Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Some things that I have been doing of late

- It took approximately seven years off my life, but it is finally completed. Everybody, here's three reasons why Popular is one of my most favourite TV series of all time:

  • Mary Cherry. Sure, the WB have churned out pretty craptastic teen shows like Dawson's "I whine because I need to live" Creek, and god.. don't get me started on the unholy abomination that is 7th Heaven, but thanks to them, Mary Cherry, the single most genuis character ever created in any teen series, came to be and for that (and I suppose BuffytVs) I can never truly loathe the WB.
  • Popular is a satire. I like satires. Hence, I really, really like Popular.
  • Mary Cherry: [after being shown a cheer routine] "Do we have to do those splits? I'm a Christian". Imagine the most horrible, hackneyed Texan accent you can think of and apply it to this blonde woman, who is so obviously anything but a teen. That is just the surface of the genius behind the character of Mary Cherry.

- Watching Popular. That much didn't need to be said, right?

- Also, while traversing online sites, I read a little tidbit that Nathan Fillion of and ugh.. Slither, FireflyTwo Guys and a Girl fame will be appearing on Lost. Now more than ever I'm motivated to watch that crazy show with the curiously expanding cast. Here's the link; Spoilers: Nathan Fillion on Lost. How scandalous!

- In a bid to catch up on Lost, I have been reading the Television Without Pity recaps and I just have to say that the recaps are a heck lot more interesting than the episodes themselves. I stopped watching the show at season one, episode 4 due to utter disinterest so if you can't tell already, I've got a long way to go before I'm at season three and on par with the rest of the world. Through reading the recaps I am up to episode 16. So far I have found out that Hurley's name is actually Hugo, Sun can speak English, Boone and Shannon are step-siblings. I never knew all that! The actual episodes are probably more tension-filled and prettier to look at, but the recaps make me laugh regularly, which is something I think the actual episodes cannot accomplish. I particularly love the fact that anytime there is a fight between the Alpha males of the group, TWoP recaps that couple of minutes with these five simple letters: "chaos".

- For those of you who grew up watching Boy Meets World, Rider Strong guest stars in the second episode of Veronica Mars. As someone who grew up with a crush on him while watching BMW on Disney, it was very satisfying to go "OMIGODZ! Rider Strong is guesting on VM!! I didn't know he was still acting!!!" when I saw him appear on screen. Oh, all right, I kinda went more like this: "Rider Strong?!!?! AIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE". Click here to see little Shawn Hunter all grown up. Don't get me wrong, I still hate MySpace, but it definitely has it's uses.