Tuesday, October 03, 2006


#1. I don't know if you guys have seen it around on the web, but those (usually) banner advertisements for the "next generation of smileys", the talking, animated ones? Ugh. The future for the next generation looks bleaker than the onslaught of global warming in year 2007 if theirs is a time of silent ringtones and talking smileys.

#2. As a PC user, I don't think I am particularly against Apple Mac-tops especially when compared with other psycho Anti-Macs flag wavers. Sure, I rib on friends who use them, but then even without the Mac factor, there's plenty ribbing ammo about -cough-. Their Get a Mac ads sure did push me over the edge though. It's supposed to be funny, and jokey, very "Ha ha.. We're so young and hip, we've enlisted Justin Long to be our spokesperson whereas PC's got an old guy with a dowdy looking suit and even dowdier looking glasses." But when your spokesperson looks like he'd be having a better time having his brains siphoned out through his nose and his balls through his asscrack, you know the campaign isn't quite going to be the raging success you imagined. Get over your presumptous self Mr Jobs. The only reason why Macs are remotely relevant to people not in Hollywood and people with too much cash to spare, is because Windows now run on it.

#3. I've watched it twice more than necessary to find the appeal. And after watching the theatrical cut once, the director's cut twice, and trolling too damn many forums, I feel more than assured in making the claim, indie cred be damned, that Donnie Darko is the most overrated movie this side of the millenium. "But shallow bimbos like you don't get the true meaning to it all", you may argue. I have never met anyone who has been able to easily describe the 'true meaning' of DD, and while fanboys may venture the claim that it's Richard Kelly's take on existentialism or the modern day Macbeth at work, I call overarching geeks who want to make themselves believe that it meant something other than an excuse for cinematic escapism in the grand scheme of their lives. I should know, I'm usually one of them. Which brings me to my point and here it is; Donnie Darko Collector's Edition = completely unwarranted.

And in line with the new fall season in US, I have decided to give my very own limited two cents about the shows that are premiering/premiered over there. Mostly because I haven't talked TV in a long while, and you just know I always have something to say about everything. Stop reading -here- for those who don't really care. It's going to be a long one, you have been warned.

- Scrubs: Season 6 (NBC)
I have read heaps about how this might be the last season of Zach Braff cause he wants to pursue a film career. Whether the news is official, I'm not sure. If ZB does choose to quit the show, I hope they kill it because as much as I love the hallowed halls of Sacred Heart, I'd rather risk the death of the original show then see it mutilated and blasphemy-sized ala That 70's Show. I alternate between thinking ZB is getting a little too big for his britches, wanting out on the show that launched his career, and understanding his need to bank in on his current 'it-boy' status, especially since he passed the 3-0 mark recently. Personally I think a career in TV isn't as bad as it seems, look at John Ritter I say. But then I am not an actor and John Ritter only had a seminally successful movie career.
Pros: the musical episode + the return of the Janitor and the Todd. "Air five!"
Cons: this might be the last season of Scrubs.

- My Name is Earl: Season 2 (NBC)
The show is formulaic, very inconsistent with the laughs and season one ended without a cliffhanger so there is no apparent reason why people should come back to it. Yet it is also wildly successful and has Jamie Pressly playing the role of the redneck hussy with utmost conviction so the people will come flocking in for them no doubt. MNiE is a funny sort of show, I find. Like I said before, I go through episodes without so much as a smirk, before I come across a gem of a bellyaching laughter inducing moment. Also, Earl a supposed poor redneck do-gooder wears jeans that certainly don't look like they came from the aisles of K-Mart. The formula of 'Earl striking something off his list' can only sustain a show for so long so it's interesting what season two will bring to the plate (please say more guest star action from Giovanni Ribisi). But then again CSI spawned two other installments with their 'gross crime, quick! Crime scene investigators to the batmobile!' formula so MNiE could be around for much much longer.
Pros: The cast. They all work together and bring this irresistable energy to the show that makes you keep tuning in for more. And "oh, snap!" is probably the catchword of 2006.
Cons: What happens when Earl runs out of things to fix in his little list? Or better yet, he runs out of money first? So these are not really cons but I just had to wonder.

- The Office: Season 3 (NBC)
I haven't followed this since season 1, but watching the snippets of the story of Pam and Jim on YouTube made me fall in line with the Jam shippers. Personally it's all about them man. And Dwight. All about the Dwight, man. Steve Carell may have the obnoxious, unfunny boss down, but David Brent remains a legend to beat. According to the recaps I've read, season 3 started out with Jim moving to a new branch, Pam breaking off her engagement with her fiance and Steve Carell caught in between two women or something to that effect. Dammit, I need to catch up on this show. Too many downloads not enough memory space.
Pros: Jam = <3. style="font-weight: bold;">Cons
: Jam = world's worst shipper name.

- Desperate Housewives: Season 3 (ABC).
Yeah. Right.
Pros: Who the hell cares besides my mum?
Cons: Having to see Teri Hatcher's face plastered in promotional advertisements that trickle down from the US media to Australia.

- Grey's Anatomy: Season 3 (ABC)
Although it's really just a soap opera in scrubs, it's got me, hook, line and sinker. Ad already discussed some of her thoughts on GA over at her blog (re: links) so there isn't much to say. Except this; Shonda Rimes is f-ing brilliant. We're still watching even though Mer is despised by pretty much everyone and Derek is the biggest douchebag this side of network TV. And their supposed to be the leads.
Pros: The return of the Nazi and Addison Sheppard. And here's hoping that Mer and Derek die a fiery death while making out in the furnace room of the hospital.
Cons: More Mer and Derek angst. So. Over. That.

