Friday, June 29, 2007


I never learn.

I had time to go watch Knocked Up.
Had time to sell stuff on eBay.
Had time to go to the Sneakers Exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria.
Had time to hang out.
Had time to work.
Had time to go watch Transformers.
Had time to google Megan Fox and wonder why she looks so plastic when she's only a year older than me. I mean, seriously. Lindsay Lohan looks trashed and aged but not plastic. What is the deal with Fox?
Had time to watch Big Brother.
Had time to plan for yum cha tomorrow morning.

And yet all my belongings in the world are still in their respective places and not bundled up in boxes and trash bags. I've had to turn down a friend's 21st party, granted it was 2 hours outside of Melbourne, and had to turn down the offer of being on a guest list. Admittedly I'm not exactly too busted up about missing out on the club. I love my friends but I don't love R'n'B. Hip hop and rap I can do. Put on Rihanna and Fiddy Cent and I'm gone. Anyway, I'm moving again. What's new in your world?

There's this girl at work who I'm so thankful for. She teaches me about the intricacies of The White Stripes and Tool and I tell her about Arctic Monkeys and The Shins. Thank goodness for someone who understands my dislike for R'n'B and trance music.

And now I'm writing about the time I've wasted and chicks with awesome music taste, ironically wasting time that should be spent on packing. Brilliant. Just brilliant.