this is wild, crazy dancing of the best kind. Treadmills have never been put to better use, this gym hater exclaims. That's right, people. It's the videoclip that launched the career of otherwise slightly-better-than-average band, OK Go!

Everyone's seen it by now, but it doesn't hurt to give it another go, eh? Plus, it's embedded now for chrissake's. Seriously, just how lazy are you?!