- CSI: Oh god. Please not another season (CBS, I think)
No really. Why is this still successful??????
Pros: none
Cons: formulaic TV at it's pinnacle.

- Lost: ? (FOX)
I never quite caught up with the craze. Past season 1, episode 1, I stopped following it. But had I access to the series now, I would contemplate watching it. If only because Rodrigo Santoro of 'pretty boy Laura Linney was in love in Love Actually' fame is set to become a regular in it. Don't ask me how more people are being added to the cast on a series that is set in a supposed deserted, unfindable island. I'm still trying to work out how Matthew Fox kept his hair that buzz-cut length for two seasons plus and running.
Pros: Rodrigo Santoro
Cons: I hear it jumped the shark many moons ago. Oh JJ Abrams, you lost me at Alias season two.

- The OC: season 4? (FOX)
Mischa Barton was undoubtedly the weakest link in a series that stars Adam 'One Trick Pony' Brody and that never quite recaptured the glory days of season one. I haven't watched this show regularly since Death Cab played at The Bait Shop and I have very little idea about what's going on. Julie ended up with Summer's dad, I think, and Ryan is off the UC Berkeley or something equally prestigious. As is Summer? But Seth turned into a pot-smoking stoner and failed his admissions interview? Oh those crazy Orange County kids. I would watch this just to see if The OC post-Mischa 'Walking Stick' Barton is any better than the subpar series it was in season two and three.
Pros: No more "Pause. Raise eyebrows. Flip hair. Smile/Frown/Smirk/Cry" school of acting from Mischa Barton.
Cons: Having killed off the only cast member who was remotely anywhere the age of the character, Josh Schwartz is going to have a hard time selling Ben McKenzie as anything but 24 at the very least. And that's not counting the moments when Ryan Atwood is sure to relapse into his bad boy ways and spout a beard to boot.

- Smallville: ? (The CW)
Everyone is kind of over Kristin Kreuk's beauty so why is this still going?
Pros: IceTwin aka Aaron Ashmore is becoming a series regular.
Cons: Even he couldn't save the show that unbelievably outlasted Roswell.

- Gilmore Girls: Season 7 (The CW)
Has GG lost it's mojo now that the Palladinos have left? Everybody wants to know.
Pros: No more Logan Huntzberger. YESSSSSSSS! Marty the naked guy is set for a return as well.
Cons: Luke/Lorelai/Chris = oh my god, enough already. I love you Lorelai but stop falling back on Chris every damn time you're in need of someone to scratch your back.

- One Tree Hill: ? (The CW)
How these kids are not in college yet? I have no idea. Theirs is the 'teen' series with the highest age average when the age of the actors and actresses are calculated across the board.
Pros: Launching the career of Sophia Bush.
Cons: Sophia Bush making career choices like John Tucker Must Die.

- Supernatural: ? (The CW)
I only know that Danny Ducat (sp?) from GA plays the father of the two pretty boys so I'm tempted to give this show a shot.
Pros: The actor who played Danny Ducat, who is apparently going to be the lead in a new series by Shonda Rhimes.
Cons: The actor who played Danny Ducat playing a father to two early-twenties sons. Talk about a fantasy killjoy.

- Veronica Mars: Season 3 (The CW)
I want to be optimistic and hope that the pilot lite episode of episode one, season three will pull in the masses. Come on citizens of the US, do your bit for good TV shows and watch VM! But realistically, I have a feeling they won't live past the 13 episodes CW bought for this season. Pilot lite to me was only slightly above average. It definitely didn't have the bang of the original pilot. And I do not understand how Rob Thomas is going to work three mysteries into one season. I've thought about it too much and still can't work it out. But I'm brimming with faith. He hasn't disappoint yet and Michael Muhney and Francis Capra has yet to appear in season 3 so there is still hope to bank on. I'm honestly hoping that I'm proven wrong. Infact I hardly ever wanted to be proven wrong this badly. So yeah. Keeping the love (and LoVe) alive.
Pros: The new additions to the cast aren't completely annoying. And the remixed credits are so cool, and then some.
Cons: People don't like coming into a show when it's already in their third season. And networks don't like underperforming shows.

To end, here's a couple of reasons why you should watch Veronica Mars:
1. The lead is a hot, witty babe. Think Rory Gilmore with a million times more attitude and spunk if you will. Except Kristen Bell can act, whereas Alexis Bledel has and always been a student of the Mischa Barton school of acting.

2. The show has smarts and doesn't insult your intelligence with the stereotypical melodrama "will they or won't they? My parents suck ass and don't understand me" usually found in teen dramas.

3. If Lorelai and Rory Gilmore share the best mother/daughter relationship in the history, the Mars household owns the title of best father/daughter dynamics, which any teenage girl should know is harder to create.

4. Veronica's best friend of a different gender is not secretly harbouring a crush or in love with her. They prove the exception to the 'teenage girls and guys cannot be just friends'. Eat that every other teen show in the planet.

5. There are hot guys. Lots of hot guys. Like really smoking hot guys. Eg, the hottest law enforcer in the history of shows I have watched.

6. There are hot girls. Well, maybe not so much.. but they're smart hot girls.

7. Because if you can put up with yet another nonsensical tangent on Lost, I don't see why you should say no to a series that has many tangents, none of them nonsensical.

Don't be lazy. Get seasons one and two from me. Or download it. Or if you're in the US, tune in on Tuesday nights, right after Gilmore Girls on the CW. You won't regret it.

*It may sound like it but I was not actually paid by the CW to promote Veronica Mars. Just another fangirl in action. But oh, how I wish I was. There's heaps more where that came from.