Friday, June 29, 2007

Sausagefest + some truths

In my 20 years of living, I've watched many films. Been to a couple of movie premieres even. But never in my life have I attended a movie on its premiere night and have to queue up to get into the cinema. Even though the seats were assigned. Basically 95% of the audience were 20+ year olds males who were reliving their childhood with the action bonanza that was Transformers and no doubt wetting themselves as said action extravaganza unfolded. How many ways can you say SAUSAGEFEST? I won't lie. I enjoyed myself. The script exceeded my expectations and the action.. dare I say Michael Bay outdid his previous fares? Not an easy feat since we're talking about Michael freakin' Bay, who practically created the art of synchronized destruction in films down to a T. Of course I spent half the time giggling with my other female friend at the boys reactions. A quarter way into the movie the film blanked out - a room full of angry, anxious fanboys? A total LOL-lapalooza. And near the end? My friend was on the edge of his seat. The concentration on his face was priceless. Especially when you think about the fact that we're watching FX robots fighting each other. Being exposed to such massive levels of testosterone will probably make hair start spouting from my chest. Awesome.

And OMG, Charm! Tom Lenk, Andrew from Buffy, is in it! He's got a teeny tiny role but I squealed when I saw him.

And on to some truths:

1. I'm not going to lie. If the Spice Girls do go through with their world tour, I'll probably show up to the concert with total enthusiasm and all the pep I can muster in my body. Say what you will but 1997 was all about the Girls in my world.

2. If Weezer do indeed go through making their 6th album, I'll buy the cd. Partly out of loyalty and because I can't fight the hope that 'Make Believe' was a one time shit-tastic deal. Everytime I've convinced myself their crap, I listen to The Blue Album and it's love all again.

3. I'm pretty excited about Harry Potter. More excited than I'm willing to let on honestly. I don't consider myself a fan of the series but I'm looking forward to film #5 because Daniel Radcliffe in no. 4 blew me away and I want to see if that was just a fluke. Also looking forward to book #7 because I just want to know how it ends so I can finally close the book on the series.

4. Series 3 of Doctor Who just started on the ABC today and Torchwood premiered 2 weeks ago. Between the two I'm getting my weekly requirement of sci-fi. And just so you know, in case anyone asks, yes, Russell T. Davies is a god.

5. Yeah, I'll wait in line for tickets to the Dead Like Me movie if it goes through. The series had so much potential but floundered it all without direction which makes me kinda mad. But whatever. I'm still there.

6. I get overtly preoccupied with Big Brother. We're talking 'discussing the show on online forums' levels of preoccupied. The show is horrible and whatever but hey, if you're going to watch reality shows, might as well watch the mack daddy of them all, right?

7. Reading about Chris Benoit of the WWE makes me a little sad. Having been obsessed with the show back when it was still called the WWF, it's sad to think that one of the guys I used to root for went mental and (apparently) did a murder-murder-suicide gig on his family. Actually wait. On another note, I'm still totally freaked out finding out about how XPac, my favourite wrestler ever, got it on with Chyna and made a sex tape out of it. Everytime I try to visualise the two being within 2 feet of each other my mind implodes. Too much grossness.