Thursday, September 13, 2007

Holiday, celebrate!

My holiday starts next week. Or technically after 6 pm tomorrow. It goes for two weeks and if it isn't glaringly obvious enough, I'm super excited. I have recently purchased a whole bunch of books that I'm looking forward to get into.

- Ayn Rand's The Fountainhead
- Ayn Rand's Atlas, Shrugged
- Ralph Hoover's Jabberwocky
- Stephen King's The Dark Tower Book #1 (on Nick's recommendation)
- Robert Harris' Fatherland (which is based on a re-imagined world where Hitler had triumphed)
- Maria Hsia Chang's The End of Days: Falun Gong (cause nobody, not even Wikipedia, can explain that movement/cult properly to me)
- Robert M. Pirsig's Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance (which I've only been looking for since I was 16! Thank you, eBay!)
-Francis M. Tyrell's Man: Believer and Unbeliever

And that is just one reason why I can never leave Australia. The cost of posting all my books to Malaysia will equate to buying a small house in India.


So as not to prove that I'm not a total loser who spends her holiday hiding from the sun, being couped up under the covers, reading for two weeks (spank you very much, tcc):

1. I will be going to exhibit my mad fangirl-ness for Michael Cera and the other stars of Superbad when they attend the premiere of said movie on Monday.

2. I fully intend to watch a lot of movies; the Disney French Rat one, Once, The Lookout, Superbad, Stardust (yes, it warrants a second viewing), Hairspray, December Boys, The Dark is Rising, Underdog etc. J/K about the last one. Just wanted to see if you actually finished reading that sentence.

3. Go shopping in real life. I'll be the first to admit that I'm totally eBay's bitch, but nothing beats bargain shopping in real life.

4. Sort out stuff to sell on eBay.

5. Swap DVDs with friends from all over AKA spread the holy gospel of Arrested Development (as of today: 2 converted).

6. Have SMDU-reunion. I still need to discuss this with my co-planner but by hook or by crook, it will be done!

7. Going to the mountains in the second week of the break!

8. Possibly, maybe have a housewarming since official roommate is finally back.

9. Paint a whole bunch of stuff red because my room lacks colour.

10. Steal more milk crates cause my books are exploding off the ones I have now.

Oh man.

I just reread all that.

So much for proving my non-lameness. You win, Chen Chou.